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A new school sidereal day at Ouran High had commenced which of course meant another meeting of the server club. The school day had gone by at a slowly footstep and seemed even more uneventful than common since first off it was a Friday and second the host club was about to hold a grand piano ball soon. Every club member was excited. even Kyoya, despite the fact that it was his job to plan the wholly affair, was looking forward to the brilliant party. Tamaki as per common was the most aroused of the group. As a solution of his over excitement he decided to head to the music board early again, in fact earlier than ahead. He worked his way down the quiet music anteroom and made his way into music room three.

He slowly opened the door and peaked in hoping that he would find Kyoya typing away on his computer as he did last time but the room was empty. He walked in and shut the door behind him. Tamaki looked down at his watch. “ Wow I am 2 hours early, no wonder why Kyoya ‘s not here so far, ” he thought to himself. “ Well I might deoxyadenosine monophosphate well get comfortable … I ‘ve got some time on my hands. ” Tamaki walked over to one of the large couches and placed his school things on the board. He grabbed some homework and began to slowly work through it. He leaned on the sleeve of the sofa and stretched out on the length of the couch as he continued to work. Time lento pressed ahead as his pencil continued to write. About a half hour had gone by when the pencil spilled from Tamaki ‘s fingers. His school papers scattered across the shock as his hand lost clasp of them. Tamaki had fallen asleep.

Kyoya worked his room to the music room as constantly an hour before club started. He made his way into music room three and set his computer up on one of the humble coffee tables. just as Kyoya was about to sit down he glanced over at the shock by the couches. Papers were scattered everywhere. Wondering why Kyoya walked over to check. To his storm he found Tamaki passed out coldness on the sofa. Kyoya smiled his half smile and stared down at Tamaki. His blond hair was a mess, tie was half undone and the beginning couple of buttons on his shirt where unbutton. Kyoya picked up the spread papers and placed them on the table. then he took of his uniform jacket and sat down on the adjacent couch. Tamaki looked so peaceful when he slept Kyoya could n’t help but watch him.

About 20 minutes passed by and Kyoya still sat staring at Tamaki. He knew he had function to do but fair could n’t bring himself to get up. ultimately Tamaki stirred slowly turned his head and opened his eyes to see Kyoya sitting across from him. Kyoya of course turned a cover girl shade of pink as their eyes met. Kyoya stood up and made his room to the window in an attempt to hide his embarrassment. Tamaki fixed his hair as well he could, buttoned his shirt and followed Kyoya. He came up behind Kyoya. “ I was hoping you would be here ” Tamaki whispered in Kyoya ‘s ear. Kyoya smiled as he continued to stare out the window. Tamaki leaned his chin on Kyoya ‘s shoulder. Kyoya turned around and stared at Tamaki for a abbreviated consequence. “ I very should get some work done before the respite of the cabaret members get here…. There is still some party design to get done. ” Kyoya reached over and messed up Tamaki ‘s hair “ your hair looks cunning messy by the way. ”

Tamaki turned his usual tad of embarrass pink as Kyoya walked back to his table and began typing away on his computer. In no time Kyoya was wholly engrossed in his exercise. Tamaki still stood near the window, looking out at the school yard thoughtfully. He glanced bet on into the music board to see Kyoya working like a interfering bee as usual. then Tamaki noticed that Kyoya ‘s jacket was sitting on the couch. He stared at it for a moment and then looked back at Kyoya for a abbreviated second and then again went back to staring at the jacket. Tamaki smiled and sat down on the frame. He grabbed a musical composition of paper and a pencil and started to scribble down words. He then folded up the paper and walked over to the sofa where Kyoya ‘s jacket was sitting. He glanced at Kyoya who was thankfully still engrossed in his study. Tamaki quickly slipped the note into Kyoya ‘s at heart jacket pocket and then went binding to the window like nothing had happened. But rather of staring at the court he leaned in the windowpane watching Kyoya influence.

Kyoya stared at his computer screen door. He had about finished all the plans and the budget for the party that was debauched approaching. Kyoya took of his glasses and placed them on the table, loosened his tie and undid the first pair of buttons on his shirt. He ran his bridge player back over his shoulder as an construction of pain cross over his boldness. Tamaki saw this and made his way across the music room. Kyoya put his confront into the palm of his hands and took a deep breath.

Tamaki came up behind Kyoya and placed his hands on his shoulders. Tamaki then reached advancing and unbuttoned Kyoya ‘s shirt all the way. Kyoya sat inactive as Tamaki ‘s hands worked down his consistency with each unbutton push button. He let out a minor sigh as Tamaki ‘s hands worked their means back up his torso and rested on his shoulders again. Tamaki began to gently massage Kyoya ‘s shoulders. Kyoya leaned back in the chair and passively let Tamaki ‘s fingers caressed his huffy muscles. Tamaki ‘s fingers lingered on Kyoya ‘s shoulders until he was wholly slack.

Tamaki reached down and softly grabbed Kyoya ‘s chin and pulled it up so their eyes met. Their eyes lingered on each other ‘s for a here and now which seemed to survive forever. Kyoya lifted his head higher and brought their faces close in concert. Tamaki lowered his so their lips were about touching. “ You know Kyoya you work excessively much… ” Tamaki whispered. Kyoya then pressed his lips against Tamaki ‘s. lightly at foremost but then pulled him closer and kissed hard with more heat. Tamaki broke the kiss for a moment and reached over to close Kyoya ‘s calculator. Kyoya then slid it off the mesa into a nearby chair and pushed Tamaki onto the table. Tamaki landed on the table and laughed a bite to himself as Kyoya sat up from his chair and pinned him down. Kyoya ‘s devilishly half smile ranch across his face as he pinned Tamaki ‘s wrists down against the table. He leaned down and brought their lips about together. Teaseling Kyoya ran his tongue over Tamaki ‘s upper lip. He attempted to pull back slightly but Tamaki caught his bottom sass between his teeth and pulled him back. “ Where do you think you are goi……nmmmmm, ” Tamaki was cut off by Kyoya ‘s lips on his. Tamaki ‘s fingers worked their way into Kyoya ‘s hair as the kiss progressed. Their tongues twisted around each early and they pulled each other closer. They could feel each other ‘s hearts beat faster as the passionate kiss continued.

All of a sudden Tamaki stopped pulled away and covered Kyoya ‘s sass with his handwriting. He attempted to steady his breathe as he looked towards the door. Kyoya stayed hush with Tamaki ‘s hand however over his mouth for a consequence. then he reached up and lowered Tamaki ‘s arm. “ What is it Tamaki ? ” Kyoya asked concerned. “ Do you hear that ? ” Tamaki asked Kyoya nervously. “ crap ! ” Kyoya exclaimed under his breath. He jumped to his feet and grabbed his shirt and tie. Ran to the nearest doorway and flew through it and shut it behind him. Tamaki laughed and sat up. “ I ‘ll take that as a yes… ” he thought to himself. Tamaki crawled off the board and fixed his outfit and haircloth barely in time for Haruhi and the others to walk into the board.

“ Tama-chan ” Hunny exclaimed as he ran into the room happily. Hunny was followed close by Mori who as usual was quieten. adjacent came the twins “ Hey bos ” they said in synchronize as always. “ Kyoya-sempi is n’t late is he ? ” Haruhi asked. “ Nope he ‘s here he barely ran into the early room for a second I ‘m sure he ‘ll be back any second. ” Tamaki explained. “ Party plan time…. So permit ‘s get down to business. ”
Kyoya came back as predicted and club went on as common. The party design was finished by end of the meeting and everyone was excited. The converge drew to a close and the members slowly made their way out of the music room. Tamaki and Kyoya were the last two to leave. “ Well Kyoya I guess I ‘ll see u former, ” Tamaki said as he walked towards the doorway. “ Yeah have a estimable weekend I ‘ll see you Monday. ” They smiled warmly at each early and Tamaki left the music room.

Kyoya began to gather his things. He walked over to the sofa to grab his crown. As he picked it up a piece of fold paper fell out of it. Confused Kyoya leaned down and picked it up. He unfolded it and began to read the scribble letters inside. The note read ; “ Hey ….. I ca n’t wait till Monday to see you again. I ‘m free Saturday night 8ish and after if you want to come up to my place…… you do n’t have besides if you do n’t want to… just an theme. Hope to see you then. Tamaki. ”

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