This is a request by Blood_Wolf96 I request a Mitsukuni x reader lemon Note : Contains Sexual Content! Enjoy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Your POV The Host Club and I were presently round their leaders manor, staying the night for a sleepover, wanting to celebrate the new blossoming kinship between Tamaki - San and Haru - Chan. much to Haruhi 's depress, Tamaki wanted to make a huge celebration, basically wanting to tell everyone that he knew about him finally being a partially of his ambition kinship, however, after a batch of goading from Haruhi and I, Tamaki reluctantly settled for a sleepover with the members and I a well as a small party on the Friday with a handful of the regulars . Releasing a modest smile, I sit down on one of the cushioned seats, setting my hands on my lave, I look toward the other Host members, measure Honey - Senpai, each of us sitting in the condition of a change shape set, ready to delve into a game of Truth or Dare. Each of us plotting ways to get back at sealed people, ways to drag the truth out of others. interim, Honey - Senpai, under Mori - Senpai 's instructions and command, was put to bed a lot earlier than the perch of us, due to having quite a preferably busy day nowadays, already yawning comparable harebrained adenine soon as we were all in our comfortable clothes ready to start watching a movie. He was in one of the many bedrooms within Tamaki - san 's home, cuddled up to Usa - chan, short snores escaping his lips while swaddled in the bed sheets. To not disturb him, we all moved into the exalted mansion, deciding to keep ourselves entertained until we decided to turn in . presently, we were all staring at each early, some smirks playing across Kyoya and Tamaki 's lips as they stare my manner, deviating a defy between them while I send a indulgent smile to Mori, awaiting my end sentence. on the spur of the moment, Tamaki clears his throat, catching me off as I turn my attention to the blond, sending him a friendly smile before it falters as he grins devilishly my manner, an evil smirk on Kyoya 's lips . `` What are you planning ? '' I ask, a belittled tip of reverence crawling up my spur, `` I 'm not gon na die am I ? ''
`` Well ... '' Tamaki begins before sending me a ailing sweetly smile, `` We 'll see ... ''
`` What are you having me do ? '' I ask with wide eyes, sparing a immediate glance toward Haruhi who shrugs fret dropping with a small chuckle, `` Tamaki - san ! Kyoya - san ! '' Paling softly, I watch with wide eyes as they both look at each other nod, like two scheming children ready to make their teachers life sentence a survive hell. I felt my heart beating quickly in my thorax as their eyes focus on me. `` well, after a lot of calculation, ( Y/n ) - Senpai, '' Kyoya begins pushing his glasses up his face, `` We have decided on a dare you, ''
`` What is it ? '' I ask, anticipating the worst of the worst, as I pray
`` We dare you to wake Honey - Senpai, '' Tamaki instructs pointing my room with a smile
`` No bad blood or anything, ( Y/n ) - Senpai, '' Kyoya explains with a smile, `` It 's merely occupation, '' Shaking my capitulum with a little whine, petrified. Wake up Honey - Senpai. Everyone knew, hands down, that trying to wake up the small Loli was an moment death sentence. It was suicide. Although Honey - Senpai, the adorable little cinnamon roll he was, is the most kind and possessed a easy nature, if you ever woke him up, he 'd immediately turn, growing angry by the second. One meter, by accident, Tamaki woke him up and he is still haunted by the memories of waking the older male. Sending a offended gaze toward the remaining hosts, all of them shaking their heads, refusing to pull me out of this situation . Taking a deep breath, I stand up, glaring daggers toward the two second gear years, before slowly trudging toward the bedroom that held the little bunny cuddling male. Running a handwriting through my haircloth nervously as I slowly open the door, wincing as it creaks. Instantly, I freeze, looking toward the mound in the go to bed, watching as it stirs lightly before resting, a small fiddling groan escaping his lips. Sighing in relief, I gently shut the doorway behind me, leaning on it as I look up at the ceiling, internally praying that I do n't die .
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