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At the end of the day you rushed from the classroom. You were more than ready to head base after all your frustration. Your newly school, Ouran Academy, was huge and you had gotten lost on your way to each classify.

Unaware of the people around you, you sped down the hall, books in hand. then you ran into them, a match of identical redheads that you ’ five hundred seen in classify, the Hitachiin twins. You knocked into them sending, your papers and books flying. It took you a moment to realize that you weren ’ thyroxine falling toward the deck with your belongings. Looking up, you saw that they had caught you.

You stood promptly, your face turning bass bolshevik. “ I ’ m so good-for-nothing. I wasn ’ t watching where I was going. ” You quickly sputtered scrambling to collect your things. They bent to pick up some papers and handed them to you.

You looked up to see them grinning at you. “ Hey, she ’ second reasonably cute ! ” Hikaru said, or possibly it was Kaoru. It was hard to tell them aside. They helped you to your feet and you noticed their grins grow more arch than normal. “ Are you thinking what I ’ meter think ? ” The other asked his brother.

They grabbed your hands and began to drag you down the hallway. “ Hey let go of me ! ” you shouted struggling to escape their grasp but they held on. on the spur of the moment they let go causing you to stumble. Luckily you avoided falling on your confront.

Turning you noticed the big doors to music room # 3. They each grabbed a door and opened it. As they did then, rose petals drifted towards you. The scent of roses was potent but not overpowering.

“ Welcome, ” you heard from inside the room. As your eyes adjusted to the bright light you saw a group of boys.

“ What is this ? ” you asked. Never once in your life had any guys paid attention to you and it was starting to worry you. For all you knew it could be a barbarous trick they played on newfangled girls at Ouran.

“ This, ” the counterpart on your left began.

“ Is the server club. ” The one on the right field finished.

So this is where it is. you thought. You may not have been at this school very long but the server clubhouse was celebrated. Everywhere you went, there were girls gushing about their favorite master of ceremonies club extremity. It had seemed stupid to you but if it meant they left you entirely, so be it.

“ So what ’ s your type ? ” The blond asked interrupting your thoughts. It took you a infinitesimal to remember that his name was Tamaki.

“ Huh ? Aren ’ thymine you that bogus prince ? ” The consequence the words left your lips, you wanted to take them back. He had a reputation for moping when insulted. As expected he curled up by the far wall in a small ball and muttered to himself.

“ Don ’ metric ton concern about tama-chan. ” A small boy said coming up to you holding a humble plate of coat. “ You can come have some patty with me instead. ” He grabbed your sleeve and began to pull you towards a small table.

You yanked your arm from his clasp and glared rear at the twins. You were fed up with being pulled approximately. “ I ’ megabyte outta here ! And I don ’ t want any cake. ” You growled as you walked towards the door. “ I never wanted to come here and I have besides much homework to do. ”

“ Wha- what ? You don ’ triiodothyronine want any cake ? More for me ! ” you heard behind you.

The redheads blocked the door and grinned at you. “ You can ’ t leave yet. But if you insist on leaving we ’ ll offer you a deal. ”

“ If you can guess which of us is Hikaru and which is Kaoru then you can leave. ” The one on your right continued.

“ And what if I get it incorrect ? ”

“ then you have to stay here with us. ” You groaned. You knew this would be an impossible tax since they were identical in about every way except for how they parted their hair.

That’s it! If I remember correctly Hikaru parts his hair on the right. You smiled at them. “ Ok, I ’ ll play, but if I win you better move. No more games. ”

They looked at you in entertainment. “ so, can you tell which one is Hikaru ? ”

You looked at their hair and noticed the one standing on your leave had his hair’s-breadth parted on the right. You pointed at him.

“ Naaaaaaa ” They imitated a doorbell and laughed. “ You got it ill-timed, so you have to stay. ” As they led you to a sofa you noticed two things. The first thing, was Tamaki who was hush in the corner and had alone glanced back for a irregular. The second was the hint of sadness and disappointment in hikaru and kaoru ’ south eyes.


You were surprised to find you enjoyed being at the horde golf club. After you moved past the confess fan girls and Tamaki ’ s pathetic attempts to woe all the girls, it wasn ’ t excessively bad. The twins were playfulness to talk to and you had spent the time getting to know them more. As you had left, you surprised yourself by promising to go back the following day. therefore, each day you went back and sat with Hikaru and Kaoru.

As the days passed you began to wonder if there was any beneficial way to tell the twins apart. Talking them at the horde club wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate giving you the answers you needed either. Because you were competitive, you wanted to win the which one is Hikaru game once. The lone thing you had found was that Kaoru had a slenderly higher voice but it was impossible to tell them apart by their voices when they spoke together.

One day you had decided to ask your friend about it at lunch. The only helpful thing she had told you was that Haruhi was able to tell them apart. After she left you pondered the meaning of her words, there was a way to win the game.

The adjacent day you cornered Haruhi in the hall. “ I need your serve. ”

“ With what ? And why are you asking me rather of your friends ? ” She asked.

“ Well you are the alone one who knows how to tell the Hitachiin twins apart and I need to know. ” You were practically begging at this point but it was driving you crazy.

Haruhi looked at you as if you were already insane and shrugged. “ It ’ s the way they act. ” Thinking about it, it made feel to you. They may be twins but they were not alike in every room.

“ Thanks ” you called as you rushed away to test out Haruhi ’ s hypothesis.


You burst into the room with decision authorize on your face.

“ I want to try again. ” You said pointing at the two boys. They stared at you. For a moment you thought they would never move from their spots, but then turned to face each early, a smile growing on their faces as they rose from the couch.

“ We ’ ll give you one more try ( y/n ) ” They said in unison.

“ So, ” One of the twins began.

“ Can you figure out, ” The early continued.

“ Which one is Hikaru ? ! ~ ” They asked together, their voices inseparable. You glance from one to the other. You had learned your example about relying on how their hair.

After several minutes you still had no hint who was Hikaru. rather you decided to guess. “ The one on the leave is Hikaru ” you said pointing to the bolshevik hairy boy on your left. You then pointed towards the other matchless. “ And you ’ re Kaoru. ”

“ Nooooo ” They laughed in unison. “ Got it wrong again ( y/n ). ” A look of get the better of crept onto your confront.

You saw Haruhi who had been about to leave turn to them. “ Stop being so mean to ( y/n ). She got it right. ”

There was no time to enjoy your exuberate because moments after haruhi spoke, you saw the clock. It was late than you had thought and your parents were going to kill you. Hopefully not literally you thought.

The smiles fell from the twins faces as they saw your blue formula. “ Sorry, I have to go. I should have been home by now. ” With that you cursorily ran out of the room and shoot towards the entrance as the door to the Host clubhouse slammed shut behind you.

Kyoya began to speak, but was cut off by the audio of a sharp scream from outdoor. Hikaru and Kaoru looked simultaneously out the window in clock time to see you frozen in the road as a car speeds toward you. It cursorily hit and fling you backwards, ( h/c ) hair’s-breadth fluttering in the air.

“ What ’ randomness going on ? ” Hunni asked breaking the silence of the room.

The twins ran from the room with a single word on their lips, “ ( y/n ). ” The rest of the host golf club followed the twins down the stairs and toward the street.

Seeing you lying in a growing pool of lineage made the twins run even faster toward your distillery body. Hikaru reached you seconds before Kaoru and they both kneeled following to you, one on either slope. Kaoru gently moved your matted hair aside from you face while Kaoru put his head to your breast to check for breathe. He gave a sigh of relief upon finding one, the look of concern remaining on his front.

Upon reaching you, the lie of the horde club began to panic and react in their own ways. even Kyoya seemed nervous under his steady expression as he called for an ambulance. Tamaki was dumbstruck and wasn ’ thymine speak but hugged Haruhi tightly. Haruhi on the other hand didn ’ metric ton push him away but pulled him closer.

Hunni ’ s cries made you slowly open your eyes. You saw the twins next to you and Mori holding a struggling Hunni back from you. several of the girls had followed to see what the commotion was and each one now either whispered or sniffled into handkerchiefs.

Returning your attention to Kaoru and Hikaru, you attempted to sit up and speak. You were able to sit but doubled over when a barrage of coughing. As pain ripped through every fiber of your being, you wiped your talk with the sleeve of your jacket and found that it came away covered in blood.

“ ( Y/n ), ” Kaoru asked immediately.

“ Are you ok ? ” Hikaru finished.

With the sum of pain you were experiencing, you knew that it wouldn ’ thymine be likely to survive. You shook your head and lento laid back down with the twins help. Your eyes were filled with annoyance and sorrow. You ’ d never be able to tell them apart without aid or luck.

Kyoya kept glancing down the road for an ambulance wish for it to hurry. You knew you ’ five hundred never live to hear the ambulance come.

You winced again as another agonizing wave of trouble washed through your body. Hikaru and Kaoru each grabbed one of your hands and planted a kiss on your cheek.
You smiled as the vision of the twins dissipated into darkness.

“ Noooooo ! ” Hunni cried, breaking complimentary from Mori ’ s appreciation. The sound of the ambulance rose in the distance as the twins stared down at your lifeless body and wished that there was some way to bring you back. But it was excessively late.


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