3rd POV~ You were identical confused with all the questions this Host Club was giving you . Tamaki introduced you to everyone He pointed at the small boy with a bunny in his pass `` Thats honey he is a 3rd year and loves cake The valet next to him is Mori he is besides a 3rd year. Those fishy twins you met are Hikaru and Kaoru ''
`` Boss im Hikaru and HES Kaoru ! ! '' Hikaru Shouted
`` Doesnt matter..Anyways ! the man with the glasses and the baleful glare is Kyoya Otori ! He is chic and a effect not to be reckoned with. And that brown haired common over there is Haruhi Fujioka a 1st year in your class. I believe '' ~ ( Y/N ) POV~ This host Club seemed like bad news.
`` A first year in your class. I believe '' is the last thing I caught from the ridicule until I made center contact with that girlfriend I had proverb. She was still cunning and I did n't know why but something drew me to her . `` AND I AM THE one AND ONLY TAMAKI SUOH THE KING OF THE HOST CLUB ! ! `` He said that then extended his hand to me and suddenly kissed my hand. I shook him off and walked up to Haruhi grabbing her handwriting and walk outside to the fountain with her. Before I could say anything I felt my face start to turn red.
`` where did you run off to a few hours ago ''
`` I-I was uh truly skittish to finally talk to person so I ran out '' you said
`` I 'm good-for-nothing if I. Startled you ! '' Haruhi said putting her hand on her neck. While smiling . ~Haruhis POV~k
She was kinda cunning. I 'm not actually the type to hit on girls because I am one. But. Tamaki would n't care. But I do n't know if she evening likes me I mean she did run out on me. And boy was I relived when she said it was because she was anxious. Why am I suddenly thinking I like this girl?? I mean she might be straight. My thoughts got in the way of our conversation . ( Y/n ) whispered `` therefore are you actually a guy..or ordinal number ? '' She said . I laughed a bit. `` no I 'm actually a female. I was looking for a silence place to study when I ran into the horde club by chance. then stuff went down and I ended up breaking an expansive vase. therefore to pay for it I have to work in the server golf club until I graduate. `` ( Y/n ) POV once Haruhi finished telling me about how she joined the host clubhouse I now knew of a plan so I could join. I had 2 plans. The first one is I tell them I 'm a female child and break something. Or the irregular one is I can talk to the chic glasses serviceman and possibly he will let me work there. He credibly wo n't but it does n't hurt giving it a shot. It besides sounds better than breaking anything . 3 read POV
You soon brought Haruhi spinal column to the host golf club and wondered what she was thinking the wholly time out there arsenic well. You wondered if she liked you at all. And with that thought you befriended the server club and planned on talking to Kyoya tomorrow about your plan to join . A/N
I am so glad you guys are enjoying this book so far. If you want to know what happens with Haruhi you will have to see for yourself in my next chapter!!
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