WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the   Ouran High School Host Club manga.
Haruhi Fujioka is surrounded by attractive, available high school boys in Ouran High School Host Club. In the manga, she does ultimately end up with one of the members of the Host Club, which is quite comforting after seeing her build relationships with each and every member. It may come as no surprise to readers, but Haruhi ends up with Tamaki Suoh after being endlessly alienated by his intense quixotic actions, which finally turn into respect and then affection .
CBR VIDEO OF THE DAY however, was Tamaki actually the best match for Haruhi after all ? There ‘s another character who ‘s shown to be highly compatible with Haruhi, and may actually be better suited to her personality without forcing it. Hitachiin Hikaru, one of the Hitachiin twins, is a fair rival for Haruhi ‘s heart, particularly against Tamaki.

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Is Hikaru The Best Match for Haruhi?

Haruhi and Hikaru Ouran Highschool Host Club
Hikaru had spent his integral life as a individual entity with his duplicate Kaoru, so when Haruhi becomes the first person to tell them apart, Hikaru ‘s global is rocked. She is the first and apparently lone person to tell the two twins apart and easily recognize their personality differences. This causes Hikaru to find a connection with person outside of his brother for the beginning time, and he finally falls fountainhead over heels for Haruhi. She makes him feel like an individual and not equitable the twin brother of Kaoru .
As for Haruhi, she merely wants to be seen for who she is, not what she looks or dresses like. While Hikaru does have moments where he would much rather see her dressed more feminine, he ultimately just likes being around her. In Episode 16, “ Operation Haruhi and Hikaru ‘s First Date, ” they spend some meter together during summer vacation and end up trapped in a storm. While Hikaru tends to put his needs before others, he tosses this away for the inaugural time in order to make Haruhi feel dependable in the storm, putting his headphones over her ears so that she ca n’t hear the thunder. Haruhi and Hikaru bring out the best in each other and communicate their needs, even as friends .
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Is Tamaki The Best Match for Haruhi?

tamaki and haruhi
like to how Haruhi brings out the best in Hikaru, she besides brings out the best in Tamaki. He ‘s selfish, ennoble and self-absorbed by nature, but when Haruhi is around, he seems to drop that facade and actually sees and understands Haruhi ‘s real emotions. even though they end up together in the manga, the anime leaves off with a mere suggestion that they might have feelings for one another. Both characters struggle with identity and expressing themselves, so in that sense, they ‘re perfect for one another. however, Tamaki ‘s implicit in self-love and a leaning for the dramatic is a huge hurdle in their kinship .
first, it prevents Tamaki from understanding his real feelings for Haruhi, as he frequently confuses this for “ fatherly love, ” given that he views the members of the Host Club as his family. This proves confusing for him and everyone else in the club, particularly Haruhi, as he pays particular attention to her. In addition, he is highly genitive of her, which is not a golden look on him. Considering how independent Haruhi is, Tamaki ‘s possessive nature could prove to be a big obstacle for them to overcome .

Who Is The Better Match For Haruhi – Tamaki or Hikaru?

Haruhi Saves Tamaki In Ouran High School Host Club
In the goal, the manga ‘s choice to pair Haruhi with Tamaki was the most reasonable choice. tied though Hikaru is a fair rival for her affections, his insanely close relationship with his twin would become a much bigger issue to overcome than anything that Tamaki has to offer. Tamaki has besides shown a willingness to change for Haruhi despite his instinct to put his needs first. ultimately, they bring out the best in one another even though they are challenged by their diametrically opposed personalities. inactive, opposites can attract, so it makes common sense for Tamaki and Haruhi to be together .
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