The Job of a High School Host!

Episode 02

Name Kanji

高校生ホストのお仕事 Koukousei Hosuto no O-shigoto

Original Air date

April 11, 2006


Cherry Blossom Kiss



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The Job of a High School Host! is the second sequence of the anime series. The episode depicts a typical Ouran Host Club adventure as it follows the amatory ups and downs of regular customer, Kanako Kasugazaki. Kanako, it seems, has what the hosts call the Host-Hopping disease. As part of their schema to cure her of her commitment-phobia and to reunite Kanako with her fiance, Toru Suzushima, Haruhi Fujioka is blackmailed into learning how to waltz, cosplay as a daughter and gets her first snog at a dance party. Tamaki Suoh is frustrated, though he does n’t know why .

Episode Summary

The episode begins with Haruhi running recently for the Host Club meet. Upon entering Music Room 3, she finds it decorated as a tropical paradise with the cosplay of the day being Balinese royalty. When Haruhi questions Kyoya Ootori about it, he tells her that while Tamaki makes all policy decisions, planting ideas in Tamaki ‘s head helps the action, leading to Haruhi ‘s realization that Kyoya in truth runs the club and calls him “ the Shadow King ” to herself.

Tamaki announces that the golf club is sponsoring a Dance Party the follow week and Haruhi ‘s guests fantasize about dancing with her under the moonlight. Kanako, a even Host Club customer dumps Tamaki to christen Haruhi as her newly favorite. The Host Club members describe Kanako as having the Host-Hopping disease, which causes its victims to regularly switch from one Host to another. Tamaki ‘s jealousy results in his insist that Haruhi once more dress like a girlfriend. Haruhi refuses, saying she can pay back her debt more quickly as a Host. Tamaki then refers to Kyoya as “ Mommy ” for the first gear time in the serial as he bemoans their unmanageable heroine. Hikaru Hitachiin inquires if Haruhi knows how to dance, to which Haruhi replies that she is n’t interest in attending the Dance Party. Tamaki blackmails her into learning the walk-in and attending the event by threatening to demote her back to errand male child, if she does n’t.

The following day, Kanako is seen teaching Haruhi how to dance. Afterwards, as Kanako sips her tea, she compliments the tea place and Kyoya notes her cutting eye for fine chinaware. Toru Suzushima, heir to the Suzushima Trading Company, a top-performing very well chinaware supplier. Kyoya reminds all present that Toru is leaving in one calendar month to study overseas in England. After Toru leaves, Haruhi says that Kanako and Toru seem “ kinda close, ” which Kanako vehemently denies and hurriedly leaves, herself. Mitsukuni “ Honey ” Haninozuka reveals that the two are engaged with Kyoya adding that it has been this room ever since they were children. Tamaki announces that it is the province of the Host Club “ to make every daughter felicitous ” and reunite the estrange pair.
A week late, the Dance Party commences with Tamaki welcoming their guests. Kyoya announces that at the end of the flush, one lucky dame will be declared “ queen ” with her reward being a kiss on the cheek from Tamaki. The twins chide Haruhi for being less than enthusiastic to which she replies that she does n’t have much experience with parties having only attended local neighborhood festivals. Kyoya excuses her miss of experience and suggests that she have a bite to eat. When Haruhi inquires if there ‘s ootoro ( visualize tuna ), Tamaki immediately orders it for her. Kanako arrives and, as part of Tamaki ‘s master plan, Haruhi is swept off the dance floor to be “ costumed ” as a girl. Tamaki sees her as “ herself ” and is lovestruck. Kyoya foreshadows his “ privy ” plan and Haruhi is sent off wobbling on high heels to meet Toru.

In the vacant, darkened classroom Haruhi meets Toru, who shows her a goofy love bill she purportedly wrote. He tells her that while flattered, his kernel belongs to person else, expressing sorrow that said girlfriend does n’t seem to find him interesting any longer, so he ‘s going overseas to become more blase. Via Tamaki ‘s manipulation, Kanako enters the board and upon seeing Toru and Haruhi together, flees in tears. Toru chases after her. When he finally catches up to her, they ‘re caught in the spotlights of an Ouran garden.
There, Tamaki broadcasts that the Host Club has chosen the final waltz of the flush for them entirely. As they dance, Toru declares his sleep together and proposes marriage to Kanako, who accepts. Her host-hopping days are over. Hikaru announces that Kanako has been named “ Queen of the Ball ” and will receive a kiss from Haruhi, as stand-in for Tamaki. Haruhi refuses until Kyoya offers to reduce her debt by 1/3, if she does indeed. When Honey wonders aloud if “ this is Haru-chan ‘s beginning kiss ”, Tamaki freaks and runs to stop it, lone to slip on a banana peel off ( a frequent bite of Ouran anime business ) and unwittingly pushes Haruhi into kissing Kanako on the lips. The episode ends with Haruhi having a better understand of the Host Club philosophy that, “ It is the occupation of a high school host to make every girl happy. ”


Episode2-01 Studying and Hosting do n’t mix.

Balicosplay balinese cosplayCanuseethis “ Can you see this in eden, Mom ? ”

noteworthy Quotes

(To Kotoko) Can you see this from heaven, mom? This was the club I was forced to join. -Haruhi (To Mori) Takashi…There, we match! -Honey (To Haruhi) You’re even cuter than I expected. I’ve decided; from now on you’re going to be my new favorite host, Haruhi. -Kanako (To Haruhi) Well, you look so cute! -Honey

(To Haruhi) Remember Haruhi, there are only 20 minutes remaining before the party reaches its climax. -Kyoya

character Appearances


  • Haruhi learns how to dance the Waltz in this episode. 

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