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You lay sandwiched between two red-headed devils on a faineant summer good afternoon. Hikaru had his arms looped around your shank, your back to his chest. Kaoru ‘s drumhead rested by your collar bone as he lay on circus tent of you. You did n’t mind. This is what the three of you did about every weekend when you had nothing to do. You loved staring up at your ceiling, trying to keep your breath in time with both brothers. You know that most girls at Ouran would kill to be where you are right nowadays, after all, you were technically “ in bed ” with two of Ouran ‘s most popular boys. But, you did n’t see it that means. You had known the twins for about a class now with your freshman year coming to a stopping point. All you saw that day was three friends precisely laying there, enjoying the music the birds spoke to each other just outside the window.
“ I love you guys ” you sighed, about as an reconsideration. You knew you did n’t have to explain what you meant because they plainly nuzzled closer to you. You felt so connected to the two brothers in that moment. You never would ‘ve thought that those four elementary words could be so confuse and complex.


You take another bite of your sandwich, well technically, it ‘s Haruhi ‘s sandwich, as you swapped lunches with her today. It ‘s nice having ordinary food every once in a while, besides, the girl enjoys fondness seafood. It ‘s amusing to watch her brown eyes light up as she eats however another crab stage. You end up eating half of your sandwich and watching Haruhi inhale her fifth stage.
“ Hey ( name ) ” the twins say in synchronize from behind you. You turn and smile at them, rising to hug them both. They embrace you with such purpose, you feel for certain that you belong in this here and now. This is one of the things you love about Ouran ‘s celebrated “ devil twins ”.
“ It ‘s been forever since I ‘ve seen you guys … sometimes I hate summer transgress … ” You sigh, plopping back down into your moderate across from Haruhi ‘s.
“ Yeah we ‘ve in truth got ta make sure we see you more following year ” Hikaru says, both him and his twin sitting on either side of you.
“ What are you talking about ? You guys never stopped texting me about how you were hanging out with ( name ) every day. ” Haruhi says.
“ But we had to be away from her for a broad three days … It was nasty ! ” Kaoru says, nuzzling his cheek against yours. You grin at him and look at Haruhi with a mock pouty side. Haruhi remains unfazed as she turns to Hikaru.
“ Were you drunk the other day ? I got a couple of … ” She trails off, thinking of the correct word for the situation, no doubt. “ … pretty … absurd textbook. One of them in particular was about ( name ) ” she looks tick. Hikaru ‘s eyes widen and a blush spreads across his cheek to the tips of his ears.
“ U-um, my call was acting eldritch … ” He mumbles. You grin badly.
“ Haruhi, can I see your call ” you ask, smirking at Hikaru. He looks at you in a panic.
“ Sure ( name ) -chan ” she says, digging it out of her pouch and handing it over, completely forgetful to your intentions.
“ No … ! ” Hikaru says, he looks paler than common.
“ Why ? Is it badly ? Were you saying mean things about me Hika-chan ? ” You taunted. You know he would do precisely the like thing if your positions were switched.
“ ( name ), you ca n’t see those texts ” Hikaru says, his voice crisp. He ‘s obviously not in the climate to play around.
“ Why ? What happened Hikaru ? ” You ask, worry. Hikaru is n’t normally this serious about things.
“ Fine ! Go ahead and look ! I do n’t care ! ” He screams at you and he takes off through the doors of the cafeteria.
“ Hikaru, delay ! ” You shout, but he ‘s already gone. With that, a compact silence falls over the cafeteria. The kind of secrecy that you can feel deep within you because you are the center of it.
“ Come on Kaoru, let ‘s go find him ” you mutter, grabbing the take oral sex ‘s wrist, dragging him out of the room, and taking Haruhi ‘s cell earphone with you. Haruhi opened her mouth to protest, but closed it again, knowing that she was already besides late. The adolescent merely continues to eat her crab.


Kaoru follows behind you as you stalk quickly down the hallway. You glance at each door you come across, wondering where Hikaru would ‘ve gone.
“ Hey ( name ) ? possibly I should read the texts so I can understand how he ‘s feel and figure out where he might be from there. ” Kaoru says. You frown. You would n’t be hesitant but for the scene Hikaru made merely moments before. But then again, this was Kaoru, Hikaru shares everything with him. You hand the call to him and he opens up the holocene text. You watch his aureate eyes waver across the words on the screen that he shields from your position. Your curiosity flares, but you suppress it for Hikaru ‘s sake, you are obviously not meant to see whatever it says.
Kaoru ‘s eyes are first boring, flicking promptly through words, but as he reads further, he changes. His formula becomes one of hurt as he drops the earphone.
“ Kaoru ? ” You say, taking a step towards him. The duplicate ‘s eyes start to fill with tears as his breathing becomes slenderly shakier. “ Kaoru what ‘s wrong ? ”
He stares straight ahead, his eyes not meeting your own. You take another step closer to him and his eyes seem to focus on you, then widen in slender horror. He stumbles back a few steps before turning and running off down the hallway.
You stand and stare at the place he used to be for a while, wondering just how bad those texts had to be to make both of your friends react so highly. Should you read them ? You do n’t think you have a choice. You take the telephone into your hands. After a hanker while of otiose time standing in an empty mansion you sigh and decide to take a look.
Your eyes run promptly over the words in a rebuff desperation to know what is troubling your friends. At the stopping point few words your breath catches in your throat. You shove the earphone into your pouch and begin to run around looking for either duplicate.


Hikaru : you know haruchi ?

Haruhi : Hikaru, you misspelled my name

Hikaru : sometimes gpyou look liike a boy

Haruhi : are you ok ?

Hikaru : ismt that curious

Haruhi : are you drunk or something ?

Hikaru : you mknow what else ?

Haruhi : I ‘m calling Kaoru.

Hikaru : one lovef ( name )

Hikaru : do youu know ( diagnose )

Hikaru : yu no i thikn i wluod probabl y marry ( name ) if one ha d the chancr

Hikaru : ( name ) is thus pefrcet

Hikaru : ismt that fnny ?


Why would Kaoru good take off like that ? Unless …. Does he besides have feelings for you ? Is it egotistic to evening think that ? What if Kaoru did like you ? What will you do about Hikaru ? What if they both love you ? You do n’t want to ruin their relationship. not even barely that- you equitable do n’t feel that direction about them ! Do you ?
You skid to a stop across the decadent marble floors. Do you love them ? Well, yes, of course you do- but in what way ? How are you even going to find either one of them ? Which one should you look for beginning ? You let out a small torment shout, kicking the flannel spare lining the walls.
Taking a deep breath, you force yourself to calm down and focus on the most important wonder at the moment. How are you going to find them ? You breathe deeply and think for a moment before an theme that seems preferably obvious to you now wriggles it ‘s way into your mind. You could merely call one of them. Kaoru knew that you took Haruhi ‘s phone sol he might not pick up, but Hikaru might, thinking it was Haruhi, since he might think you gave it back to her after he left. It was n’t likely, but it was worth a shot.
There. Two questions gloomy.
You dialed Hikaru ‘s number and waited impatiently for him to pick up.
“ Hey, this is Hikaru ‘s cell, leave a message ”
“ Hikaru ? Please call me, I ‘m blue … ” You say, starting to get a little choked up at the think of losing both of your closest friends. You hang up and calm down again. That was n’t going to happen. You dial Tamaki ‘s number.
“ Why are you calling on your King my dear Princess ? ” Tamaki croons.
“ Tamaki, can you call Hikaru and tell him to go to Music Room 3 ? No one ‘s there right ? It ‘s important ” you say.
“ Yes, I saw you and Hikaru early, you made quite a setting ” he chuckles lightly “ is everything alright ? ”
“ Just call him, ok ? ” You say, sniffling a bite. You know Tamaki means well, but you actually do n’t feel like wasting any time. You ca n’t talk much longer without getting choked up anyways.
“ He did n’t do anything to hurt you did he ? ” He asks, the humor gone from is voice and replaced with concern. You do n’t know how to answer that, so you equitable hang up. You hope Tamaki actually calls him, hell, you hope Hikaru actually goes there.


“ Was that ( name ) ? ” Kyoya quirks a disinterested eyebrow, not even looking up from his lunch.
“ Yeah, she seemed a bit shaken up ” Tamaki says in a smaller voice than common which causes the raven haired host to glance up from his meal. The master of ceremonies King retrieves his earphone from his pocket and dials Hikaru ‘s number. There is a pause at the mesa as it rings.
“ What do you want ? ” Hikaru snaps.
“ What did you do to ( list ) ? She ‘s very dysphoric right now. Do n’t you understand what that means Hikaru ? You ‘ve made a lady infelicitous ! I wo n’t allow you to call yourself a horde until you fix this. And this is ( name ) we are talking about no less ! She sounded like she had been crying. Crying ! ” Tamaki rants into the call. The position seems to grab the attention of the Ouran students once again, as the girls start whispering amongst themselves.
“ She was crying ? ” Hikaru whispers.
“ Yes. She asked me to tell you to meet her at the Host Club and you better get over there now and fix this monstrosity ampere soon as potential ! ” The blond finishes, angrily mashing the end call push button.
“ And the Drama unfolds ” Renge swoons “ The bad boy pushed away his soul mate, merely to find that he rightfully cared about her and now he ‘s off to pull her back again ! Will she go with him into the nox ? ”
“ Night ? It ‘s noon Renge-chan ” Haruhi says.
“ But what about his gentle brother ? What will he do ? Is one ready to gain the distance needed for the early to be felicitous ? Oh ! But we all know that the brother besides seeks out this damsel ! What always will happen when the two collide ? ! ” Renge sings dramatically, ignoring Haruhi ‘s argument. She is immediately backed up by heated rustle among the diverse fangirls that surround the Hosts.
“ Yes, we all know that Hikaru and Kaoru both share affection for ( diagnose ) ” Kyoya says coolly.
“ What are we gon na do about it Tama-chan ? ” Honey asks with wide eyes.
“ The docile buddy went with the damsel, correct ? ” Renge asks.
“ Yeah ” Mori replies
“ Is he even with her ? Or did he abandon her to face her own destine ? ” The lady director peep.
“ She did n’t say ” Tamaki says. There is a silence as the hosts think about the three no longer together all the time. The Host Club would never be the same without their laughter.
“ No … ” Tamaki murmurs, dialing Kaoru.


You sit down on one of the couches again, wondering how long you ‘ll wait here before you determine he is n’t coming. The thinking makes you antsy and you start pacing.
“ ( diagnose ) ? ” You hear, you look up to see Hikaru standing in the doorway, you pause, delighted that he came, but then you remembered that you were mad at him. You march right up to him, and smack him across his grimace.
“ If you truly feel that direction about me you should ‘ve fair told me you idiot ! You did n’t need to be thus blasted dramatic ! ” You yell, being a bite dramatic yourself, not that you ‘d ever admit that to Hikaru.
“ You read the text … ” He states.
“ Of course I did ! Girls like it when you merely tell them these things, you know ? ! ” You fumed “ you should ‘ve fair been open with me ! I mean, it ‘s me ! I ‘m not going to laugh at you or anything ! ”
He equitable stared at you, his expression indecipherable.
“ And another thing ! Where do you get off thinking that you can jus- ” you start, but you are interrupted by a match of lips silencing your own. You freeze in surprise, not very knowing how you felt about your best supporter kissing you, but soon you melted into the kiss, deciding you should think less. You wrap your arms around his neck and he smiles slightly against your mouth, wrapping his arms around your waist. You run a pass through his hair’s-breadth, using it as leverage to deepen the kiss.

*not a lot earlier*

All Kaoru could hear was the smack of his shoes against the marble floors echoing through the hall. It was quite disconcerting for the male child, about as if his own footfalls were mocking him. For the echo of an empty hallway was all excessively unfamiliar to the Hitachiin brother. It reminded him of how lonely he would be if he managed to lose his twin and the sexual love of his youthful life and how unprepared he is for just that. He had never been without Hikaru ahead. not like what this could potentially be. The very intend made Kaoru run fast.
He had realized how irrational he was being after he ‘d had some fourth dimension to process things. That ‘s when he got the call from Tamaki. Let ‘s equitable say, the Host King is n’t excessively happy with either devil duplicate at the moment. If he was being honest, Kaoru was n’t besides happy with his brother either. He slides to a stop right outside Music Room 3. He pauses for a here and now, regaining his breath, then pushing the doors open.


You hear the door opening and break away from Hikaru to find Kaoru standing in the door means looking identical hurt and very angry.
“ Hikaru ” he growled. Said twin let go of you and glared at his brother.
“ You knew ! ” Kaoru continues “ I told you how I felt about ( name ) ! I told you ! ”
“ Yes Kaoru, I knew. You had to like the one girl I felt comfortable around. You thought you had everything all planed out with Haruhi, wanting me to ‘take the next step on my own ‘ that what you said was n’t it ? ” Hikaru spat. You were taken aback by how much resentment each hold in their part.
“ How did you- ? ”
“ I heard you talking to Renge about it when you thought I was asleep. Well I do n’t need you to plan out my biography for me ! ”
“ That ‘s what you think this is ? I gave up Haruhi for you because I knew you had feelings for her ! I knew she would be able to be there for you in a way that I ca n’t. then we met ( name ) and it was like things were falling into plaza. Like we could both be happy together and aside. And now you want me to give up ( name ) besides ? I ca n’t do that again Hikaru ! ” Kaoru shouts, his articulation chummy with the tears that were nowadays streaming down his face.
“ You both are such idiots ! ” You say. They look at you in shock. “ Did you even take into consideration how I felt about all this before you went and got in each other ‘s faces ? ” You ask. They pause for a second before Kaoru talk.
“ She ‘s correct … I ‘m blue, I ‘m not very good at thinking things through today ” Kaoru says with a small smile that does n’t reach his eyes. Hikaru just blushes angrily in silent agreement.
“ I think … I think I love both of you … I feel frightful saying it, but it ‘s true. I love how dessert and thoughtful you are, Kaoru and Hikaru, I love how mischievous and passionate you are. You two … You ‘re my boys and I do n’t want to change that right now. So both of you come here and hug me before I start crying besides ” you say, spreading your arms out in invitation. They both grin and embrace you. You bury your face between their shoulders and feel like you belong again. It ‘s the most beautiful feel in the universe.

A rumble rips the cover girl silence, interrupting your consequence, followed by rather maniacal laughter. Renge emerges from some unknown abyss on her ill-famed spin platform.
“ That was so beautiful ! The bad male child and the ennoble brother in combat over the hapless damsel ! Better yet she threw herself between her two lovers, evening though each knight was poise to strike the other with their mighty swords, and proclaimed that she must have them both ! It was the arrant ending to this adorable sexual love triangle ! But will she be able to keep it up, after all, their relationship will never be the lapp ! ” She rants, by and large to herself, the other three had stopped listening at the mention of “ swords ”.
You grinned at your boys. The gang was back together again.

*time skip*

Some days late you found yourself sitting in the Host Club, amused by the latest antics of a sealed couple of red heads.
“ Did you see the look on his face ? ” Kaoru laughs.
“ Yeah, the bos looked pretty stupid did n’t he Kaoru ? ” Hikaru choruses.
“ YOU IMBECILES ! ! ! ! ! ! ” Tamaki yells.
The twins run aside, laughing their little hearts out as Tamaki chases them around the Host Club. You let out a little giggle at the sight of them. They round a corner and you soon realize they ‘re coming straight for you. Your eyes widen slightly and before you have time to react, the two dart behind you and use you as a classify of harbor against Tamaki ‘s wrath.
“ You ‘ll have to get past ( name ) to get to us ” Kaoru sings
“ You would n’t hurt a daughter, would you boss ? ” Hikaru teases. Tamaki turns beet red in anger, but merely turns on his heel and walks away, muttering to himself.
“ Thanks, ( identify ) ” Kaoru says
“ You saved us ” Hikaru adds. You smile at how a lot more in synchronize they were at the host club. They give you a crafty grin.
“ Hey knob ! ” They shout in unison. Tamaki ‘s care snaps right back on them and the two devil twins each plant a kiss on your impudence. You blush as Tamaki goes away on a tangent.
“ How make bold you touch my little ( name ) in such a dapper manner ! She ‘s like a sister to Haruhi so that makes her my daughter ! ! ! ! And as her church father, I forbid you to ever touch her again is that sympathize ! ! ! ”
“ sure, whatever you say ” they reply together, wrapping their arms around you and nuzzling their cheeks against your own.
“ I love you guys ” you giggle. It ‘s amusing how those words sound identical to what you said earlier this class, but mean something entirely different.

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