You were walking the halls of Ouran while you had your nose stuck in a book like always. You were a identical quiet person whom liked to keep to yourself. Though, two certain carrot heads always liked to try to get you to talk. To be honest you did n't mind to talk to people. You precisely preferred being alone. The two always tried to get you out of your space burp. They were quite irritating at foremost but, you became fond of them after, a while. particularly, the older duplicate Hikaru. You found him quite attractive and harbor. You could n't help but, to think of him as you walked into class. You took your induct in front of the twins. You continued reading your book until, you felt something poking you in the shoulders. You looked up to see both twins poking you with their pencils .
                           `` Can I help you ? '' You sighed feeling aggravated .
                           `` Yes actually you can. '' The older twin said with a devilish smile. 
                           `` What is it ? '' You spat
                           `` We want you to hang out with us this weekend. There 's this newly club we want to go to and we wanted you to come excessively. '' Kaoru responded .
                           `` Why ? '' You raised a brow in confusion .
                           `` Because, you never do anything with us. '' Hikaru replied as he rested his chin in his hand .
                           `` yea I do. chiefly precisely because, you come into my apartment unannounced but, I hush do. '' You respond .
                           `` Yeah, well possibly we 'd like to hang out with you at a cabaret. Ever thought of that ? '' Hikaru retorted with a devilishly grin .
                           `` well, why would I ever wan sodium go to a club ? '' You retorted back .
                           `` possibly because, its fun. Besides you spend excessively much time alone. You need to socialize. '' Hikaru said. 
                           `` Okay dad. '' You smiled devilishly and Hikaru glared at you .
                           precisely then the teacher walked in and began to teach the moral. You folded the corner of the current page you were reading and put it away .
                              ~ Le   time   skip   brought   to   you   by   Tamaki's   emo   corner~  
                           It was Saturday now and you were getting quick to go hang out with the twins. You decided to wear dark tight-fitting jeans and a ( f/c ) hangman's rope top. You had put your hair up in a ponytail and put on your favored couple of ( f/c ) converse. then, you just sat on your layer read until, you heard a knock on the door. You ran out to the life room and opened the battlefront door to see only one of the twins. fortunately, you knew how to tell them apart. It was Hikaru .
                           `` Where 's Kaoru ? '' You asked
                           `` He got vomit but, its okay. We can still have playfulness. '' He said as he scratched the back of his head .
                           `` Alright. Let 's go then. '' You smiled lightly and led him down the stairs of your apartment build .
                           You were a common like Haruhi. Your kin was kind of poor but, you were a bright kid so, you were able to make it into Ouran .
                           `` so, what kind of cabaret are we going to ? '' You asked Hikaru as you both got into his limousine. 
                           `` Its merely like every other golf club. There 's lots of music and dance. Plus, they have loads of board in it. It 's pretty big. '' He responded .
                           `` okay. '' You said
                           You just sat to him restfully hoping that you would n't feel crowded in the baseball club. You felt scared whenever you would get surrounded. cipher ever noticed though. Well, except for Haruhi. She notices everything. You good waited patiently looking out the window until, you arrived at the golf club. The driver opened the door for Hikaru and you. He then got rear in and drove around to the back .

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