A/n - Hey! This is the first chapter I'm going to write  and  publish since I've taken over the account! I'm sorry if it sucks and all but I'm trying my best. I hope you enjoy! 
                           A/n - you're a simple teenage girl, age 16, while the twins and Haruhi are in their second year at Ouran, currently on Vacation in Barcelona with the rest of the host club. 
                           Although to make everything easier to describe, you'll have very dark brown hair with red highlights and whatever colour eyes you'd like! <3 
My family had come to Barcelona on business and decided to allow me to roam the city. As a japanese and english talk person, I did n't know any spanish despite attending Ouran. I had decided to take french alternatively of spanish, I found it a fantastic terminology. My bright bolshevik streaks, flowing amongst the dark brown of my hair in the warm breeze of Barcelona. Currently I was exploring the city, as suggested, when I came across a familiar group of people. I plainly chose to ignore them and walk by as though I 'd never seen them before, but to my luck an auburn haired boy, around my long time, spotted me.
`` Hey Hikaru, she 's cute. Do n't you think ? '' I kept my model straight as I passed them, a crop Nirvana tank crown brush against my skin while short jean blue shorts cling to my thighs and hips, bare crimson converse with white laces hitting the concrete.
`` Do n't we know her ? '' Another voice added, this meter it was that of a brunettes. I sighed as the hotness started to affect me, loosening the hair isthmus around my wrist and tying my hair into a neat, high but informal ponytail, which hung to the center of my back.
`` That 's ( y/n ) ( l/n ). Her parents transferred her into Ouran after she was kicked out of Lobellia. '' Oh god ... I 'd know that voice anywhere. Kyoya Ootori. Ouran 's nonmigratory know-about-everyone. I always end up wandering how he gets all of the information.
`` Oh yea, she 's in our classify. Kaoru sits next to her. '' Oh my godhead, the auburn is Kaoru ? ! I knew those people were familiar, but not that familiar.
`` ( Y/n ) ? Is n't she that daughter Hikaru never stops talking about ? '' cunning voice ... sounds like it 's laced with sugar ... Honey, which means Mori is here excessively. If the twins, Kyoya, Mori and Honey are hera ... then that means ... I turned to face them and my eyes widened. It was the host clubhouse, including my darling cousin Tamaki Suoh ( Suou ). internally groaning when he spotted me with a big smile, I stood there, my military capability giving up on me as my shoulders slumped and a depressed saying adorned my face.
`` ( Y/n ) ! It is you ! What are you doing in Barcelona ? '' The blond cheered, wrapping me in a embrace, only for me to dodge it by side-stepping.
`` Hey Tamaki. '' Haruhi approached me and introduced herself as my dimwit cousins girlfriend. `` This idiot actually got a girlfriend ? '' I about laughed but refrained from doing therefore, the brunet nodded.
`` Surprisingly. '' I giggled and shook her hand.
`` ( Y/n ) ( l/n ), I 'm Tamaki 's cousin. I think you and I will be great friends. '' She took my hand and judder it in recurrence, smiling with me.
`` Agreed. '' I glanced behind her and managed to tell everyone apart, specially the twins.
`` Well that 's raw. '' I approached Hikaru and stood right in front of him, tilting my head to the right with an innocently curious look.
`` What ? '' He asked, apparently fishy but frighten.
`` What 's with the semblance change ? It 's cute and all, but ... you know what ? I have no complaints. '' I gave in, not bothering to finish my sentence. The older of the two blushed as he watched me turn to face his brother.
`` Hey Kaoru. '' The two of us fist bumped. `` You got tantalum antic with me this class, it got boring at Lobellia not being able to prank anyone with your avail. '' He did a disdainful so far humble bow.
`` Ca n't wait. '' The auburn chuckled, I turned to Honey and Mori as Kaoru went to having a conversation with his brother.
`` Sup Kid. '' I greeted the short even 2 year older male.
`` ( Y/n ) -Chan ! '' He whined, I chuckled and pulled something, I knew he loved, out of my pouch, a coupon to an all you can eat cake buffet spinal column in Japan.
`` Just between you and me, cake boy. '' He nodded and surreptitiously stuffed the newspaper into his pocket, Mori not noticing. I stood back up and stared at Mori as he stared at me.
`` Hey Takashi. ''
`` Hi ( Y/n ). ''
Our greetings were bland but bare and we both understood that neither of us were great speakers. Turning to Kyoya, I just sighed, as did he.
`` You need to stay in one school. ''
`` And you, need to stay out of my business, Mr Ootori. '' My retort took him back and I rolled my eyes with a smirk. I was around the same stature as the twins, which made everything then much easier.
`` Anyway, I should get going ... I have absolutely nothing to do so I should probably get going to finish that. '' Tamaki stared at me queerly, raising his eyebrows.
`` Why not go on a date with Hikaru ? '' I whipped around to face the blond.
`` What ? '' Hikaru and I asked in completely perfect unison.
`` A date in Barcelona. Perfect for the first date. ''
`` A snatch extravagant for a first date. '' We muttered under our breaths.
`` I think that 's a big idea. Miss ( l/n ) could use some time around early people, specially the other duplicate. '' Kyoya added, I sighed, last caving in.
`` fine ! I 'll go on a date. '' My hands were raised in a surrender manner as I gave up. Kaoru pushes his brother forwards while Tamaki and Haruhi ushered me away with him. I rolled my eyes but continued walking.
`` so, where shall we go ? '' I asked, my pose returning to normal and my voice and speaking form more civil and well mannered.
`` possibly we should barely wander around and go where-ever catches our interests ? '' I nodded in agreement as we began walking around and talking about the most random things, like why we were shoved onto this date, why I was kicked out of Lobellia. `` You wore a dress ? '' I laughed as we sat in a coffee bean denounce beside the wall, just aside from the window.
`` Yeah, twice actually. once as a child and then again in the host clubhouse. '' He chuckled.
`` Oh ! It was Ouran that Benni tried to get a girlfriend from ! That 's when you all dressed as girls ? '' He nodded and I laughed hard.
`` Oh come on ! It 's not that fishy ! '' He laughed, I shook my head.
`` No, nobelium you 're right. It 's fair evening more hilarious when you somehow profit visualize of it. '' I burst out laughing again, showing him the pictures. He groaned and slumped into his seat.
`` You actually have them ? '' I calmed down and nod, smiling sweetly.
`` But hey, I besides have a movie of Kaoru in a dress angstrom well as all of the others. '' The blue haired male in front of me chuckled and sat up directly. `` I heard from Honey that you never stop talking about me. Care to contribution ? '' I teased, leaning on my now linked hands as I rest my elbows on the postpone and stared at the blush mess he 'd become.
`` You 're a blushful mess, Hikaru. Is everything very well ? '' I continued to tease him until he finally broke.
`` Okay fine ! I like you. I 've liked you for awhile, possibly even love you. '' He mumbled the last contribution but I managed to hear it. Taken aback, I was n't indisputable what to do, so I planned to speak, alone for my call to interrupt me. I glanced at the contact and the contents of the message.
`` Tamaki and the others think we should all meet up now, at the topographic point you 're staying at. '' The amber eyed 16 year old nodded and stood up, exiting the build up with me following close behind.
I laced my left hand with his right, catching him by surprise.
`` I never said I did n't like you back. '' We diverted our direction straight to the board I was staying in, alternatively of going to the host club. I took a seat on the seam as Hikaru sat opposite me. `` You 've changed quite a set. particularly since middle school. '' Hikaru nodded.
`` then have you. The shy, straight A student has become the rebellious little hellion. '' He chuckled, I giggled.
`` You 're just the lapp ! You went from this lull little thing who only ever hung out with his brother, into this big young world who is quite the social butterfly, not to mention chat up, with assume dark hair and is wholly unlike to his brother ! '' He rolled his gorgeous amber eyes before locking them with my aglitter ( e/c ) ones, leaning closer to me, his soft lips brushing my own earlier I lightly closed the gap, our lips connecting as he leant on one arm while the other found its way onto my shank, pulling me closer. Our lips were moving in synchronize, a knock on the door. We pulled apart, a blush of abstemious crimson crossing our faces. Both of us dart backwards as the door opened to reveal Kaoru and Tamaki. I smiled sweetly and waved.
`` Hey. '' The two returner it with a fishy look.
`` so ... how was your little date ? '' I glanced at the black haired buddy and he shrugged, turning to face his twin and my cousin.
`` Really well, actually. '' He smirked, lacing his pass with mine, across the bed.
`` I thought you two did n't know each other ? '' Tamaki enquired, pushing open the door fully.
`` On the reverse my lamb cousin. We 've know each other for years. When Kaoru was busy, is hang out with Hikaru and vice versa. Why do you think I was thus comfortable around him earlier ? '' The two guests looked to each other before their eyes widened.
`` How long have you know the rest of the host cabaret ? '' Kaoru asked, leaning against the doorway frame.
`` Well I 'd never met Haruhi, but Kyoya I met through Tamaki a year or two ago. Honey and Mori was through Martial arts and that kind of stuff. And you two I met through middle school. '' Kaoru nodded in confirmation and sympathy.
`` And then there 's the obvious that that dimwits my cousin. '' Tamaki went over to a corner to sulk and grow mushrooms. `` Dude, You still do that ? '' I laughed and yelled simultaneously. The blondes head turned around precisely as Hikaru placed a quick kiss upon my lips, which I happily returned .
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