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“ Mr. Coffee-Shop-Hotshot ”
Pairing : Hikaru Hitachiin x farad ! lector Genre : bagatelle, angst, smut Warnings : covetous and genitive Hikaru, unprotected sex ( wind it up ), a dash of abasement, choking, and I think that ’ s it lmao drumhead : You ’ ve been dating Hikaru since high school but that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stop him from getting covetous of your coworker at the chocolate shop Word Count : 4.1k words A/N : characters are aged up ! ! Prompt # 72 from my 1k Followers consequence : “ You ’ rhenium Mine. ”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You and Hikaru have been sweethearts since senior high school school. The thing is, when you two first started dating, no one thought it was going to last, seeing as how you two were literally enemies until Hikaru kissed you to shut you up. After that kiss, you two avoided each other until Kaoru tried talking to you while pretending to be Hikaru. You weren ’ triiodothyronine blind though. You could tell it was Kaoru alternatively of his twin. You played along until the end though, alone revealing you knew it was actually him until he got his distributor point across. His point was “ I ’ thousand deplorable for treating you so ill. I ’ molarity barely not very good with feelings and I didn ’ triiodothyronine know how to face you after the kiss without arguing with you. ” You figured that Kaoru wouldn ’ t say something like that unless Hikaru felt that manner himself. so, you grew a match and talked to Hikaru after he was done with the Host Club .
“ It appears I ’ thousand going to be the man in this relationship. ” was the first thing you said to him, to which he scoffed at because A. if anyone is going to be the man, it ’ s him and B. who says you two are in a relationship ?
You barely kissed him and that easily proved your point. From then on, you two started dating, to everyone ’ randomness surprise. just because you two were dating though doesn ’ thyroxine bastardly you two stopped fighting. While everyone else has their honeymoon phase, you two went right field to the previous married couple stage. They weren ’ thymine always good fights though. One time you two argued about who had better eyes. Hikaru couldn ’ triiodothyronine admit to you that it was decidedly you and you couldn ’ metric ton accept to him that it was actually him, so you both claimed that it was yourselves .
After that phase ended though, you two went into the honeymoon phase, which just confused everyone, including you and Hikaru. abruptly, him leaving his use cup on your bedside table didn ’ t bother you anymore. You ’ ll barely bring it down with you when you go downstairs. Hikaru realized that he didn ’ thymine mind you having your clothes thrown out in every other management in his room anymore. His maid will just clean it up anyhow. No injury done .
The honeymoon ‘ phase ’ was more annoy to everyone than the old marital couple phase. now, alternatively of you two arguing who wants the survive while of sugarcoat, you two are ‘ arguing ’ about who gets to kiss who concluding. It makes everyone joke. Honey senpai seems to think it ’ s in truth fresh though .
That was four years ago and now, you two are just as bad now as you were binding then. Everyone, fortunately and unfortunately, decided to go to the lapp university. It is room out of your price range but that wasn ’ triiodothyronine going to stop your boyfriend of four years from getting you to go there. “ I ’ ll pay off all your bills, baby. Don ’ triiodothyronine worry, ” he ’ ll constantly reassure you despite your worries and nagging. You refuse to let him pay for it all though, so you got a job .
It was actually pretty easy to nail the job, seeing as how it ’ second at the coffee bean shop where you and the gang constantly went for energy boosters and to study. You were already friends with the coach from going in there thus a lot, thus when you asked if they were hiring, they much hired you on the spot .
Hikaru didn ’ thyroxine like you having a job though .
“ Why do you even work here ? I can pay for everything, baby. You don ’ t have to worry about it. so why don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you precisely quit ? I miss hanging out with you, ” he complains every time you leave for oeuvre, when he shows up to your cultivate, and when you come rear to your shared apartment. His argument, in your royal opinion, is stupid. If anything, you see him excessively a lot as it is. I mean, you already live with the guy and have half of your classes with him. What more does he want from you ?
It took him a month to last accept the fact that yes, you will pay for things yourself, and no, you are not quitting precisely because he wants you to. once he realizes that you can secretly give him detached chocolate though, not that price always mattered to him, he was glad. “ Okay, but I besides want a free muffin, ” he ultimately agreed .
It was like that for possibly half a year before new problems started to arise. Your bos hired a new guy who you don ’ thymine flush know the name of even but, oh, Hikaru hates him already. “ I don ’ t like him. He smells like besides much Axe body atomizer and he has a wyrd, purple pierce in his eyebrow. And ! And, he has a tattoo. A tattoo ! Who does he think he is, ” Hikaru complains to you while you try to do homework. He had gotten your agenda mixed improving and when he went to go see you on your day off, he ran into the modern guy. You weren ’ t surprised that he could tell he ’ randomness newly since Hikaru is much there equally much as you are. He knows everyone and, of course, everyone loves him .
not this guy though, obviously .
“ When he gave me my chocolate, it tasted off ! then, I realized, he didn ’ thyroxine attention deficit disorder sugar ! I didn ’ t say anything about sugar ! ” he continues to rant, making you sigh and set your pencil down. You turn to face him now, placing your hired hand over his and soothingly rubbing your thumb over his smooth clamber .
“ Baby, I ’ megabyte sure it was an accident. He ’ sulfur new, remember ? I ’ thousand sure he precisely forgot to add it, ” you reassure, giving his cheek a kiss once he takes a bass breath and lets it all go in one hint .
“ Fine. I guess you ’ re right. But if he messes up again, I won ’ metric ton hesitate to say something following fourth dimension ! ” You giggle at this and nod your principal, giving him a proper kiss this time to relax him even more .
“ Okay, baby. You do that, ” you tease before going back to your homework. This, of course, was just not o .
“ Babe, we ’ ve been studying for hours. Let ’ s take a fracture, ” he coos, moving closer to you and starting to place kisses along your neck. You try to ignore him and focus but your boyfriend knows you besides well. Knows your body besides well .
“ You mean I ’ ve been studying for hours. You ’ ve just been talking and playing on your telephone, ” you tease, a pant ripping from you when he sucks and nibbles on your gratifying spot. You feel him smirk against your peel, his hands coming to squeeze your thighs .
“ Fair point. Makeout with me a little and then, and lone then, will I study, ” he bargains, making you roll your eyes .
“ Fat opportunity, ” you decline him as you playfully push him away, making him whine loudly .
“ But baby— ”
“ No. Study and then, and only then, will I makeout with you, ” you bargain correct back, a smirk of your own coming to your face .
“ You ’ re wicked, ” he says with a dramatic pant and a hired hand across his heart. When you don ’ thymine reply or even react, he groans before ultimately picking up his pencil. “ fine ! You better take your shirt off besides then, ” he snaps before focusing on his work. Most of your study sessions go like this .
The future day at work, the new ridicule, Ritsu, came in in the middle of your switch. Your boss introduced the two of you once he put his stuff away in his footlocker, the ridicule seeming anxious for his future transfer today. You smile at him and shake his hand, reassuring him that you ’ ll help him out today. He seems to relax at this, thanking you before starting to get to work. Whenever he had a doubt or messed up, you were justly there to help him. The day, overall, went pretty smoothly you think .
At the end of your shifts, he grabs his things from his locker before walking to the front with you. “ Do you need a tease home plate ? ” he asks as he walks over to his motorbike. You smile at him but shake your head, taking your call out of your pocket to check your messages .
“ No, that ’ s o. My boyfriend is picking me up and taking me out to dinner. Thank you though ! ” you reply with a gratifying smile, Ritsu flashing you a smile back as he climbs onto his motorbike .
“ Okay, thoroughly. I didn ’ triiodothyronine want you walking family alone at night. I heard there was a looting a couple of roads away from here, ” he explains as he pulls his helmet on .
“ Oh yea. It was at the corner boast station. That ’ s so sweet of you to think of me though. I ’ ll be certain to let you know if I ever need a ride ! ” you thank once more. He nods as he turns the vehicle on, bidding you farewell with a toast before pulling out of the parking lot and onto the road .
You check the time and see that you have a few minutes until your boyfriend gets there. fortunately, he seemed to have left early because, within the adjacent infinitesimal, he ’ south stopping right in front of you. “ Well, hello there, good lookin ’. Do you need a ride ? ” he playfully flirts. You hum and pretend to think about it as you walk over to his window .
“ Well, I don ’ t know. Are you going to show me a dear time ? ” you playfully flirt right back. He hums as he happily lets his eyes trail over your body despite your hideous work clothes. He didn ’ t seem to mind them though .
“ Oh, you have no idea, baby. Don ’ metric ton tell my girlfriend though. ” You scoff as you burst into a fit of giggles, lightly hitting his arm before going to the passenger side .
“ Well, that depends. Am I prettier than her ? ” you reply, batting your eyelashes at him as you slide into the car and pull your seat belt over your torso. He hums and nods his head, putting the cable car in reverse as he replies .
“ Oh, most decidedly. She ’ s like a fatty cow, ” he jokes, making you jeer and hit him again .
“ I don ’ thymine think your girlfriend would appreciate you saying such things about her. What if I decide to tell her what you said about her ? ” you argue, crossing your arms over your thorax as if you ’ ra harebrained at him. You know for a fact that he ’ five hundred never cheat on you. You always tease him that he ’ s excessively obsessed with you. ‘ I love you ! I ’ thousand not obsessed with you ! There ’ s a difference ! ’ he ’ d constantly argue to your joking jab .
Before he can leave the park spot, he stops the car to look at you with this new glance in his eyes. “ What if I eat you out so good that you can ’ t even remember your own name, let alone mine ? ” he whispers right into your ear, his tongue licking around the shell of your ear. You let out a rickety breath, not expecting his sudden change in this short game you two were playing .
“ I doubt you ’ re any good, ” you sass, it lacking the power that you want it to have. He pulls off from the slope of your head to make eye contact with you again, his eyes shining with a newfound lust .
“ Well, I ’ ve only ever been with my girlfriend, so it ’ s potential. You should hear the room she screams my name though. She ’ ll semen three times from my mouth and fingers entirely before I even give what she actually wants inside of her, ” he says humble, your eyes moving to watch his lips as he talks. You press your legs together, already starting to feel arousal bubbling abject in your gut .
“ Is she any well in bed ? ” you decide to ask, bringing the attention off of him. You wait for him to say something along the lines of ‘ no, she ’ south atrocious ’ but it seems he decides to stop playing your small bet on all of a sudden .
“ She ’ sulfur better than dear. She sucks me off like I ’ m a ice lolly and she precisely got out of the defect. She ’ randomness constantly indeed desperate to unravel me but I never do only because I know it works her up even more. She then starts acting like a bratwurst, trying to get her way. We both know that ’ s precisely her way of annoying me to the point that I punish her. Mmhm, her scream phone so good when her face is shoved into our mattress, ” he replies, his voice dropping an octave or two. You gulp at this, feeling your panties dampen with your slick .
“ No wonder she ’ s your girlfriend, ” you whisper, your throat abruptly excessively dry for your like. He lone hums before continuing with his driving, grabbing your hand and kissing the second of it once you two get on the road .
“ What do you want to eat ? I ’ meter kind of in the temper for Mexican, ” he says to you as if he didn ’ thymine good make you indeed horny that the merely thing you can think about is having him inside of your mouthpiece rather of food .
“ That sounds fine, ” you say piano, trying to think of anything but that. He smirks at the way you sound, which is slightly wrecked, and starts to head in the focus of a mexican restaurant that you two like. That night ended, of course, with him deep inside of you and grunting out all sorts of deliciously dark things into your ear .
Things continued on like normal for a while. You went to work but didn ’ thymine drive to work with Ritsu again for a workweek, indeed Hikaru never ran into him again. The day you did work with him though, he seemed to be struggling more than usual. so, when there was a break in customers, you decide to ask him what was up .
“ Sorry. I got into this fight with my girlfriend, Mei, this good morning, ” he explains, a frown hanging heavy on his face. You nod your fountainhead, only excessively companion with that feel. You and Hikaru don ’ t have serious fights a lot but you, obviously, have them equitable like every other couple .
“ It ’ s approve. I understand. Do you want to talk about it ? possibly I can give you my opinion or some advice ? ” you offer, wanting to help him feel better. He thinks about your offer for a moment before sighing and giving in, starting to tell you everything that had happened that good morning. You two occasionally pause to help a customer but always end up focusing back on his position. As a woman yourself, you look at his story from her point of view and digit out what might be the campaign of her frustrations .
“ Okay, ” you say once he finishes his story, “ I think I see what the problem is. ” You then tell him what you think and what he should do to mend their relationship. After hearing your advice, he realized what he did wrong and gets therefore excited that he hugs you .
“ Thank you so much ! It all makes common sense now ! No curiosity she was so upset ! You ’ re seriously a lifeguard ! I owe you one ! ” He hugs you tightly, making you giggle and return the hug .
“ It ’ s no problem at all, ” you reassure. You two pull away when you hear the bell ring, automatic smiles coming to your confront to greet your new customer. Your eyes widened when you saw your boyfriend alternatively though. A very angry and brooding boyfriend at that. “ Babe ? What are you doing here ? I thought you weren ’ thyroxine going to be here for another hour ? ” you ask confusedly, walking around the counter to give him your common hug and kiss .
His eyes are on Ritsu though .
“ Oh, I ’ thousand good-for-nothing. Do you not want me here ? Am I interrupting something ? ” he snaps, his eyes squinting at Ritsu as he says this. Your brows furrow at his words, stopping in front of him and dropping your arms since it ’ south obvious that he ’ s not going to give you a hug .
“ What ? Well, I ’ meter working but— ”
“ Oh, regretful to bother you then. I ’ ll get you get right back to it, ” he snaps, turning his glare to you before leaving without another word. He doesn ’ triiodothyronine blockage or turn around when you call after him either, making you sigh as a frown comes to your confront .
“ What ’ s up with him ? ” you mumble, trying to think as to why he would be brainsick. That ’ mho when it hit you. You hugging Ritsu ? Did that upset him ? But why ? You hug guys all of the clock. well, not all of the prison term. And then again, they ’ re his friends excessively or your kin. You snap out of your dazzle when the bell jingles again, signaling a new customer. You sigh and go back behind the counter, smiling and greeting the customer happily. Guess you ’ ll just have to talk to him about it later then .
When you get off work and you get spinal column home, you find that Hikaru isn ’ metric ton home. You think back to what he was telling you yesterday, remembering him telling you his plans for today. You check the fourth dimension on the microwave before looking at your electric refrigerator for any notes. He does n’t have any plans right now that you are mindful of and he didn ’ t leave a note relation you where he was going or when he ’ ll be back. possibly there was an emergency ? That just makes you worry more though .
You let it go with a heavy exhale, trying not to read besides a lot into it. You don ’ t have to know where he is every second of every day .
You go to your toilet to take a shower and get the smell of coffee off of you. You end up incidentally using his torso wash though, the spirit of cinnamon and ginger filling your nostrils. It ’ s not your front-runner but it ’ s what he ’ randomness been using for years. He pulls off the smack truly well though .
You step out of the shower and wrap yourself up in a baby blue towel, leaning against the bury to look at your skin in the mirror. After applying some lotion to your body to make you feel supernumerary nice, you leave the toilet. You stop at the door though when you find Hikaru sitting on the seam, his feet still on the floor and his hands hanging between his knees. now you ’ re even more concerned. normally, he would ’ ve jump at the opportunity to take a shower with you but nowadays he won ’ t tied look at you .
“ Hikaru, ” you call out lightly to him, seeming to bring him out of his stun. You walk over to him and come to stand in between his legs, making him sit up straight. His eyes glaze over your bare collarbones and neck, something spurring to life in his eyes as water droplets cascade down your delicate skin .
“ You ’ rhenium mine, ” he says on the spur of the moment, his eyes snapping to yours. Your eyes widen a sting at this random contract, your hilltop raising curiously at him .
“ What ? ” is your brilliant reply to him. You gasp when he stands and switches your positions in a flash, the back of your knees hitting the layer before you fall back onto it. You gape up at him, your hands clinging to the battlefront of your towel .
“ You heard me. You ’ re mine ! ” he growls, his hands snagging your towel away from you before you can flush attempt to stop him. His eyes wander your body, a dark look in his eyes as he takes his fresh time admiring your bare body .
“ Hikaru, ” you breathe his appoint, goosebumps crawling over your flesh. He hums in reaction, one of his knees coming to the bed so he can lean over you, his fingers starting to trace random lines and patterns into your peel .
“ That ’ second right. Say my name, baby, ” he coos, his fingers coming to tweak your nipples. You moan his name in response, back arching up into his hands. He watches you with heedful eyes, not daring to look away from your lascivious expressions or wet hole for even a moment. He loves how cursorily you react to his touch, your body always craving his american samoa much as his craves yours. “ Who do you belong to ? ” he asks as he crawls completely over you, staring into your eyes as he lets his hands crawl down your consistency .
“ You, ” you whisper breathlessly .
“ Who ? ” he growls, on the spur of the moment shoving two of his fingers into your drooling heat .
“ You, Hikaru ! ” you cry, back arching when he slips a third finger in. He hums humble as he pumps his fingers in and out of you, scraping the pads of his fingers against your g-spot to get you very moaning for him .
“ That ’ s right, baby. You ’ re all mine, immediately and everlastingly, ” he whispers before pulling his fingers out, making you whimper. He brings his dry hand up to your throat, squeezing it thinly as he stares into your eyes. “ Shut up ! Dirty whores like you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bring to cum until I say so, ” he hisses, not letting your neck go as he uses his other hired hand to remove his pants and boxers. “ ‘ M gon na meet you up, remind you that you lone belong to me, ” he mumbles, his hired hand madly trying to pull his penis release .
Your brows furrow at this as you bring your hands up to his thorax. Before you can question him though, he starts to push into you. You both groan in synchronize as he slips inside, your eyes rolling back into your forefront for a moment. You forget about his words for nowadays, your brain entirely thinking about the way he feels inside of you .
He equitable scantily bottoms out before he ’ mho already pulling back to thrust back in, starting a frantic footstep. You moan his name obstreperously, your nails lightly scratching his thorax, causing him to hiss. He keeps up the frenzied pace, your breasts bouncing with each drive .
You both cum about at the lapp fourth dimension, Hikaru last giving you permission to cum after denying you your orgasm over and over again. He keeps genuine to his son, pushing deep inside of you and coating your walls egg white. He stays inside of you for a while, his chest heave as he tries to get publicize bet on. He slowly releases your throat, and rather brushes his fingers against your cheek .
“ I ’ megabyte good-for-nothing, ” he whispers, his eyes shining with regret. You ’ re confused for a moment, thinking that that ’ s some of the best sex you ’ ve ever had. then you remember his words from earlier, how he kept saying you ’ re his and that no one is going to take you from him .
“ What ’ s going on, my love ? ” you whisper, placid a small breathless. He looks away from you, starting to worry his lip between his teeth .
“ Don ’ triiodothyronine leave me for him, ” he whispers, and if you weren ’ metric ton equitable a couple of inches away from him, you wouldn ’ t have heard it. He pulls out of you then and moves to lay beside you, putting his back to you .
“ What ? Hey. Hey, spirit at me, ” you say worriedly, pushing yourself up onto your elbow as you use your spare hand to gently trace random shapes into his back. It takes him a minute but he finally turns onto his back, staring at the ceiling alternatively of you. “ What ’ s all this ‘ leaving me ’ spill the beans about ? We ’ ve been dating for years, Hikaru. Why would I want to leave you for person else ? ” you ask with furrow brows, starting to run your hired hand through his hair to help soothe him. He leans into your touch, his eyes ultimately meeting yours. Despite your reassure words, he looks scared, worried .
“ What about Mr. Coffee-Shop-Hotshot ? You seemed to like him a lot, ” he grumbles, his mouth turning into a scowl good at the think of the valet. You can ’ thymine help but smile at how covetous he is, your kernel swelling with the amount of beloved you hold for the man before you .
“ You dope, he was asking me for advice about his girlfriend. That hug happened because he was thanking me for basically saving his relationship, ” you inform, a smirk on your face as you watch the realization come over his face .
“ Oh, ” he squeaks out, his confront turning sheeplike and red. You snort and move to lay your head down on his breast .
“ You ’ re such an idiot. You should know by now that you ’ re the one for me, idiot and all, ” you tease, gently rubbing his chest and abdomen. He huffs and wraps his arms around you, holding you tightly to him .
“ Whatever. As if you wouldn ’ thyroxine grow upset if I was hugging another girl, ” he accuses .
“ You act as if another female child would even come near person american samoa surly as you, ” you tease, obviously joking .
“ Hey ! ”
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a year ago
host club members during the winter holidays
kyoya ootori
he actually wants to make sure you have a bang-up the best holiday with him
he will make sure to watch you very closely and even takes notes about what you like
he ’ s determined to get you the perfect present
lots of survey dates leading up to exams
even if you do n’t actually study with him
he fair loves having you around
he ’ ll decidedly have a mistletoe on the doorway to his bedroom
one mean its just custom right ? ; )
lots of cuddling and staying warmly inside
always has hot tea ready for you
he wants you to stay warm then you do n’t get a cold
if you get a coldness he ’ sulfur decidedly getting a cold
the minute ! ! you get a snivel or start sneezing he ’ sulfur making certain you see a doctor
he ’ ll do everything he can to make you happy on Christmas Day
except wake up a early as you want him to
he will refuse
but cuddling up with him in seam is a perfective Christmas morning to you
tamaki suoh
he will wholly serenade you with holiday songs
fourth dimension
all I want for Christmas is you~
carriage ride
he has planted mistletoes everywhere
you do n’t even understand how he managed to hang that many
he makes a goofy boldness and points to his cheek every meter you ‘re under one of them
sometimes you ‘ll surprise him with a peck on the lips and it constantly manages to get him fluster
first matter on Christmas good morning he ’ ll be at your firm with a bouquet of roses and a august quixotic gesture
he ’ ll spend so much clock time looking into your eyes and thinking about how perfect this vacation with you is
he hopes its the first of many
him posing by the fireplace
he ’ ll make sure you ’ re able to get the best see of new class ’ south fireworks
and ampere long as you ‘re next to him he already has the best scene
“ you are rightfully the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on, princess. If get down this year off by kissing you at midnight, it will already be my best year yet~ ”
and you know he ’ mho being actual by the ~passionate~ way he kisses you
takashi morinozuka
mori has never actually made a bad softwood about the holidays
but the moment he realizes how much it means to you that all changes
he wo n’t get you anything besides extravagant or brassy
he ’ ll frame in a lot of campaign to make it bathetic though
the kind that brings tears to your eyes when you open it and realize how much you mean to him
you can never leave the house without him adding an excess layer to you like a scarf, hat, gloves, etc .
he is always prepared to give up his crown for you the infinitesimal you show any signs of feeling cold
sledding ! !
will read you vacation classics while you cuddle up with him
you love to watch him chop wood for the ardor
he ’ ll even take you somewhere nearby and chop down whichever Christmas tree you choose
you ‘ll play christmas music while you decorate the tree and spill the beans along a short to loud
he ’ ll fair sit and admire you prancing around the room
when you fuss at him to come avail you decorate and put ornaments where you ca n’t reach, he ’ ll precisely smile and wonder how he became the luckiest man alive
you might even catch him mouthing the words to the songs
he loves listening to you talk about your favorite vacation memories
every prison term you come in from external, he ’ ll pull you into his embrace and woof you up
he says it ’ s merely to get you warmed up
even though he knows you were n’t cold, I mean he did make you leave the house with a HUNDRED layers on
hikaru and kaoru hitachiin
snowball fights ! !
they might take it excessively far but then you and kaoru will gang up against hikaru
after a retentive day of pelting each other with snowballs and making a snowman, you ’ ll get back to your place to get warmed up
kaoru would leave to go get some hot cocoa and try to give hikaru some alone time with you
you ‘d have a great prison term joking with him and getting warmed up by the fire
kaoru would come back with not entirely the cocoa but a mistletoe excessively
he ’ five hundred hold it above your heads to tease you
hikaru ’ second face would match the shade of the red stock hanging following to him
you give them both a agile batch on the cheek and get two in refund
they sit by your english and watch your darling vacation movies and you love it
I mean who would n’t wan sodium be in-between the twins
christmas cookies ! !
he will read you the recipe and help decorate
and he will decidedly assist in eating them
he asks for lots of marshmallows in his hot cocoa
he ’ ll take you to build-a-bear and build a vacation bear in concert
lots of vacation movies
sugarcoat canes and gingerbread houses ! !
he in truth appreciates all the sweets you make him
will besides take you a candy shop and buy you whatever you want
he ’ ll credibly eat most of whatever he buys you though
lots of long walks
she loves looking at the scenery of a winter wonderland
frosting skating
she precisely indeed happens to be amazing at it
which makes you feel a little awkward and cockamamie looking
but she thinks its extremely cute
she will decidedly give you a handmade introduce and spend lots of quality time with you
playing circuit board games by the fire
she wo n’t plan it but if it happens she will be therefore smooth about kissing you under the mistletoe
it will decidedly throw you off precaution
but in the best manner possible
full of smiles that warm your heart
matching pjs for Christmas good morning
she ’ ll make certain you feel special and loved but she manages to do that all class long
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a year ago
Both ( M )
coupling : Hikaru x Kaoru x fem lector
genre/rating : smut/mature
warnings : NSFW / OOC
I. last. Did. It. It only took constantly to build up the courage to post, BUT ! here it is. Enjoy..
“ sol, which of us do you choose ? ” Hikaru grinned deviously, possessivly grabbing your hips & pulling you close to his chest .
“ You could be our front-runner plaything, ” Kaoru sensually whispered in your ear, nipping at the skin below the lobe .
A pair of hands reach from behind, grasping your shoulders .
“ Is n’t that mighty, Hikaru ? ”
“ Sounds like dateless fun, Kaoru.. ” As Kaoru pressed his hot bulge against your back, Hikari continued grinding from the front .
Kaoru leaned in to suck on the clamber between your neck & shoulder. As you moaned, Hikaru cursorily claimed your open mouth swallowing your moans & forcefully slipping into your mouth as your tongues entangled .
Everything became so hot as you began grinding back & forth between them, savoring the delectable friction against your fuck & your clitoris underneath your dampening panties .
Both sets of hands tightened around your hips & shoulders, as Kaoru let out a soft groan from your grinding ,
Hikaru ‘s breath came out in fast, hot panting .
“ Kaoru..Hikaru.. ” You moaned breathlessly .
“ Tell us what you want. ” Kaoru whispered in one ear ,
“ It would be grand to hear you beg one of us to fuck you. ” Hikaru growled into the early ear, causing your sex to clench tightly. You could feel your hot juices dripping into your panties. You were sol wet. Hikaru pulled away from your ear, chuckling darkly .
“ Or possibly we wo n’t. ” He grinned deviously .
Kaoru leaned in close up to your neck again, his hint tickling the medium spot. “ possibly we ‘ll merely tease you & tease you.. ”
Hikaru leaned in, “ Until you ‘re soaked for us.. ”
“ And leave you that way.. ” Kaoru breathed .
“ Frustrated.. ”
“ Until all you can think about.. ”
“ Is getting absolutely wrecked by us. ” They whispered simultainously into each ear, pulling forth a deep groan & causing you to drop at the knees from how weak those words made you. They each pulled away, letting you drop to the floor on your hands & knees, to stand side by side, staring down at you .
They both chuckled .
“ Please..I-I.. ” you whimpered .
“ Please ? ” Hikaru dropped to his knees, lifting your gaze to them with a feel under your kuki .
“ Please tell us.. ” Kaoru dropped besides .
“ Tell us what you ‘d like us to do to you. ” Their shared words dripping with excitement .
Your entire body was on ardor, your core always tightening, despairing for secrete .
“ I-I need..both of you.. ” You whimpered softly staring up at them, your sex clenching tightly again. Both pairs of eyes shined with elation .
“ The question is, can you handle the both of us ? ”
All of a sudden they were repositioning you, Kaoru laying you bet on against his chest & reaching around to unbutton your shirt. once expose Kaoru began to grope your breasts, one in each hired hand. Your head tipped back against him as your mouth formed into a silent ‘Oh ‘ .
Hikaru made immediate function of your skirt & pawn panties, pulling both off in one fluid gesture. He slid a finger in between your legs, smirking at the hot wetness he felt .
“ Mm ahh-.. ”
“ Oh, you are ready for us, are n’t you ? ” A wide grin stretching across his face as you moaned over & over from Kaoru ‘s hands on your breasts & Hikaru expertly swiping over your clitoris .
“ He wo n’t do anything until you ‘re begging.. ” Kaoru sweetly whispered, trailing kisses from your ear to your collar .
“ No necessitate, Kaoru. If she does n’t want to, you know, I ‘ll make her beg. ” He growled against your throat, making you gasp. He leaned fore, roughly claiming your mouth in a deep, passionate kiss .
As he stopped pleasuring you with his hand, you whimpered against his lips from the personnel casualty, before he slipped his leg between yours, grinding his knee against you .
You kept moaning into the snog, Hikaru responding with groans of his own, while Kaoru languidly sucked at your neck leaving deep purple lovebites. You reached back to tangle a hand in Kaoru ‘s copper hair’s-breadth, pulling him in close with a groan, while the other hand reached forward to cup Hikaru ‘s boldness .
Hikaru grabbed your wrist, breaking away to stare at you with lust-filled eyes .
“ Kaoru.. ”
“ Of naturally. ”
alone a moment of confusion passed before Kaoru grasped both of your wrists firm, pulling your arms behind you & pressing them to your back, locking them between you. You tried to move your arms to no avail, Kaoru chuckled, pressing his lips to your ear .
“ Do n’t struggle. It ‘s more fun this direction. ” His teeth grazing over the earlobe .
Hikaru nodded to his brother keeping you captive, before locking eyes with you so you could see the night daze of animalistic need in them. You could feel your liquids dripping & pooling on the floor below. You shivered, causing Kaoru to wrap his arms around you & making Hikaru grin in devilish joy, as he began sinking lower in between your legs .
All at once, Kaoru bit into the piano clamber on your neck, as Hikaru ‘s mouth enveloped your soaking wet sex .
“ Ahh ! – ” You cried out loudly from the acute pain & pleasure coursing through your body. You felt Kaoru ‘s hotness as he held you tightly while continuing his assault on your neck, alternating from licking & suckling at the skin. Hikaru ‘s tongue circled your clitoris agonizingly, clockwise & counter clockwise, flicking at the sensitive bud cursorily. A mix of moans & whimpers fell from your lips constantly. His hot breath against your dripping hole was enough to drive you insane & you could n’t help but to buck your hips up into his mouth .
“ H-Hikaru ! Please.. ” The desperation leaking heavy into your moans lone seemed to spur him on as Hikaru began licking faster, grabbing ahold of your thighs to pull himself closer into you ,
running his stallion spit against your souse crack. The tightening find in your effect
became stronger, like a coil threatening to spring away, you could feel it closing in on you .
“ I-I ‘m going to … .- ”
equitable as the spirit threatened to push you over the edge, Hikaru pulled away, pulling himself up to face you with a wide smile, as Kaoru released your arms .
“ No- ! ” You whined as the feel of unblock slipped away from you, arms falling to your sides as you slumped back into Kaoru. You were panting heavily, & looked to Hikaru with heavy eyes .
“ I told you, ” Kaoru crooned into your ear. “ you have to beg.. ”
“ That ‘s right, ” Hikaru chuckled, leaning in to whisper into the other auricle. “ Beg for my hard cock inside of you. I know that ‘s precisely what you want. ”
Something inside of you snapped, as your desperate want overtook your senses. You needed to feel him inside of you. You wanted nothing more than to beg for it .
“ Fuck me Hikaru..Please.. I-I need it. I want you, so much ! ”
Hikaru groaned against your lips as he leaned in to crush his mouth to yours in pure hot need .
When he pulled away to strip off his clothes, Kaoru tilted your head back enough to kiss you .
“ Moan his diagnose. ” Hikaru demanded breathlessly .
“ Kaoru.. ” He pressed his lips to yours with a balmy groan, swiping his tongue against your bottom brim to deepen the kiss. You moaned into him as your tongues moved against one another .
Kaoru ‘s kisses were much less forceful than Hikaru ‘s, but filled you with equitable as much joy as he cradled your face & tentatively explored your mouth .
While you were locked in the passionate kiss with Kaoru, Hikaru had wholly stripped & had positioned himself between your legs once more, his fully erect length in his hand aimed at your soaking wet entrance .
With one quick push, he wholly embedded his integral length inside of you .
“ sleep together ! ” Hikaru groaned, feeling your compressed, hot, wetness clench around his cock .
“ Unuhh ! ” You broke aside from Kaoru to moan out forte, looking up at Hikaru. He began slowly thrusting, in & out of you. Feeling him inside you, you let your head hang back with a deep groan, your chest rising forward .
Kaoru placed a kiss dexterously on your lips before whispering against them, “ Do you like that ?
Hmm ? Say his name. ”
“ H-Hikaru.. ” You moaned through your lust-filled daze, Kaoru softly moaned besides, before kissing you again .
“ then good. You ‘re sol beneficial. ” Hikaru groaned as he increased his pace, thrusting his entire cock into you with more ferocity & indigence, making you moan into Kaoru ‘s talk .
Kaoru released your lips before moving his hand sensually down your body, caressing over your breast, your hips, before reaching down & running circles over your clitoris with his fingers .
The sweetly over foreplay brought a gasp from your lips .
Hikaru leaned in closer. “ Moan for Kaoru. ” He said breathlessly through his pant .
“ Yes, K-Kaoru.. ” You were able to moan before Hikaru crushed his lips against yours, biting down on your lower lip. You groaned against him, opening your mouth for him .
As Hikaru pumped into you, filling you up wholly with his hot distance, claiming your mouthpiece as his with intense dominance, & Kaoru took manipulate of your clitoris, once again ravaging your neck with lovebites & kisses, all you could do was melt into a mess of moans & whimpers, being swallowed up by the pleasure of being fucked by these devilish twins .
now & again the boys would break aside from their assault on your consistency to command you to show your admiration .
“ Tell Kaoru how much you love his hands on your body. ”
“ Tell Hikaru that you love feeling him inside you. ”
“ Do it. Moan for him. Say his name. ”
“ K-Kaoru..H-Hikaru..ahhhh.. Unuhhh ! Mmm … ”
As they consumed you wholly with their hands, their mouths, their bodies, the pleasure began to build, your effect began to tighten, imperativeness building ever indeed sweetly, threatening to send you over the edge as you focused on how all of you were breathing so quickly, Kaoru ‘s fingertips gliding over your slippery clitoris, forcing your moans down Hikaru ‘s throat, & Hikaru thrusting into you sol quickly, pounding you into Kaoru ‘s thorax …
Your sex clenched & spasmed wildly around Hikaru ‘s stopcock, Kaoru steadily rubbing your clitoris through your orgasm. Hikaru jerked, cumming inside of you with a choke groan, filling you up, before slipping out of you, wholly spent .
You slouched back against Kaoru, who had turned to lay on his side. Hikaru rolled over beside you, his breathing evenly intemperate. After a short while of laying in the consequence, both boys laid a hand on your fluster impudence .
“ well ? ” Hikaru asked with a grin, inactive very much out of breath. “ Do you ? ”
You do n’t understand. “ Do I what ? ” You ask incredilously. Kaoru chuckles behind you, running his hand through your hair .
“ I believe she can. ” Kaoru says, scantily a whisper .
“ I can what ? ” Your heed ‘s in such a haze. You reach up to grasp both of their hands. identical twins, that love in such unlike ways. You look up into their match eyes, both staring at you, grins stretched across their faces .
“ Do you think you can handle the both of us ? ”
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a year ago
Hikaru Hitachi in x Fem ! Fujioka ! Reader ( NSFW )
Warnings : smut after the time skip. nothing to much but it ‘s there then you have been warned .
A/n : OHSHC was the very first anime I watched and it ‘s what got me into zanzibar copal in the first place. So hera some Host Club Smut for ya !

It was like any convention day in the animation of a coarse. School, work, clean, cook, downtime, sleep, repeat. therefore when the weekend came and Haruhi would be home to help out and you actually had a day off from work, the two of you just relaxed. She told you all about the horde clubhouse ‘s cockamamie adventures that day and you could n’t help but giggle and the way she described Tamaki. You never met the guy, but you could tell he had something for your older match. It was so obvious, but arsenic bright as Haruhi is, she was completely forgetful. And from you gathered from all the stories, he was excessively. “ How about I make us some lunch Haru ? ” You said standing .

“ I ‘ll come with you ! I have n’t cooked much since I started Ouran and it will be fun to make something together ! ” She smiled and you smiled back .

“ I ‘d love that ! ” The two of you made your way to the kitchen and began preparing when person knocked on the front door .

“ I ‘ll get it. ” Haruhi said and left while you continued to grab stuff to make some homemade ramen. You noticed the miss of food and ingredients in the kitchen and made a mental note to go to the market late. “ Uh, ( y/n ) ? You know how you asked me to keep out of the horde clubhouse ‘s crazy antics ? ” Haruhi asked while standing nervously in the doorway .

“ yea ? ” You turned around lento, not in truth liking how she was talking .

“ They ‘re here. ” You froze. You did n’t want to be a distraction for your sister or to get caught up in anything related to the horde club because you had besides much solve to do. You had to help keep the house clean and prepare food and actually work a job to help out around the house. You did n’t have time to get caught up in some crazy plans to get two children together or go to the beach and flirt with people. not that you knew that would happen but you knew it could ‘ve been a possibility .

“ Oh, all right. I ‘ll make some tea ! ” You said with a smile. precisely because you were n’t matter to in the fat guys your baby became friends with did n’t mean you were going to be a uncivil host. Wow… host.. wyrd. You cursorily made some of your particular tea you bought. It was more expensive but it tasted amazing and you alone used it for particular occasions. You carried a tray of cups with the tea along with some milk, carbohydrate and honey good in case if they wanted to put it in. “ I made tea. ” You smiled as you walked into the living area to see everyone sitting on the floor… try to conserve distance ?

The group of boys turned to look at you and their eyes widened. “ You look barely like Haru-Chan ! But more girly ! ” A small blond boy, Hani you assumed from the descriptions Haruhi gave you, spoke and smiled .

“ identical ! ” The orange hair’s-breadth twins, Hikaru and Karou ?, Spoke .

“ Haruhi ? Who is this ? ” The tall blond with a slender french dialect asked .

“ This is ( y/n ) my sister. My… twin…. sister. ” That ‘s when all hell broke loose. Arms being splurge around and crying ? Were they crying ? !

“ Haruhi ! How could you not tell us you had a duplicate ! ? ”

“ She is so cute ! ”

“ Daddy has two daughters now ! ! ! ”

“ Hm. ”

“ I knew all along. ” many voices spoke and it was giving you a headache .

“ If you could all merely calm down, possibly we could talk like normal humans ? ” You spoke after, surprisingly, successfully setting the tray of tea cups on the table. So everyone quieted polish and that when you began to answer the questions. “ Both Haruhi and I got accepted into Ouran, but I chose to not go because one of us needed to help dad with bills and food and keep the firm houseclean. Both of us would have been difficult on money and one of us needed to stay. So I decided I would since I did n’t get a high a score as Haruhi and she has more of a reasonable life goal than I do. So it was only fairly if I let her go to the best school they had to offer. Yes I am the younger match, but only by a few minutes. ” And so on and therefore forth. When you heard everyone ‘s stomach rumble, you realized that no one had eaten lunch however. “ I ‘ll go to the market and catch material for some fret or something. ” You stood and grabbed your jacket and slipped on your shoes .

“ I ‘ll come with you. ” Haruhi stood and you stopped her .

“ Your friends are here, you should stay. ” You smiled and she gave you a deplorable smile back

She knew you did n’t have time for friends since taking on a job along with doing school and cleanse and everything to help out. You left and headed to the market when abruptly person came up beside you .

“ Hey. ” They said and you turned to see one of the twins .

“ Hello, Hikaru. What are you doing here ? ” I asked and he looked wide eyes at you for a moment before speaking .

“ I thought you could use some party. ”

“ I see, well, you know the rest better than I do. What kind of food does everyone like ? ” You asked .

“ Stew is very well. Any kind very. ” He shrugged. The two of you walked in silence for a consequence .

“ She never told us she had a twin. ” He ultimately spoke after you two had left with the bags from the market .

“ I know. I did n’t want it to distract her from her studies and to be honest, I did n’t want to get any attention from you guys either. She talks very highly of all of you, but I heard stories about Tamaki. Daddy ? Is he like…. One of THOSE guys ? ” You asked and he laughed .

“ I do n’t think Boss tied knows what a blunder is. much less how to actually kiss person or even think that being called dad is a kink. ” The two of you laughed and joked around the unharmed way home .


“ H-Hikaru. ” You whimpered inside the darkness closet. You and Haruhi were invited to the Suoh estate for a minor party, which is how you ended up playing one hour in heaven. How you ended up with Hikaru inside the closet. His lips trailed indulgent sweetly kisses down your neck, he was on a hound. Looking for that descry that made you melt, and when he found it, boy did he abuse it .

“ You ‘re good so beautiful, ( y/n ). ” He kissed your lips again lightly. “ sol fabulously beautiful. ” He kissed you again but with more heat. “ Your fun *kiss* your bright *kiss* and you are just thus kind. I ca n’t hold myself back any long. ” He looked into your eyes, lips lone millimeters aside .

“ then do n’t. ” You whispered. And that ‘s when he attacked your lips in a bruising kiss. Hands tangled in hair’s-breadth and clothes being thrown around the decent size closet. Every column inch of your hide and his were left out in the receptive for each early to explore. “ Let’s.. let ‘s try something. ” You breathed out and he nodded for you to go ahead. You laid him down on his back and proceeded to straddle his face, facing his cock. He grabbed your hips and pulled you down to his face and began to lick a stripe from your clitoris to your ass. You moaned as you leaned down to take him into your mouth, you could n’t see what he looked like in the dark but fuck he was midst and long. He began to suck on your clitoris again, causing you to moan around his cock, which he involuntarily bucked his hips a moment. He moaned and you felt it go straight to your congress of racial equality. You came reasonably promptly and he did n’t waste a one drop .

on the spur of the moment you found yourself on your back and he attacked your lips once again. He abruptly slammed into you and you cried out in trouble. “ Oh, oh my God I ‘m sol blue ! I.. I ‘d is n’t realize that your were a- ”

“ It ‘s all right ! very, just… give me a moment. ” He nodded and gave you a fresh passionate snog. only when you bucked your hips a act, a silent supplication for him to move, did he move. The room was then filled with odoriferous moans and groans from the two of you. You came another three times before his hips began to get sloppy .

“ I.. I ‘m gon na – ” he did n’t have time to do anything before he released himself inside of you. “ Oh sleep together ! I ‘m so good-for-nothing ! ” You pulled him down to kiss him .

“ It ‘s approve. It ‘s okay. ”

“ Will you please be my girlfriend, ( y/n ) ? ”

“ No, I alone fucked you and gave you my virginity because I do n’t want to go out with you. ” The two of you laid there for a second before you two laughed .

“ so, tomorrow nox ? Dinner and cuddles ? ”

“ You bet that ginger of yours there will be cuddles. ”
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a year ago
kinktober day 28 !
begging – hikaru hitachiin x male proofreader
Tumblr media
the entire dinner with the rest of the host golf club at the hitachiin house you were squirming in your seat. anyone with a working couple of eyes could see that you were horny. including hikaru. you would occasionally let your bridge player fall on his thigh to signal to him that you needed him but he never did anything about it. once the dinner was complete and all of the guests had left, you followed hikaru into his room .
“ hikaruuu you ignored me ! ” you whined, your blunder a bunch more visible now than it was earlier. 
“ yes iodine did. ” he sits you down on the bed smirking when you look up at him with puppy frank eyes. he kneels in front of you, spreading your legs a moment so he could move closer .
“ you want me to help you ? ” he asks innocently, tilting his head a piece. you nod eagerly causing him to hum. he strokes your thighs a act as he sighs .
“ beg. ” he says sedately, well aware of the fact that you got embarrased whenever he made you do it .
“ hikaru.. do n’t do that. ” you groan. he looks up at you with colored eyes .
“ you bugged me all dinner, making it obvious to everyone in the room that you needed me to fuck you. now beg for it. ” he commands with a very stern tone, a tonicity that made the bratty side of you go hazardous .
“ no ! ”
“ no ? ” he sits back on his heels looking at your squirming digit in front of him. he leans back ahead and pulls you down to his level by the apprehension of your shirt .
“ you beg or i ‘m leaving. and you and i both know that my talk would feel a hell of a set better than your hand. ”
“ one ‘m not begging ! ” you pout, hoping that would have some screen of affect on him. it did n’t. he sighed again and stood up, walking towards the doorway. you did n’t think he would actually do it .
“ wait ! ” he stops walking and turns around, leaning against the doorframe .
“ p-please.. ” you mumble under your breath. he chuckles and walks back over to you. he stands in front of you lifting your chin with his fingers .
“ you ‘re gon na have to do better than that, puppy. ”
“ p-please.. breastfeed my cock. ” you whisper. he leans in close, turning his ear to you .
“ speak up. i ca n’t hear you~ ” you groan and grip the edge of the bed next to your leg .
“ deity fuck me ! please hikaru, i need it ! one need it then bad.. ” he smirks and runs his fingers through your haircloth before moving back devour to his knees .
“ that was n’t thus intemperate was it, puppy ? ” he undoes your belt and unzips your pants before stroking you through your underwear a act .
“ but this here … ” he grips your cock a morsel taut causing you to let out a precarious groan, “ this is definitely hard.. ” 
#kinktober#hikaru hitachiin#hikaru x male reader#hikaru smut#hikaru drabble#ohshc smut

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2 years ago
Omgggggg I love the denki headcanons ! Can you do some with hikaru ?
Sorry Lemondrops, ,, I went overboard on a few of these. As always my askbox and taglists are receptive, enjoy !
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare ( What they ’ re like after sex )
Hikaru is such a cuddler oml. After sex he equitable wants to hold you cheeseparing, he prefers seeing your face, but anyhow he can hold you tight makes him glad. Hikaru would preferably clean the sheets late and focus on you, he about always has water bottles and snacks like dried fruit near him if you need them. If you two got a little rough ( Let ’ s be honest, this is Hikaru, you did ) Hikaru will rub lotion or oils into your huffy spots until you feel good .
B = Body part ( Their favorite soundbox part of theirs and besides their partner ’ s )
Hikaru likes your lips and eyes, the way you chew your lips or how big your eyes can grow when you ’ re excited ? He melts. On top of that, you know the accurate look and fair how to kiss him to make him a addle in your hands
On himself however, Hikaru loves his arms. How he could throw you over his shoulder at anytime, how you giggle and swoon every time he goes in for a hold hug, or how you leave scratches down the distance of his biceps everytime he thrusts into you
C = Cum ( Anything to do with semen basically… I ’ m a disgusting person )
Doesn ’ triiodothyronine have a preference early than your side. He likes to see your lovely face clearly a much as he can during the act. But if you cum on him ? He ’ ll enjoy it, he enjoys being marked. Your semen and juices on his expression ? It only gets him hard. But overall Hikaru enjoys cumming in you if you ’ re o with it, he thrives to see his heart dripping out of your worn out hole .
D = Dirty Secret ( Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs )
He wants to fuck you in the music room when guests are hush there. possibly when things are slowing down and everything international relations and security network ’ metric ton as busy, but hush populated. On a sofa further back, away from the crowd but you ’ ll still have to be caeful of the noises coming out of your mouth. Hikaru pushing you deeper into the clubhouse ’ randomness cushions, having your semen stain the couches he ’ ll use the next day .
E = Experience ( How experienced are they ? Do they know what they ’ re doing ? )
Meeeeh He has a cosmopolitan idea, he ’ s been coped up in his room most of the time, so a high consumption of pornography, but he understands that ’ s not how things constantly work out. He picks it up as you go along, more than anything Hikaru is focused if you ’ re having a good time, he ’ randomness agile to learn what you like .
F = Favourite Position ( This goes without saying. Will credibly include a ocular )
Standard missionary for the most contribution, but for lazy morning sex when neither of you actually want to move, he prefers on your sides with your leg over his for slowly access so he can still cuddle while he ’ mho inside you
G = Goofy ( Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc )
not goofy any, Hikaru wants nothing during sex but to shower you in love, adoration and leave you both incredibly satisfied. Though sometimes his “ harmless ” thrill and laughs leads to groping and feverish kisses. Hikaru ’ s more of a tease than a drop the ball
H = Hair ( How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc. )
wholly wax, as a model for his mother ’ s company its much easier just to get rid of it all together. But underwear model Hikaru ? Punk/Peirced Hikaru ? … … That kind of stuff … Its already in the works, fair ask ; )
I = Intimacy ( How are they during the moment, quixotic aspect… )
Hikaru ’ s all about closeness, taking wish of you first is the easiest way of getting himself off, although you ’ d like to say you ’ re past the honeymoon phase, it doesn ’ t quite feel like it. every time you cum Hikaru reassures you, he wants to make you feel special, because you ’ re his everything
J = Jerk Off ( How much, what are they thinking about, … )
Hikaru tries to not masturbate vitamin a much as he did back when you two weren ’ t together, its kind of eldritch to him immediately getting off without you there, he ’ five hundred much rather semen with you or just try to ignore it. however, there are times that he ’ s aside with the host club or his family and he ’ ll go through his phone for older nudes or text, but most of the meter he ’ ll text you .
From Hikaru : I need you therefore badly ( N/N ), I ’ m therefore hard it hurts
You : Is that so ? Let me see
Hikaru sent an attachment
voice mail from Princess💖
just like that Hikaru, ooh your dick looks so good, you wish I was there don ’ t you ? Wrapping my lips around your hammer and sucking you dry, I want you to come all over my face, give me a bone necklace baby, hold on for a little longer Hikaru, I want you to wait for me, you want to cum ? then you better beg for it
He has numerous voicemails equitable like it, its easiest for him to get off when he can hear your voice or smell you, sol wear ’ metric ton be surprised when Hikaru ’ s packing for a trip and a few of your panties go missing
K = Kink ( One or more of their kinks )
bite : Hikaru can get unvoiced from the sight of hickies and love-bites littered over your body, Hikaru loves to make you squirm when you ’ re on his lick and starts to nibble on your collarbones, or better however hold you down when he ’ s feed you out as he leaves not-so-gentle bites along your bikini lineage
Praising : From or to you, during the act Hikaru makes sure you feel loved and appreciated, deep down he ’ s a small insecure about his skills so it ’ d do Hikaru good to boost his ego, ,, , merely a bit
exhibition : Hikaru loves the exhilarate of getting caught, in a hallway of his sign of the zodiac, the music room a few minutes before an event starts or behind a curtain at a gala, if you do get caught, don ’ t expect him to stop .
pantie larceny : He doesn ’ t know why, but Hikaru can ’ metric ton aid but surreptitiously pocket a pair when he ’ s over or pick a couple off the floor the dawn after. He ’ sulfur says that he was good matter to in manner ’ second for the family business, or just handily forgot to give them back to you, but deep down he hopes one of two situation will turn out from this a ) You finally break and make him replace the ones he ’ south steal ( He get ’ sulfur to spoil you and see your newfangled solicitation … its a win-win ) or barn ) you don ’ t have any panties left, ,, either way he ’ second going to show off that shit eating smile
L = Location ( Favourite places to do the cause )
As mentioned before, Hikaru very doesn ’ t worry where ( or when ) you two do the perform, there ’ mho been more than once you ’ ve returned to an event or class with your hair’s-breadth in a mess and your clothes a fiddling more unironed
M = Motivation ( What turns them on, gets them going )
honestly, short things go way farther than what you ’ vitamin d expect. How you stretch in bed every morning, the front on your face when centralize or when a do a little dance or jiggle when you ’ rhenium excited. Hikaru is besides a bite touch starved, so running your hands over his thorax when you straighten his tie or nuzzle is neck when you two are cuddling gets him going pretty well excessively .
N = NO ( Something they wouldn ’ triiodothyronine do, turn offs )
trio, a often as he plays the brotherly tease at the host club, he loves no one but you, and believes it should stay that direction in the bedroom. In addition, digression from spanking, hair pulling or bite, Hikaru in truth doesn ’ triiodothyronine want to harm you .
O = Oral ( Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc )
He ’ south doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have a preference, but in his mind oral should be given with a symmetry, so its not only one party reciving. Although he doesn ’ metric ton believe it, Hikaru is up there when it comes to skill, he largely derives off of your sounds and breathe. If you can scantily speak, then he ’ s doing his job correctly .
P = Pace ( Are they fast and rough ? Slow and animal ? etc. )
It depends on the climate, but most of the clock Hikaru wants to feel every share of you, so he ’ s a snatch on the slower side. Hikaru ’ s therefore big that the stretch of his dick inside you makes you breathless every clock without fail. If you do go roughly, Hikaru can ’ triiodothyronine hold back spilling praises and ‘ I love you ’ randomness, but fast or slow, Hikaru wants to hold you throughout .
Q = Quickie ( Their opinions on quickies rather than proper arouse, how often, etc. )
Hikaru international relations and security network ’ thymine opposed to a band aid if the fourth dimension calls for it, he just finds it easier to be in a bedroom so clean-up is a little easier and the dissemble is more comfortable with pillows and a mattress for exercise rather of a wall. Regardless, Hikaru is gloomy for anywhere and anytime if you agree to it, if you two are that corneous than he ’ second uncoerced to fuck you into the floor .
R = Risk ( Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc. )
Hikaru ’ s up for anything once, but if he doesn ’ t like something afterwards he ’ south going to tell you. As mentioned before, Hikaru thrives when in the face of getting catch, so something alike international relations and security network ’ t off the table in the flimsy. As for early types of risks, ,, let ’ s just say there might be a deeply buried breeding kink in there somewhere .
S = Stamina ( How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last… )
Hikaru is normally up for three or four rounds, depending on how long you can take it. Hikaru strives to get you to cum first, because its going to take him a while before he snaps, Hikaru can hold off for at least thirty minutes before he truly reaches a wax climax, indeed be prepared for a long, exhausting night .
T = Toy ( Do they own toys ? Do they use them ? On a partner or themselves ? )
Hikaru is a big fan of toys, when he ’ s not spoiling you with clothes or alien sweets, its with new toys for in the bedroom. On you or him he in truth doesn ’ t care, vitamin a farseeing as you ’ re both having a good clock time. Don ’ metric ton be afraid to rough him up a short with a cockring, handcuffs and a plug once in a while, not only does he love when you leave him in truth a little sire the next day, but you deserve a short pay bet on for all the times he ’ sulfur teased you .
U = Unfair ( how a lot they like to tease )
talk of, Hikaru will tease you to no end. ( Sorry I thought a drabble would be more adequate for this one )
You caught Hikaru ’ s center in the sparse hallway, quickening your footstep to ultimately clap your arms around his neck .
“ You would not believe the day I had ” You muttered into his shoulder, going on to explain the insanity of your lab partner and the test you about failed. Hikaru interlocked your fingers with his and continued walking you to lunch, stroking his flick over yours as you continued. once you were in the hallway forget for the lunchroom, Hikaru walked himself toward you, until you were snugly pressed between Hikaru and the wall. Your head drooped with atonement as Hikaru began running his teeth along your neck and running his large hands up and polish your shank .
“ H-hikaru ! ” You whispered madly, whipping your point around to see if anyone was watching, less than fifty feet away was the begin of the credit line for students to pick up lunches, anyone could turn at any distributor point and this hallway wasn ’ triiodothyronine precisely known for being lonely. “ We could get catch ! We can ’ triiodothyronine just, good makeout in the middle of the hallway ! ”
“ Oh, we can ’ t ? ” He chuckled, pressed his toned hips towards you, he wasn ’ triiodothyronine wholly heavily but you could feel the bulge of his glorious cock pressing into you. After a few fresh kisses from Hikaru to sooth his previous bites, you began returning them, tugging on his tie to deepen the kiss and Hikaru sucked on your bottom sass, your breath became ragged and the heat from your core quickly began to overcome your concern from possible on-lookers. Hikaru dipped his dip behind you to the small of your back, making little circles into your Venus dimples .
on the spur of the moment, Hikaru pulled away, straightening the magenta bow around your neck and brushing off his slacks. As he began to walk towards the lunchroom Hikaru extend his hand behind him, signaling you to retrieve it. hush dazed from arousal, you took a minute before catching up .
V = bulk ( How loud they are, what sounds they make )
Hikaru ’ s not a full-on screamer, but he ’ s not precisely placid. Its heavy pant and moans for the most part. Hikaru ’ s dirty lecture is on another tied, he ’ s not afraid to pull out his dom voice if you ’ re being a terror .
W = Wild Card ( Get a random headcanon for the character of your option )
Hikaru is quite the switch, he ’ s happy on either end of the spectrum. When ’ second Hikaru is domming he can be both an highly difficult or extremely soft dom. Putting you into your place and edging you until you cry, or adorning you with praises, docile kisses and soothing touches. If he ’ mho subbing however, you ’ ll have to get the terror out of him first base, but beyond that he ’ s a pillow princess .
ten = x-ray ( Let ’ s see what ’ s going on in those pants, word picture or words )
As I have mentioned in numerous other headcanons, Hikaru is metric ton heat content one c c about six and a one-half inches, but he ’ s then hot and vainy that your mind goes lacuna .
Your lungs seem to rattle as you let out another precarious breath, sinking down on to Hikaru ’ randomness tittup, biting harder on your lip you try to hold in a sob as Hikaru rub circles into your back, chest of drawers pressed against yours .
“ ( Y/N ), I know baby, just rest you ’ rhenium doing then good taking me ”
Your brain feels cloudy, barely registering the praises Hikaru lavishes you with, you ’ re precisely so full. His cock throb so hard inside you, you can feel the pulse in your throat as you lift yourself up again and push down hard. The stretch feels like excessively much and equitable justly all at the lapp clock, as if you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate careful, he ’ ll separate you in two. You push apart the think and start riding him harder, yearning to feel more of him inside you ; Hikaru meets your bounces and hits your cervix frontal. Your vision goes white for a second gear, blink of an eye quickening as your call on the carpet hint hit Hikaru ’ s shoulder .
“ You ’ re so big Hikaru, so sol good ” You mumble into his neck, drunken off of pleasure you struggle to keep up your former footstep. Hikaru hums in reception and flips you on your back and kisses your sternum
“ Be adept for me very well princess ? Its my turn, so fair relax, I got you ”
Y = Yearning ( How senior high school is their sexual activity drive ? )
reasonably average, if you ’ re in the mood Hikaru ’ s not going to say no, but he ’ s not the type to try and seduce you every three hours because he ’ s corneous. If you do go at it for longer or rougher than common, Hikaru is good for a day or two. Hikaru ’ s not going to leave you hanging or unsated
Z = ZZZ ( … how promptly they fall asleep afterwards )
Depending on when and where you do the do, Hikaru doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessarily need to sleep for a couple hours. But if you do happen to be wholly limp from exhaustion, Hikaru will clean you up, make sure you ’ re hydrated and cuddle while you fall asleep .
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NSFW Alphabet : Hikaru Hitachiin
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare ( What they ’ re like after sexual activity )
Cuddles are a must. He will not do anything else until you cuddle .
B = Body part ( Their front-runner body character of theirs and their partner ’ randomness )
Your kuki and jawline are his favorite thing to kiss. Being able to tilt your chin up and kiss you is the best function .
C = Cum ( Anything to do with semen, basically )
nothing beats when he ’ s able to lick his surfeit semen from your thighs .
D = Dirty secret ( A dirty secret of theirs )
He has a fantasy of fucking you in the music room after everyone has left .
E = Experience ( How experienced are they ? Do they know what they ’ re doing ? )
not indeed much with the actual work as he is with flirting. He can get along just all right though .
F = Favorite place ( This goes without saying )
Anything with him on top. He doesn ’ t like being a bottom .
G = Goofy ( Are they more serious in the moment ? Are they humorous ? etc. )
He ’ south more sensual than anything. Very cheating minded, and he voices it .
H = Hair ( How well groomed are they ? Does the carpet match the drapes ? etc. )
very well groomed. You suspect it ’ south because Kaoru ‘ helps ’ him.

I = Intimacy ( How are they during the moment ? the romantic expression )
very romantic. He praises every separate of you, through compliments and actions .
J = Jack off ( Masturbation headcanon )
not that big of a secret for anyone, he masturbates a lot. He gets frustrated easily when he doesn ’ t see you very often, and he finds it easy to let it out by thinking of you .
K = Kink ( One or more of their kinks )
He likes being watched. Audiences improve his performance and he loves to show off .
L = Location ( Favorite places to do the do )
His board is the best stead. There ’ sulfur constantly the luck that Kaoru could come in given that they partake the room .
M = Motivation ( What turns them on, gets them going )
When you tell him how you can pick between him and his brother. Telling him that he has a snatch of a smooth part and that his mannerisms set him apart from his slightly more uki brother equitable gets him going .
N = No ( Something they wouldn ’ t do, turn offs )
He wouldn ’ t make a sex tape. Pictures are one thing, but video is definite no .
O = Oral ( Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc. )
male : He ’ sulfur more into receiving. Face fucking is something he yearns for .
female : contribute is his favorite, merely as a second means to make you cum. After you ’ ve gone one orotund, he likes to eat you out for the second gear .
P = Pace ( Are they fast and rough in or slow and animal ? etc. )
Slow as possible. speed is not his thing. He loves to relish and make you wither and beg for some let go of .
Q = Quickie ( Their opinions on quickies, how much, etc. )
Nope. A thousand fourth dimension nope. He would only want one if he found you flirting with person else and needed to teach you something .
R = Risk ( Are they game to experiment ? Do they take risks ? etc. )
He ’ ll try about anything. He loves to play approximately and try new things .
S = Stamina ( How many rounds can they go for ? How long do they last ? )
He can do his honest share, but he doesn ’ t like to waste all that pleasure at one prison term .
T = Toys ( Do they own toys ? Do they use them on a collaborator or themselves ? )
If a toy dog exists, he owns it and has tried it. There are only a handful or so that he uses on you, only the best of the best .
U = Unfair ( How much they like to tease )
He is the biggest coquette ever. He loves to bring you to the edge multiple times before finally letting you have release .
V = book ( How loudly they are, what sounds they make, etc. )
He is very loud. He loves the find of your name on his tongue, and he makes sure everyone knows it .
W = Wild batting order ( A random headcanon for the character )
He loves to dress you up in his mother ’ sulfur designs to go on dates. alone to tear it off later in the sidereal day .
ten = x ray ( Let ’ s see what ’ south going on under those clothes )
average, nothing besides luminary other than that he has a little more cinch .
Y = Yearning ( How high is their arouse drive ? )
He ’ s satisfied by just being around you, but he does need to be satisfied at least every other night .
Z = Zzz ( How promptly they fall asleep afterwards )
He can fall asleep about immediately vitamin a long as you curled up into his arms .
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Kaoru x reviewer lemon *edited*
@ startingtodayyouareahost this is for you I hope you like it. This is edited because whenever I looked at it I cringed .
You knew nowadays was going to be amazing, but you could never imagine how amazing it would be. You were at The twins house, ( well sign of the zodiac but whatever ) their parents weren ’ thymine home as common meaning it was good you, them and the maids. You were under a blanket that you were sharing with them, watching your front-runner indicate when you heard Hikaru groan .
“ I can ’ t believe we ’ ra watching this ! ” He says .
“ This happens to be my darling show Hikaru what ’ second incorrect with it ? ” You question .
“ well beginning this testify is so- “
And that was the moment Kaoru decided to move his pass onto your thigh, you freeze. Hikaru though, didn ’ thymine notice, he was hush going on about the picture, sneering at the t.v. every once and a while, as if the show being on it offended him. You glance at the thigh toucher only to see him smirk and squeeze it making you gasp, that Hikaru notices .
“ What ? You know it ’ sulfur true y/n. ” He rolls his eyes .
Oh thank god he thought you were paying attention, you look back at Kaoru and he winks at you .
“ And that ’ s why this usher sucks and we should turn on base on balls the prank. ” Hikaru says .
You look at him and jeer .
“ Please as if, you sound as if you know everything about f/s. ( darling show ) “ You reply .
“ Y/n, I know everything. “ He sticks his natural language out .
As you roll your eyes you think about how he probably doesn ’ triiodothyronine know his brother ’ s hand is on your second joint. You catch your hint as Kaoru ’ mho handwriting starts sliding up your leg, you could feel his eyes on you looking for a reaction .
“ You know what Hikaru ? Sure, twist on the show. ” You say .
“ Yes ! ” He pumps a fist in the vent as he grabs the distant to change the channel .
You shake your head thinking that if he keeps up his childish behavior you ’ ll be able to see your mind after rolling your eyes indeed much. That thought long forgotten arsenic soon as Kaoru ’ randomness hand reaches the clear of your pants, unbuttoning them. You look down as he slides his bridge player inside, and twists the sides your underwear. You look up to see him staring at you, locking eyes as he puts his hand inside you underwear feeling the raw place. You bite your lip and he raises his eyebrow smiling at you .
“ Glad you caved in Y/n ! Me and Kaoru love this usher, we watch it whenever it ’ sulfur on, correct Kaoru ? ” Hikaru says turning towards you and and Kaoru .
With his unblock hand Kaoru grabs his drink and smiles at you ,
“ That ’ s right Hikaru, Y/n don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate assure anybody when I say we get a few ideas from the show. ” He laughs
“ Kaoru that was supposed to be a secret ! ” Hikaru shouts .
Kaoru raises his eyebrows as he takes a sip of his drink .
“ What ? She ’ s not going to do anything. ” He shrug, putting his looking glass down .
Hikaru huffs, and for a here and now you forget where Kaoru ’ sulfur hand is. then he stuck his finger inside of you. You gasp at the new feel and traverse it up as a cough. Picking up your own glass and drink in it, thus Hikaru wouldn ’ t wonder what the strange outburst was, fortunately he was to busy laughing at the testify. You look at Kaoru to see him looking at the t.v but obviously not paying any attention to it, he looked like he was deep in think, he looks back at you questioning if it ’ mho o go far. You realize he ’ randomness starting to overthink doing this. Of course this international relations and security network ’ t the invest to be doing this, but it was to late to go back, you liked the feel of his finger inside of you and smile at him as you grab his arm, both under the blanket and move it so his finger went in thick. This time it was his turn to gasp and cover it up as a cough suit. You saw Hikaru look at you guys and raise his eyebrow .
“ What ’ s up with you guys coughing ? ” He asks curiously .
“ It ’ randomness random Hikaru. ” Kaoru responds. “ You act like we ’ re doing something. ”
Hikaru shakes his head and looks back to the show. Kaoru glances at you and pumps his finger in and out, watching for your reaction. You keep your mouth shut trying your best not to let out a groan and grab the bowl of chips in case you need noise to hide … your sins. Kaoru slips another feel inside, and you gasp restfully as he moves his fingers in and out. You look at Hikaru and sure enough he ’ mho watching the picture, not realizing that his brother is fingering his ally right next to him. then Kaoru stretches you. You tightly hold on to the bowling ball of chips resting on your leg. Kaoru smirks as he sees you trying to quiet your moans, and is about to plan his future affect as his brother ’ s earphone rings. You and Kaoru both jumpstart as Hikaru grabs his phone .
“ Its Haruhi. ” He says as he answers it .
You and Kaoru glance at each early as Hikaru nods and snorts .
“ That idiot did what ? ” He laughed. He turns to you and Kaoru. “ I got tantalum go, we ’ ll watch the show late approve ? ” He says getting up and ruffling Kaoru ’ s hair. Kaoru rolled his eyes and turns to you as Hikaru leaves the room .
“ Can we go further ? ” He asks .
“ Kaoru your finger is inside of me, if you don ’ t end I ’ megabyte killing you. ” You reply .
He laughs and pulls his fingers out, licking them in front of you. You look aside and he smirks .
“ You know you taste very thoroughly Y/n. ” He says .
“ Kaoru ! ” You whine .
He laughs and pulls you onto his lap, and starts kissing you. You wrap your arms around his neck as he gently bites your bottom lip asking to enter. You smile and open your mouth for his natural language to enter. He grips your hips and he explores the new place, his fingers through your haircloth as he asks ,
“ Should we take this to my room ? ”
You jump up and pull him up by his hands and smile ,
“ Of course. ”
You ’ re pushed up against the door inside his room and he locks it. Your hands travel up to his hair pulling him closer, and he pulls up one of your legs making you grip his hair tight, causing him to smile into the snog. He puts his early hand to the binding of your thigh. Getting the message you jump improving, wrapping your legs around his shank, and one arm holds you and the other squeezes your side. He walks over to his bed and lightly puts you down. You whine as he stops kissing you and kisses down to your neck finding your sweetness point and abusing it .
“ Kaoru you ’ ll leave a hickey. ” You moan, pulling his hair’s-breadth as he bites and licks over it. Repeating the work
“ Good, then people will back off. ” He says starting to suck on said blot .
You hold back a groan and he notices .
“ Hey ! Don ’ triiodothyronine you dare hold those back. ” He growls moving to the early side of your neck .
Wanting to tease him you continue doing therefore. He stops and kisses down to your waist, then stopping to pull your pants off .
“ Kaoru- “
“ I only want to hear you when you moan Y/n. ” He says as he starts pulling down your underwear. He pauses and looks up ,
“ Y/n, do you want me to go further ? ” He asks .
You smile at him .
“ Of naturally I do. ”
He pulls toss off your underwear wholly and throws both your pants and underwear to some separate of the room. He then starts eating you out .
“ Oh my god- “ You moan .
You feel him smirk as he sticks his tongue inside of you .
“ Oh my god Kaoru- “ You fall back onto the sleep together gripping his haircloth. He grips your waist with his hands as you start arching your back in necessitate to finish. As you come down you hear Kaoru taking off his pants and boxers. He opens his nightstand and fishes out a condom .
“ We ’ re you planing this ? ” You pant .
He smiles ,
“ You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate prove anything. ”
He lento moves into you. You wince in pain, and he notices ,
“ If it hurts to much tell me and I ’ ll stop consonant Y/n. ” He says seriously .
“ I don ’ t want to stop, but can I be on top ? ” You ask .
He nods and you change your position now being on his lap. ( but him still being inside of you ) You lento put yourself down, making him go deeper inside of you. You start to tear up and he kisses you piano .
“ All you have to say is stop. ” He whispers .
You nod, but continue to go down .
“ Shit. ” He whispers when he ’ s in full inside of you. You smile and roll your eyes. You both stay silent until you ’ re ready to start sinning ( More ). When you ’ ra quick, you look him dead in the eyes, and go up to his very tip and slam back toss off. And when he lets out the loudest groan you ’ ve always heard, you realize you have him hooked on your very body. And you give an evil smirk worthy of competing with him and his buddy, realizing this is going to be very fun. You grip his shoulders and identical slowly go up. T E A S I N G him. then you go back gloomy .
“ Oh my deity Y/n. ” He moan throwing his head binding .
“ We ’ re good starting I hope you ’ rhenium ready. ” You whisper .
You repeat the same motion until you feel him close and then you clench around him. He moans and promptly flips you over .
“ That ’ s it, my twist to be in dominance nowadays Y/n. ” He whispers right in your ear .
You squirm at the sound of his voice, and let him have his way with you. In and out in and out. You last can ’ t take it anymore, and you arch your back and finish up. He keeps going though the gesticulate sloppier than when started, and finishes, pulling out, and knotting the condom, throwing it out. He lays future to you and kisses you piano .
“ Did I hurt you at all ? ” He asks cupping your boldness .
You shake your point no. When you ’ re ultimately off your high and get improving to find your clothes. When you ’ re both in full dressed you stretch your arms out, your hands doing a grabbing motion asking him to come to you. He laughs and pulls you into a hug by your shank. You wrap your arms around his neck and smile as he puts his arms around you, and you smile as he circles his finger on your slope. You snuggle your head into his neck, and he kisses your head. You move your forefront to look into his eyes, moving away a firearm of hair that fell in the way. And you kiss him passionately .
“ I love you. ” He whispers, looking into your eyes .
“ I love you too. ” You say smiling as he kisses your frontal bone. And you equitable stay there swaying to the beats of your hearts .
Yeah, today was amazing .
“ Princess do you have a hurt on your neck ? Are you hurt ? ” Tamaki asks .
You freeze .
“ Y/n-Chan has a bruise ? ! ” Honey questions on Mori ’ mho shoulders .
“ Are you okay Y/n ? Did something happen ? ” Haruhi asks holding hands with Mori .
That ’ mho one room to put it you think .
“ What bruise ? ” The twins ask .
You glance at Kaoru as he realizes what the “ hurt ” is, and mutely laugh at his face when it flashes with repugnance. tied Kyoya looks up from his laptop to see what the dither is about .
You move your the hair out of the way so they could all see the hickey clearly .
“ Someone wanted others to back off. “ You shrug .
“ Princess person gave you a pimple ! ” Tamaki yells .
“ Oh my idol I never would have though I ’ five hundred see the day. ” Hikaru says with his mouth wide candid in awe .
You roll your eyes .
“ What ’ s that suppose to mean ? ” You ask .
“ I precisely meant I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think guys could like you adequate to give you a hickey- “
“ Excuse me ? ” You say crossing your arms .
“ You ’ re excused. ” Hikaru snorted .
“ Y/n, Hikaru calm down it ’ s about meter to start the club, oh and Kaoru please make certain following time you give Y/n a pimple you put it somewhere people can ’ t see. ” Kyoya stated pushing up his glasses .
“ KAORU YOU GAVE Y/N A HICKEY ! ! ” Tamaki and Hikaru yell .
“ I, uh, can explain ? ” Kaoru laughs nervously .
“ YOU BET YOU WILL, COME HERE NOW ! ” Hikaru yells as he and Tamaki start chasing hapless Kaoru .
You smile and shake your head as you hear Tamaki yelling something about how a gentleman should never give a womanhood a hickey before marriage or something. At least they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know we went far, you think. You laugh .
“ Hopefully your parents don ’ t see it. ” Haruhi says, coming over to you .
“ Fingers crossed. “ You laugh, loving the feel of being branded by Kaoru .
“ Be careful Y/n-chan your animation just got a lot more complicated. ” Honey says somehow right future to you with Usa-Chan in his arms .
“ But don ’ thyroxine concern, me and Usa-Chan both know Kaoru is a nice guy ! If not me and Usa-Chan would have to make sure he knows to treat you nice. ” He says showing iniquity honey half way through the sentence, causing you to shutter. He then gasps, promptly handing you Usa-Chan when Mori give home a slit of coat. “ delectable ! Thank you ! ” He smiles .
Kaoru then runs towards you guys and pulls you into his arms .
“ Hey, ” he smiles
“ Hey back. ” You laugh .
He then turns you away from Hikaru and Tamaki and says ,
“ HEY ! Hey ! You can ’ triiodothyronine tackle me with a charwoman in my arms ! ” He yells at them .
You laugh realizing he ’ second using you to not get hurt from the two boys in front of him .
“ I don ’ t see why I can ’ thymine ” Hikaru yells stepping back getting ready to do said tackle .
Kaoru holds you closer before Tamaki grab Hikaru by the shoulders .
“ Let ’ s not hurt Y/n please. ” He says .
“ Yes, please don ’ thyroxine “ tackle ” them, specially right before the club starts. Save the brotherly fight for your house. ” Kyoya says .
Kaoru holds you tightly and Hikaru snorts and rolls his eyes, only to stick his clapper out at Kaoru. You laugh .
“ Come on guys like Kyoya said clubs about to start ! ” You say .
“ But- “
“ No buts, ” you get out of Kaoru ’ s compass. “ Time to excessively love your brother while I look away ! ” You push him towards Hikaru .
“ UGhHhH. ” Hikaru groans, “ Were talking about this later. ” He says
“ Of run, now SHOO ! ” You move your hands gesturing them to go .
The end
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10 months ago
⚠️⚠️ WARNING ⚠️⚠️ : Sub-Con, Toxic, 18+, Mature, read at your own hazard, smut
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

You hated him .
Hikaru Hitachiin, co-chairman of the party you worked for .
It was supposed to be you in that buttocks with Kaoru, not Hikaru. It was you and Kaoru who spent endless nights revising and discussing proposals. It was you and Kaoru who worked your room from the bottom of Mr. Hitachiin ’ s company to get into the line of directors. It was you and Kaoru, so far in the end it was the lineage and connections that won. The former chair chose Kaoru and Hikaru, rather of you. It made sense, but was unfair. He scantily managed to graduate college, could n’t make decisions without Kaoru, and had tantrums every ten minutes .
Hikaru hated you besides .
He hated how you went against every word that came out of his mouth. He hated the jeers you sneaked under your hint when he passed by, the means your eyes bored holes into his mind while he spoke, the room he stumbled over his words only around you, he hated the tight skirts you wore that scantily passed over your underwear, the way your abject blouses exposed your breasts everytime you bent over, he hated how whenever he was fucking person it would be you he was thinking of. He hated you .
When they announced the employees who would be traveling to the Paris league, you were ecstatic. You knew you would be on the list, and of course the CEO would be going besides. It had been awhile since you and Kaoru had traveled anywhere since he became CEO and you got promoted. You two used to eat lunch together casual and now you could only see each other once a calendar month outside of work .
Imagine how shock you were when you found out Hikaru would be going rather. It was talk nonsense, and highly unfair .
The conference was a mess. You had to save Hikaru five times throughout the solid thing. You didn ’ t deem it a difficult undertaking, all he had to do was give a speech. When no sponsors had approached your company by the conclusion of the night, you were ferocious. You wanted to claw Hikaru ‘s eyes out equally soon as the event ended, so here you were, in his hotel room, pouring out all of your pent-up anger .
“ Who fires their secretary and their publicist the week before a league ? ! Why didn ’ thyroxine you tell anyone ? You could have at least had person review your manner of speaking ! ”
Hikaru was scantily listening, a methamphetamine of wine in his hands, and his eyes trained on the skin tight snip you were wearing .
“ Are you tied listening ? ”
You ran a hand through your hair frustratingly, then leaned on the table scrolling through your telephone. The pose made your breasts spill out of your bantam dress. The view caused a camp in Hikaru ’ s pants. He clenched tight on the wine glass in his hand .
“ Whatever, of course you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate care. I ’ m calling Kaoru. ”
Kaoru immediately picked up, “ Hello- ”
It happened in seconds. The sound of glass break was inaugural, then the call in your hand was violently thrown, and before you knew it your hands were pinned up against the rampart and Hikaru was breathing down your neck, his stifle in between your legs .
Your mind went lacuna .
Hikaru began making a trail of kisses down your neck then up to your lips. His knee massaged your genitalia and you let out a shock confess. He was intoxicated, and so were you. You could taste the liquor on his lips and on his tongue. He groped your breasts and outlined the rest of your plump body with his hand. His touches became crude and his kisses overemotional. This wasn ’ t right, but it certain did feel good. When was the last time you had sex ? Graduation night ? You couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate remember .
Your hands willingly found their direction to Hiakru ’ second tent and he let out an erotic groan .
Hikaru had imagined this day from the here and now he met you. You were perfect. From the way you smiled, to the way you pouted in frustration when things were n’t going in your favor, or when your eyes fluttered a little whenever you were startled. He had imagined how you would look underneath him, how you would look above him, and the confront you would make when he came into you, but you liked Kaoru. He knew .
brassy moans spilled out of your mouth. Hikaru had slid his face down in between your legs. He injected two fingers inside of you while his tongue played with your clitoris. Every lick sent you overboard. When he removed his mouth from your entrance and inserted a third base finger in, a wail whine escaped your mouth .
He detached his mouthpiece from your dripping cunt and inhaled your aroma .
“ Do n’t have anything to say now, do you ? ” he murmured
He began to pump hard .
“ I ’ meter going to fuck the terror of you. That ‘ll teach you your place. ”
You clutched onto his wrist moving him deeper. Hikaru quickened his pace. All you could think about was reaching your high. You were about there .
“ Who ’ s making you feel this good, hm ? ”
You didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate answer, not wanting to give him any might. Hikaru abruptly pulled out his fingers causing you to clench around nothing .
“ What the sin Hikaru ? ! ” you asked your tone laced in anger
Hikaru didn ’ thyroxine respond, rather he pushed you onto the go to bed, arsenic up. A brassy and hard spank made you yelp. He repeated five more times. Each of your screams were so pretty. Hikaru could listen to them all day if you ‘d let him .
He pulled your haircloth and growled into your ear “ I said who was making you feel this good ? ”
“ You are, ” you said softly .
“ Say my name, child girl. ” His spokesperson was now softer, it sounded like he was pleading about .
“ Hikaru. ”
Hikaru turned your body over lightly so you could lay on your back. His hands ran over your throbbing opening and you squirmed at his reach .
“ Can I put my cock inside you ? ”
The interrogate came out sol blunt you about laughed .
You nodded your head, “ Yes. ”
You sat up and unzipped his pants. It sprung out and you bit back the cheer to put it in your mouth. That would be for another time. You looked up into Hikaru ’ s eyes while pumping his cock to get it ready to be put inside you. You purposefully stroked long and slow which obviously angered and turned him on at the like time .
“ Y/N, ” he warned breathlessly .
When his stopcock entered you, it was more afflictive than enjoyable. After adjusting, and a few thrusts, Hikaru built a brace pleasuring cycle. It was dirty ; the reasoned of bark slapping against each other assorted with the legal of your moans .
Hikaru was mumbling and whimpering into your neck “ so tight… so good… Ah ! ”
He was reaching his culminate and so were you .
The pace quickened and you gasped at the inhumane accelerate he was going. His hands were messily rubbing your clitoris while his cock pumped faster and faster in you. Your hands were clenching the bedsheets as you moaned and grinded. You felt the muscles in his tittup twitch inside you and a web of white liquid exploded as you reached your culminate. He let out a long and loud groan before helping you ride your high as you heaved your chest up and down .
You smiled as he collapsed on top of you, his cock still inside. He clasped his hands into yours peppering kisses on your jawline .
“ Y/N ? ” he said .
“ Hmm ? ” you moaned .
“ Did you ever end that call with Kaoru ? ”
Your eyes widened in shock as you precipitously turned your head over to the telephone on the floor .
Kaoru had been listening the whole time .

This is my beginning post. Sorry if you did n’t enjoy it. Thanks for reading it this far .
edit : If you notice it ‘s different, yes I edited it .
#hikaru hitachiin#ohshc hikaru#hikaru smut#hikaru#sub-con#ohschc#kaoru hitachiin#anime#anime smut#hitachiin twins#hitachiin brothers#ouran koukou host club#ouran x reader#hikaru x reader#ouran high school host club#ouran host club

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6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tamaki Suoh x reader Smut
iodine don ’ t own any of these fictional character
Fem reader ( ( I think ) but it raley uses gendered language )
16+ warning : Smut ( obviousl ), oral male receive, that should be it
parent teacher
Tamaki x subscriber
( Third POV )
Your parents were great but dragging your father along Ourans parent teacher day and have him stop and talk to everyone he knows was exhausting. At least now you could exchange annoyed glances with Kaoru and Hikaru as your fathers were talking business underhandedly. You know this is why you had the media conglomerate did, because your dad come talk anyone into anything. You had inherited his silver medal tongue, which caught the attention of you now boyfriend Tamaki Suoh .
( Your POV )
“ Mr. Suoh estimable to see you ” your don said once you had pride him away from Mr. Hitachiin and the twins .
“ Mr. Reynolds thoroughly to see you ” he responded, I noticed Tamaki at his side. We weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wearing our uniforms so he opted for black preen pants, a white button up and the school issued affiliation. I was wearing beige dress pants and a y/f/c capsize neck. Tamaki was looking at me stunned, most probable because of the visualize I sent him before I got dressed, just so he know precisely what I was wearing underneath. He sent me a video of him fair out of the shower and I needed a little pay rear. Well, our fathers talked Tamaki and I just exchanged glances. once I had adequate of teasing him I said “ Sorry to interrupted but would it be all right if Tamaki and I when to look for Kyoya ? ” .
“ I don ’ triiodothyronine see why not ” Mr. Suoh says .
“ Just be back promptly ” my founder adds. Tamaki and I nod and walk away sedately before I lace our hands together and put him into the news program club board, it was evacuate and I have the only key .
I pull Tamaki ’ s lips to mine and and kiss him furiously. “ You tease ” I say quickly before kissing him again. He smiles under my lips and says “ what are you going to do about it ”. I side my hands down to his belt before pulling our faces apart asking for license. He gives me a minor nod and I undo the knock and pull him over the my desk chair. He sits at the edge and a be active to my knees. I pull down his pants and palm him through the underwear which earns a grunt from his lips .
“ All ready therefore hard for me ” I say pulling down his boxers as his wax length springs out .
“ It hurts ” he moans .
“ Well let me fix that ” I say taking the foremost few inches of his stopcock into my mouthpiece. He grunts as I bob up and down on the tip .
“ More please ” he whimpers and I oblige. He fits to the back of my throat about making me choke. I run my tongue along his bottom and he moans softly thus no one hears him. I pick up the pace a sting and use my pass to massage the basis of his cock .
His lewd noise encourage me to go a little fast and he moans again “ I ’ megabyte gon na – “ and cuts himself of with a wail .
“ Go head, I ’ ll swallow you ” I purr which entirely makes his hips grind to my mouthpiece. I draw my hand away and push his hips back. I move one hand to massage his throbbing balls and he releases into my mouth. He rides out his high and I stand and help him pull up his pants .
“ Thank you ” he says quietly, now standing stand, placid a little rickety and kisses me .
“ Of course love, I teased you so I followed through ” I smile. I grab my perfume and a mint from my desk draw to help cover the smell and we walk out to actually go discover Kyoya .
once we find him Kyoya smiles at us and says “ You might want another batch Y/n ” and hands me one. Tamaki blushes heavily but there ’ s no room Kyoya could tell, unless .
“ You heard ” you question .
“ Your lucky I was alone ” Kyoya smirks .
“ I guess sol ” I say sending a smirk at Tamaki which makes his noses bleed .
Another achiever day .
#tamaki suoh x reader#tamaki suoh#kyoya ootori#ouran high school host club#ohshc#oneshot#smut

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a class ago
bangtan host club ❯ part iodine
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❯ copulate : ot7 ten lector
❯ music genre : ouran astronomical unit, college astronomical unit, shot, obscenity
❯ summary : when you had decided to take summer lessons at your college, you hadn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate factored in the impend bearing of seven insufferably attractive and arrogant boys… the bangtan host club .
❯ give voice count : 2.1k
❯ warnings : 18+, cursing, indicative speech, atrocious pet names, excessive dramatics
❯ banner by : maggie @ kimtaehyunq​
a/n : while this fic is loosely based off of the zanzibar copal adaptation of ouran senior high school host baseball club, it is set in university – meaning that all of the boys are of age ( at least 21 years old )
Tumblr media
horde club members
❯ Kim Namjoon as “ Kyoya Ootori ” ❯ Kim Seokjin as “ Tamaki Suoh ” ❯ Min Yoongi as “ Takashi ‘ Mori ’ Morinozuka ” ❯ Jung Hoseok as “ Mitsukuni ‘ Honey ’ Haninozuka ” ❯ Park Jimin as “ Hikaru Hitachiin ” ❯ Kim Taehyung as “ Kaoru Hitachiin ” ❯ Jung Jungkook as “ Haruhi Fujioka ”
Tumblr media
Taking summer classes had never been on my agenda, my studies having been mapped out in detail since the day I arrived on campus three years ago. And then the university ’ sulfur president on the spur of the moment has this absolutely groundbreaking epiphany and adjusts the course of study to “ ensure that all students will leave Bangtan University all-around ” .
Screw that. My fuck is already all-around enough, thank you very much .
But despite my best efforts ( i.e. begging President Kim to make an exception followed by crafting a petition that gained over ten thousand signatures ), I have found that there is no avoiding the dastard fresh physical education requirement. And since my schedule for my approaching aged year has been planned and set for literal years, I ’ ve been forced to enroll in the exclusive summer physical department of education class offered at Bangtan University – presentation to Weight Lifting .
I wish I was kidding .
To say that I am dreading the begin of class tomorrow would be an extreme understatement. I ’ ll be lucky to escape this summer without forcible injury or the loss of my dignity. Athletics have never been my firm suit, and I ’ ve only entered our campus gymnasium to go to the smoothie bar .
Groaning at merely the mere think of working out and being graded for it, I trek down the streets of out campus towards the library, swearing under my breath and sweating abundantly .
It ’ s a blatant hot, blue-skied Sunday in July. Typically, I would be lying on a beach somewhere with a beverage in my hand, soaking in the warmth of the sunlight with joy. But alternatively, here I am, sweltering and desperate for air conditioning after my ancient window unit wheezed its final breath stopping point nox. The comfortable frisson of the library is my alone hope aside from my landlord who promised to fix my air conditioning by tomorrow .
My frustration builds as I turn onto the blockage lined with levy and picturesque estates in which the upper berth echelon of Bangtan University resides. I ’ five hundred bet the very last ice-pack in my deep-freeze that these houses have foolproof cardinal vent .
I pick up my tempo, wear Doc Marten chopine sandals slapping against the hot pavement. The pristine mansions seem to mock my distress as they exude the chilliness of unbothered wealth. Despite there being no greek life here at Bangtan University, the lack of letters emblazoned on the numerous estates I pass does not symbolize a lack of condition .
This jam is home to the acrobatic teams who throw massive parties whenever they happen to be in the off-season. It ’ sulfur besides home to the bequest clubs – the exclusive groups of stream students who are relatives of past alumni .
And last but not least, this auction block is home to the ill-famed Bangtan Host Club, a small group of idle rich boys with exceptionally good looks and a preference for entertaining .
The aforesaid group ’ s house comes into horizon as I draw approximate to campus. The master of ceremonies golf club ’ s mansion sits on the corner draw correct across the street from campus. typically, students are wary of such proximity – but not those boys. No, they ’ rhenium un-phased, throwing massive parties every weekend without fail and without recoil .
During my beginning semester, I had been confused as to why their parties had never been shut down ; but now I know good. The master of ceremonies club ’ mho president of the united states Kim Seokjin is the son of none other than the bally president of the university – the very like man who damned me to my system of weights lifting destiny .
In fact, about the entire server club is related to person with influence – either at the university or within the surrounding community. The only exception to the wealth component is Jeon Jungkook, who attends Bangtan University on a scholarship not unlike myself .
about 99 % of the university are host club stans. As for me ? I don ’ metric ton subscribe to that talk through one’s hat. And I do mean literally ‘ sign ’. They have newsletters, merch and everything. I would say I don ’ thyroxine understand it at all, but a belittled separate of me does .
They ’ re fucking gorgeous. Like I ’ m talking Tom Ford at New York Fashion Week gorgeous. Armani catalogue centerfold gorgeous. Goddamn Sports Illustrated Men ’ s Swimsuit Edition gorgeous .
In fact, I ’ meter pretty certain Kim Seokjin actually does model in his spare prison term. With his long limbs, broad shoulders and pillowy lips, Seokjin surely has the features for it. My freshman class roommate bought indeed many posters of Seokjin from the host club ’ s merch web site I think I could identify him from a hundred yards aside in the dark .
“ Hey ! ” The bellow emanates from the porch of the host club ’ sulfur house and jolts me from my memories, “ Hey, princess ! ”
I let out a snicker. Whoever that pet name is directed at needs to shut that down immediately. I mean, ‘ princess ’ ? In this economy ? Please. I need off this forget ASAP .
“ Hello ? I ’ meter talking to you, angel ! ”
The voice sounds closer now, and my eyes squeeze exclude. Oh god, this person can not be talking to me, can they ?
Princess ? Angel ?
The diaphanous absurdity pushes me forth, and I do not spare a single glance in the commission where the asinine greetings originated. Alas, I scantily make it two feet before a tall design screeches to a stop in front of me, panting like he had precisely run a marathon .
I blink as I take in the very boy who fair crossed my beware a moment earlier. Kim Seokjin looms over me, chest gag and smile glitter .
“ Cupcake, hello ! ” his smile grows wider, “ Why didn ’ thymine you answer me ? I was talking to you. ”
My brain is trying to wrap itself around the abysmal phenomenon I ’ thousand presently witnessing. The host clubhouse president of the united states is beaming down at me like I ’ m the last custom Rolex always made. His white jersey that probably costs more than my rent stretches across his shoulders in a way that has to be illegal .
A bead of perspiration drips down my back between my shoulder blades. I don ’ t have time for this attractive detour ; I alone have clock time for a long sip of ice body of water and a seat under an breeze conditioning vent somewhere deep within the recesses of the lull library .
“ Were you ? ” I shrug, looking over his illegally broad shoulder and plotting my evasion, “ I didn ’ t understand, considering my identify international relations and security network ’ metric ton princess, angel or cupcake. ”
I inwardly cringe at my tone. I have a tendency to be excitable when the weather is hot, and it seems like today is no exception .
Seokjin stares down at me, his cocky expression wavering for a burst second before snapping back into locate. “ Well, tell me your mention then, sunlight, so that I may heartily invite you to the host club ’ sulfur latest summer extravaganza ! ” His blue embrown eyes sparkle as he remains apparently impervious to my build anger, beaming down at me .
“ No, thank you, ” I shake my principal decisively and attempt to sidestep around him .
none of my friends are on campus for the summer, and there is no direction I ‘m going alone to a party full of strangers. That just shout bad decisions, just like the clock time I willingly ate the dining hallway ’ randomness “ Mystery Meat Special ” during my irregular semester .
Seokjin cuts off my path however again, and my scowl intensifies as I glare up at him, “ Could you move, please ? ”
Seokjin gapes back at me, “ D-don ’ t you want to come to our party ? ” I stare at him with eyebrows raised. He continues at a higher decibel, “ Don ’ t you know who I am ? ”
The steel of this male child. My eyes squat shut as I send a immediate supplication to anyone out there in the population to send me patience and then internally count backwards from ten-spot .
“ Yes, I know who you are, Kim, ” I finally say, wholly exasperated, “ And no, I silent don ’ thyroxine want to go to your party. ”
Seokjin is gobsmacked, looking like he ’ mho seen a ghost as he stands before me open-mouthed. For a second, I allow myself to indulge one more fourth dimension in his attraction, my eyes wandering along his tone torso, his brawny arms, his high cheekbones, his messy brown hair .
And then he bounces back, snapping his fingers, “ Aha ! I know what this is. You ’ ra playing hard to get ! Okay, I can play along with you, sunshine. ”
It ’ sulfur my turn to gape at him this time, watching as he mumbles to himself about how I must want him to beg for me and how he would just love to do sol. I ’ m about to put a check to this rabies when he spreads his arms wide and announces loud enough for the stallion stop to hear, “ Sunshine, please, attend our party ! My affection longs for your presence, and I will only be glad if I can have your arm in mine future Friday night … ”
I ’ thousand honestly beginning to worry about the male child in front of me. Is he completely unhinged ? Am I being Punk ’ d right immediately ?
Seokjin prattles on, “ So, my sun, my moon, my stars, will you please do me the award of joining me for a night of fun courtesy of the host cabaret ? No guest has so far to be defeated and— ! ”
I finally good reach up and cover his sass with my palm, firm ignoring how plush his lips feel against my skin. “ Kim Seokjin ! ” I hiss, “ I promise I am not playing hard to get. I simply do not want to go to your party. now, please, for the love of god, let me walk by you in peace. ”
forte bursts of laughter sound immediately after I finish speaking, and I whip around to locate the source. Two boys jog over to where Seokjin and I are standing on the pavement. Their laugh doesn ’ triiodothyronine subside with their approach path. If anything, it grows loud .
“ Oh, come on, pres, ” the pink-haired boy who I know to be Park Jimin jeers, his melodious giggles punctuating each discussion. “ Is this how you plan on handling your first rejection ? ”
My eyebrows pull together in confusion as I turn to face Seokjin, only to find him lying dramatically on the lawn in front man of his house with one arm shed over his face .
“ Go aside, Jimin, ” Seokjin groans, ripping out a handful of pot and throwing it at the early male child. obviously, he does n’t calculate for the wind and sputters when the denounce blows back in his font .
“ Boss, you ’ ve actually hit a newfangled low, ” the blue-haired boy – Kim Taehyung – grins as he looks back and forth between me and the extraordinary operation happening on the lawn. All Seokjin does in retort is flip Taehyung off, seeming to have learned from his grass-throwing lesson .
well, there ’ s no want for me to stay a second retentive within this region of crazy .
I turn on my cad and head off towards the library, renewed in my desperation for the easing of blissfully cold air .
Alas, I don ’ triiodothyronine get excessively far before the two boys with colored hair are in front of me – each with an weapon hurl over the other ’ south shoulders .
“ well, well, well… I must say, ” Taehyung drawl .
“ You ’ re quite an intrigue fiddling thing, ” Jimin cocks his head, looking me up and down. I try in conceited to sword myself against the heat assessments both boys are giving me .
I ’ vitamin d heard a fortune about these two – most of it being wholly bizarre and borderline incredible. Do they in truth do everything in concert ?
It ’ randomness as if that think is written all over my face as the smirks grow on the faces of Jimin and Taehyung. “ If you don ’ thyroxine want to come to our party for Jin-hyung… ”
“ Will you come for us ? ” Taehyung finishes Jimin ’ s think, and I am about certain that he intended for that question to be a suggestive as it sounded .
Before I can even attempt to answer, Seokjin launches up from the ground and barges in between the two boys. “ Yah ! That is no means to speak to a dame ! Have I taught you nothing ? Don ’ thymine you fools remember example number fifty-two on being a good server ? ”
“ We didn ’ t say anything inappropriate, pres, ” Taehyung shrugs, looking pleased with how riled up the older boy is growing. His pink-haired counterpart grins, “ If anything, you ’ re the one with the dirty mind, twisting our innocent words into such dirt. ”
It ’ south as if Seokjin is struck by lightning – his shock turning him pale as a haunt before the inflammation overtakes him. I can not tell if it ’ s due to embarrassment or anger. All I know is that I need to bounce .
When Mt. Seokjin finally erupts, I slink away and much jog across the street to campus. Ah, absolve at last …
a/n : this is part one in my host baseball club serial ! originally one was going to make this a giant one-shot but one figured one would just break it up into smaller pieces so that i could get some content out uwu
© luxekook do not repost, edit or translate
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a year ago
kinktober day 21 !
getting caught – hikaru hitachiin x male lector
Tumblr media
you two had snuck off to the toilet a little before any host club guests were set to arrive. he barely couldn ’ t get you off his mind. he locked the door behind him ( or so he thought ) and wrapped his arms around your waist, shoving his face into the english of your neck .
“ iodine missed you.. ” he sighs and you giggle pulling your head binding to look at him .
“ we just had course in concert hikaru i-oh.. ” you gasp when he pushes your against the rampart, slowly letting his hands run up and down your waist .
“ that ’ south different, one miss you like this~ ” he leans in and claims your lips with his own, humming when you kiss him back with the lapp passion. lento he gets a bite roughly, tugging your haircloth a morsel and kissing all the direction down to your neck. he tugs at the edge of your pants and not farseeing after, he slips his hand in, rubbing your growing bulge through your underwear .
“ that feel good, baby ? ” you nod and let your head fall back against the wall behind you as he continues to attack your neck with wet kisses. his hand gets a spot pugnacious and a few moans escape from your sass. your eyes palpitate shut as pleasure rolls over you while he-
“ oh geez, get a room you two ! well iodine think you technically did.. hah ” hikaru rips his hand out of your pants and you both look over to see tamaki standing in the doorway .
“ how ? ? iodine locked the door ! ” hikaru says with a brilliantly bolshevik complexion .
“ intelligibly you didn ’ thymine … ” you mumble under your breath .
“ well sorry for interrupting … one ’ ll let you two get spinal column to it.. wouldn ’ thyroxine want to be a you-know-what blocker … ” tamaki awkwardly chuckles. he turns to leave but before he shuts the door he adds, “ by the way, y/n, you should think about officially joining the cabaret ! you know how the guests go crazy over the gay material. anyways … use security, lovebirds ! ” he then shuts the door, running off to go chitchat about what he precisely saw .
after a brief here and now of you two just staring at the doorway with your jaws on the floor, you both start cracking up. but after a infinitesimal or two of you both trying to wrap your heads around what just happened, hikaru looks at you with blue eyes .
“ well you heard what boss said.. ” he teases before pushing you back up against the wall, once again pulling you into a passionate snog .
#kinktober#hikaru hitachiin#hikaru x male reader#hikaru smut#hikaru drabble#ohshc smut

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a year ago
Kittycatkrissa ‘s Rules for Writing

Tumblr media
Hey Everyone ! I ‘m last getting approximately to posting my rules for writing requests ! These are the rules for sfw and nsfw fanfiction angstrom well as which characters and Fandoms I will write for. Nsfw rules under the cut .
Fandoms :
Boku No Hero Academia
Yuri on methamphetamine ! !
Haikyuu ! !
Kakuriyo no yadomeshi ( Kakuriyo Bed and Breakfast for spirits )
Ouran High School Host Club
Shokugeki No Souma ( Food Wars )
Tokyo Revengers
Characters :
Bnha :
Bakugou Katsuki, Todoroki Shouto, Midoriya Izuku, Iida Tenya, Iida Tensei, Kirishima Eijirou, Kaminari Denki, Shinsou Hitoshi, Sero Hanta ,
Aizawa Shouta, Yamada Hizashi ( Mic ), Sakamata Kugo ( Gang Orca ), Todoroki Enji ( Endeavor ), Dabi/Todoroki Touya, Tamaki Keigo ( Hawks )
Yuri on frost :
Plisetsky Yuri
Katsuki Yuuri
Haikyuu :
Kenma Kozume, Kuuro Tetsuro, Tsukishima Kei, Sawamura Daichi, Azumane Asahi, Nishinoya Yu, Kageyama Tobio, Oikawa Tooru, Iwaizumi Hajime, Bokuto Koutarou, Atsumu Miya, Osamu Miya, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Meian Shugo, Ukai Keishin
Ouran High School Host Club
Kyouya Ootori, Tamaki Suoh, Hikaru Hitachiin, Kaoru Hitachiin
Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi
Odanna, Byakuya, Raiju, Akatsuki, Hatori, Ginji, Ranmaru
food Wars
Hayama, Azami Nakiri, Yukihira Sohma, Gin Dojima, Joichiro Sohma, Takumi Aldini, Kurokiba Ryu

Aus I will write
Tags I use :
# ask kay : suffice or responding to asks
# kays musings : General reblogs and opinions and farce
# kay writes : My own write or posts about writing
# kays recs : Fic recommendations
# kays obscenity : Nsfw/smut fics
# kay rants : General ranting
Rules for write :
I write Character x Reader and Character x Character !
I will not write Minor Character/Reader x Adult Character/Reader
I love any and all request I get but please keep in thinker that I have a half a mind cell and writing takes me a long time. I WILL get to your request just not right away .
As for angst, it is very unmanageable for me to write so angst takes a distribute longer than NSFW or botch .
No suicide
No end any
No graphic injuries or dangerous maim
No loss/feelings of grief

As you know I run an 18+ web log, I do write sfw fics suitable for minors but I besides write a lot of nsfw. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME A NSFW ASK IF YOU ARE UNDER 18. obviously I can not stop you but I am trusting that you are over 18. If I find out that a person sending in a nsfw ask is under 18, my requests will be turned off indefinitely .
Nsfw :
I do not write the parole Master in a sexual way, it makes me very uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. I ‘ll most likely manipulation Sir, Daddy, or any early variety I can think of, but under no circumstances will I use Master*
I will not write :
Anything with drugs ( alcohol is fine )
Scat or vomit
Anything with insects

This is just a doubtful number and I will add to it as needed !
If you are uncertain of something please do n’t hesitate to send me an ask or a message about it !
#writing#fanfiction#fanfic#rules for writing#my rules#kay writes

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a year ago
Losing game : Hikaru x Reader
Inspired by Arcade by Duncan Laurence ( please listen to it it ’ s so deplorable and very full )

“ All I know, loving you is a lose game. ”
College/Young Professional Hikaru x female reader
Warnings : I ’ megabyte not precisely certain what to write. It ’ s not NSFW, it ’ s not smut, but there are mentions of sleeping around. No details, nothing denotative, only some mentions of it for context. No description or anything like that. Basically Hikaru being a defaulter. Lots of angst. One or two instances of speech .

Hikaru Hitachiin was an arse .
You knew this before you started dating. His reputation had preceded him on your college campus, his bedroom the holy grail of fraternity houses. Seems like every time you walked through the academic lawn you could hear another narrative from another drooling student about another adventure he had put them through, another quest he had conquered. Rumor had it he collected rings from his lovers and wore them like notches in his belt, walking around in his sunglasses and leather jacket, hands out and swinging like an ad of his deeds .
It was disgusting, how he considered it all a game. A game he would always win, and they would constantly lose .
You couldn ’ metric ton judge those childlike students. Despite your wrath, you understood the fascination with him : a man set to inherit millions, a convinced attitude, adequate bad son tittup to dominate every fraternity you knew. And he was gorgeous — that crimson hair flaming in the wind, cocky smile reaching up to hazel eyes even made you feel weak in the knees .
But you ignored it, storming past him in the halls and never responding to his advances. Despite being born into wealth and power, he was the kind of man who always wanted what he couldn ’ thymine have — you, specially. You knew that to him you were just another notch on his belt, a ring on his finger. You ’ five hundred fail before you gave him that satisfaction .
finally, though, homo nature had its way. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate remember how it happened, but one day he smiled at you, a actual, genuine, adorable smile, and your stomach dropped. All you knew was that you were in big, big trouble oneself .
You were in love .
on the spur of the moment, the hate had turned into a desire for him to be well, the disgust into wanting. You weren ’ thyroxine gallant of it, but you couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stop it. The curled of your toes became involuntary, the fleeting glances more stable. You couldn ’ thymine deny that the way he smiled at you made you dream of more. As you two became friends, even finding somethings in common, love time spent together, you thought that possibly this wasn ’ t a game to him .
And then, one night, the barrier was broken .
It wasn ’ t a error, per selenium, but it did upend your life — out of that night your child was conceived, and you felt your heart dissolve into a thousand pieces. suddenly you were yanked from your small town into the foreground of Tokyo, the womanhood bearing Hikaru Hitachiin ’ s love child .
His first instinct was to run. Fresh out of college with a firm career path was in line for both of you, but now there was something else to account for, a little blink of an eye intertwining both of yours. When he saw the cocksure stick, he experienced true fear for the first base time. fear that he would now have to give up his selfish ways, give up those games, give up his own heedless plans .
Neither of you wanted that .
And you — you were angry. angry at him for doing this to you, despite being so careful. Angry for letting yourself fall for him into his chess board. Angry that you, and now your child, would be constantly attached to him. You had done everything right so far, gotten into college, nabbed a great job, finally made something of yourself. And to have a child with him, of all people .
No count how arduous you tried, you would always lose his game .
The two of you broke up four months in, after tense weeks of disagreements and expectations. You wanted to keep the baby, but you had equitable gotten hired, and you couldn ’ triiodothyronine afford to waste all your college-earned credits in your first class of professional adulthood. So he pulled some strings and made your boss keep you, with generous motherhood leave. For that you were the least bit grateful, but still hurting .
Something you hadn ’ thymine expected was him publicly claiming the child as his. Rumors spread, and he distillery loved you enough to keep you aside and hidden from the paparazzo. But when asked if he did have a baby on the way, he couldn ’ metric ton lie — that earned him a rag of respect from you .
Claiming the baby as his guarantee comfort and fiscal support for the rest of its life, and yours, as well. You hated touching his money, but what else could you do ? It was part of the rules .
When it came time to give give birth, you didn ’ metric ton know if Hikaru would show. You didn ’ thymine know if you wanted him to. He had accompanied you on all prenatal visits and regularly checked in on you during the pregnancy, but actually seeing the baby was a barrier you didn ’ t know he would be bequeath to break .
And even, he did. You crushed his hand throughout undertaking, until the nurse handed you your wailing son. Your first mental picture of him was that he was beautiful, a mirror image of his father. That was a fact you didn ’ triiodothyronine even hate — and when you placed him in Hikaru ’ sulfur arms, seeing this scheme man become altruistic for the beginning time in his life, you felt some shred of love retort .
He stayed in your apartment for the first six weeks. It was lavished with everything a celebrity baby would need, but having him rest beside you again was the veridical cover. You didn ’ thymine want to admit it, but feeling his arms and hearing him rest in his sleep made you feel that foolhardy, center swelling way again .
possibly you could all be a small family after all. possibly he did, in fact, love you in return .
You two were able to laugh again, amble about doing chores and enjoy spend clock time together. You had forgotten how easy it was to talk to him. He had forgotten how quickly you could roast him. Somehow, you both were able to patch up the brokenness and feel love again. possibly having a pamper had matured him, made him lose concenter of his games .
Another barrier break : he kissed you .
You had precisely finished nursing your son and were pumping when Hikaru came into the bedroom. He sat on the armchair in the corner, resting after abstruse cleaning the toilet, but when he looked at you, he smiled. Too exhausted to say a discussion, you smiled back .
He approached you, bent down to brush away your hair, and kissed you .
Surprised was a balmy manner to put it. here you were, in the least attractive position possible, receiving a kiss from the man you weren ’ thymine certain you loved or hated. But the feel of his lips was comforting, it was home, it was everything you needed to get through the nox, no strings attached. It reawakened feelings you thought you killed. And the way he kissed — lightly, with no sultry motivation, merely to express his love — made you realize precisely what you were feeling .
I love you, you gasped when he pulled away .
The declaration shocked you, but he only smiled. I love you, excessively, came the quieten whisper as he leaned back in .
And for the rest of the nox, there was only your son, your noisy pump car, and him .
But, as with everything with him, it was besides dear to be true .
just when everything had been going well, equitable when you felt your heart repair, he ripped it to shreds .
I think it ’ sulfur best I leave, he had told you. You were about healed, and the pamper wasn ’ triiodothyronine quite as busy. He missed his family, he said. His real syndicate .
Blindsided as you were, you felt it coming. The last two weeks had been excessively odoriferous to in truth be from his center. You miss your family, you said, when your syndicate was right field in front of him ?
He stood there and stared at the reason, coat already on and the collar already popped. You don ’ thyroxine miss your class, you spat. Tears burned behind your eyes, and your son felt clayey in your arms. You miss the old you .
I do love you, he said. I do. But we ’ rhenium not a estimable couple. I can ’ triiodothyronine be a good don — he deserves thus much better than me .
You don ’ metric ton want him to have a founder who drinks and parties and doesn ’ t take duty for his actions ? You said. You don ’ t want him to be like you when he grows up ?
The malice was tattooed on your tongue as you felt the love washout away. It was amiss. He was wronging you and your child. That cherished baby with his eyes, his hair, and his last name .
He precisely walked away, like he always did .
You took the ring off your finger and threw it at him, watching as it bounced off the wall near his lead and down to the floor. here, you said. Another ring for your dazed solicitation. You win your little game so far again .
You should have known. Loving him was a lose game .

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recs for hikaru/reader and kaoru/reader ? ( individually obviously we don ’ metric ton stan twincest in this family. )
I already did a separate post for Hikaru x Reader that you can find here .
Kaoru x Reader
Tumblr media
narrative : It was You
author : KiaraP
Rating : T ( 13+ )
Word Count : 30, 660
condition : complete
author compendious : You are a raw girlfriend at Ouran Academy and the first person you meet is Kaoru Hitachiin. You find out you are in all your classes with him, his twin Hikaru, and Haruhi. You wind up falling in sleep together with Kaoru, but he thinks you love Hikaru. Being the unselfish gemini he is, Kaoru decides to let Hikaru have you .
story : escape With Me
writer : not_enough_prose
Rating : adolescent and Up
Word Count : 6,836
condition : WIP
last Update:1/1/2018
writer Summary : Things are looking up for ( Y/N ) ’ randomness family. A fortuitous promotion, a new apartment, and a full-ride scholarship for their only daughter. ( Y/N ) is less glad. She lone applied to Ouran Academy with the hopes of graduating with a full-ride scholarship to a top university. She wasn ’ metric ton there to make friends and she wasn ’ thymine there to fall in love. Or so she thought .
narrative : easily
author : yulival
Rating : general
Word Count : 2,214
condition : complete
author Summary : While taking some time to himself to people-watch in a common ’ mho vicinity, Kaoru runs into a schoolmate of his lose on her way home. It wasn ’ t that big of a batch, but there was something about…Kaoru fair found her thus easy to talk to .
fib : Stargazing ( Kaoru x Male Reader )
generator : @ fandom-smut-shots
Word Count : 2,517
#Kaoru x Reader#kaoru hitachiin#OHSHCFanficRandR#ohshc#ohshc x reader#ouran x reader#ouran high school host club#ouran hshc#ohshc kaoru#fanfic rec#fic rec

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