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Ouran High-school Host Club : Honey Senpai x Reader Lemon !

( Your P.o.v )

Ouran academy was very well, hanging out with the host club was fun. specially making patty with Honey-senpai, we known each other since we were small, we shared sweets and shimmer with Usa chan. We were very close up friends, very near. We even had picnics and took naps together. The fresh, innocent one-third year student. He ’ s adorable whenever he eats sweets, act about, and always carry Usa- Chan. I walked down the manor hall to get to the music room for helping Honey ’ randomness Homework. Opening the door and seeing beloved asleep in his blanket and holding Usa chan close. So cute one could precisely squeal right now. I looked around seeing Hikaru, Kaoru hiding behind the other sofa scared. As I remember they told me about beloved ’ s bad temper after his good afternoon nap. But that doesn ’ metric ton bother me. I walked over to honey and about to shake him until an weapon snap up mine and pulling me away, I looked and see Tamaki with his eyes were made of fear. “ D-d-don ’ t wake him up ! ” he whispered. “ Don ’ t your remember what happened last time ? ! ” whispered to me again. “ Yes I remember Tamaki, but that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think of he ’ sulfur gon na kill me ” I said to him. I slowly let his sleeve off me and the host clubhouse, including haruhi, Kyoya, and Mori senpai left induce they had to take the twins and Tamaki out of the room. I stared at Honey few minutes and walk front man of his sleeping figure. I gently shake his shoulder until he had slowly woken up with crimson eyes and stared at me. “ Who woke me ? … ” he said with a blue tone. Looking at him with soft eyes. “ Sorry I woken your pile Honey- senpai bu- ” I was cut off when Honey grabbed my weapon and pulling me into his lick. His arms around my waist pulling me a lot closer to him. I blushed a bit of loss. Looking at him with his bangs covering his eyes. I never seen the other side of him. His hand was on my impudence. He looked at me what appears to be lust. Those innocent eyes turn into crave. “ ( y/n ) … one loved you for so long….i….i want you … have you … make you mine.. ” he love me ? I blushed more. I do love him for such a long time. I love him so much … one couldn ’ thyroxine hold it anymore. I looked at him and start plant a kiss on his piano gratifying lips. His arms were wrapped around my shank. Making our bodies touch together. He kisses me back but very gentle. I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him deeper. I felt his hand sliding under my gamey school trim kit and starts rubbing my abdomen up to my chest of drawers. He kisses my cheek down to my neck. I blushed flush more. I gasp by him sucking my sweetly touch. I could feel his tongue against my neck polish to my chest of drawers. He sat up and began to take his kit off and thus did I. He began rubbing my chest and fondled my breast. I moan piano and saw him smirk. Never seen him smirk like that earlier. He picked up a belittled plate of a piece of cake and rubbed it against my breast. I blushed more crimson. He lick the frost off my breast and I moaned more. I feel his penis jab against my secret front. My hand was placed against his boxers and rubbing it. He moaned so cute. “ More ( y/n ) chan~ ” I obeyed and rubbed his hard member more as he moaned a bit brassy. Pulling his boxers down and see his big member getting hard. I started to lick around his member sending him more moans and begin to suck. He buck his hips a short more and kept moaning my name, he went down and started licking my secret blemish and I moaned quietly. He insert his tongue in me and made me gasped, I cum a bite excessively early, he licked my pleasantness “ You tasted like strawberry cake ( y/n ) chan~ ” I blushed even more crimson than a tomato but I smiled. After kissing each others bodies. immediately he was on top of me. Begging for my capture. I looked at him with fear but his bridge player was on my buttock. “ I ’ ll be gentle ( y/n ) chan. I promise ” He adorably looks at me. I nodded as he entered me slowly. I wince in trouble until i adjust myself as he kisses my tears away. He starts moving as I moan. I feel his hips pounding a bite more rush. We moaned forte as I wrapped my legs around his shank pulling him much closer against me. He kisses my neck and kept pounding more I keep moaning his diagnose, he flipped me, I was on top of him and started riding him, he hit my g-spot and moaned obstreperously “ r-right there beloved ! Keep pound ! ” He pounded me harder and faster as I thought. “ ( y/n ) chan~ I ’ thousand gon na ! ” I nodded when we kept pounding each other and his member was off me and let out his seed on my secret spot. I was panting heavy and looked at his chocolate brown eyes. “ I love you ( y/n ) ” he said with his sweet voice. “ I love you too..Honey senpai ” I smiled as he kissed me once more. As we cleaned ourselves up plus the mess. And get dressed. I looked at beloved, he ’ s rear to his sugared lovable honey as he eat some patty with Usa-chan. He looked at me and smiled sweetly. I heard the door opening and see the club came back and saw beloved wake up. “ OH MY DARLING SWEET ( Y/N ) CHAN ! DADDY ’ S HERE ! ! ! ” Tamaki dashed and hugged me tight against his torso. My chibi face was shown until … Tamaki ’ s face was being kicked by Honey ’ sulfur karate kick against Tamaki ’ south front making him let go of me. I looked at Honey as he Hugged me fast. “ Touching my ( y/n ) is a no no ! ” He said as I blush when Honey picked me up bridal style and carried me to the sofa. Tamaki was in the corner sulking. The twins laughed, Kyoya was doing his notebook as always. Haruhi and Mori watched us as we snuggled each other on the sofa with bunny shaped blueprint across-the-board covering us. His arms were wrapped around me and mines were around his torso snuggling his warmth. I placed my head on his chest as his brow was against mine. Usa-chan was between us keeping us together. I smiled when Honey kissed my head and we both fall asleep.

Extended Ending

Tamaki ’ s P.O.V
I was finished hosting the girls with my charms. As the club host was closing, I looked at Honey and ( y/n ) snuggling each other. I knew it was fourth dimension to go. I slowly walked towards them. But I was afraid that Honey-senpai would scare me again. But I wanted to get those evil twins to wake them up but they would argue. I gulped and gently shake their shoulders. “ H-hey i-it ’ s clock to w-wake up ” I was in terror. I saw Honey woken up and glared at me with those shrill eyes. I jolt back in concern. “ Who woke me… ” I could feel his pique rising as I shriek. But I unintentionally woken ( y/n ) up deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. I looked at her trembling in much fear. Her eyes were darker than Honey ’ s. “ How defy you woke us from our nap…. ” her voice sounded a lot more chasten. They looked at me with night and sharper glare at me. This is worst than waking Kyoya ’ s sleep ! GOD HELP ME ! ! ! ! !

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