Kasanoda walked into the Music Room # 3 with his read/write head hung low. `` Bossanova ! '' Tamaki cried when he saw the frightening-looking redheaded woodpecker. Kasanoda looked up at the blond prince of the Host Club. `` Hello, Suoh-Senpai. '' Tamaki immediately took notice of the young man 's melancholy demeanor. `` What 's improper, Casanova ? '' Honey asked, making Kasanoda glance down at the small boy. `` C-Can you guys teach me how to talk to a daughter ? '' he asked promptly. The hosts all blinked quickly in confusion, but a smile soon crept onto Tamaki 's face. `` A girlfriend ? ! Our Bossanova has his eyes on a beautiful princess ! '' He was sol loudly, everyone in the room heard him, causing Kasanoda 's face to turn a undimmed bolshevik about matching his hair. Some of the other girls in the room sighed sadly. Since he 'd joined the gardening golf club and showed his soft side, people were n't actually afraid of him anymore . `` Tell me about this girl, '' Tamaki ordered as he sat down and crossed his leg. Kasanoda glanced up at the ceiling as he thought. `` well, she 's reasonably, in truth pretty. She 's fishy and sweet. She 's in the gardening club with me. early than talking to her about that, I do n't know what to say ! '' The redhead looked back at Tamaki, his eyes pleading with him. `` Please, Suoh-Senpai. '' Tamaki placed his fingers at his kuki and opinion. `` Tamaki, is n't your sister in the garden club ? '' Kyoya asked casually. He knew Tamaki would use the estimate as his own. Tamaki snapped his fingers. `` That 's it ! Bossanova, my sister is in the garden baseball club besides ! She has lots of friends ! possibly she could help you talk to this girlfriend you like. '' Kasanoda shrugged. Who better to get ideas about a girl than from another girl. `` It 's settled ! Hikaru ! Kaoru ! Go find my sister and bring her here ! '' The twins left and returned a few minutes late, dragging you behind them. `` Let me go ! '' Kasanoda froze hearing your spokesperson and, when the doors opened, he thought his confront was on fire. `` That 's your sister ? '' he asked and Tamaki smiled. `` Yes. Is n't she adorable ? '' Kasanoda cleared his throat. `` Y-Yeah. cover girl. '' `` What is this all about, Tamaki ? '' you asked before your gaze settled on Kasanoda. `` Oh, hello, Ritsu ! '' you greeted with a smile. `` H-Hi, Y/N. I just remembered. I, uh, I have something so do. Got tantalum go. Thanks for your help ! '' Kasanoda closely ran from the board, missing the look of ache on your face. Of course. Just his luck that he would have a crush on Tamaki 's sister ! And that you would be the person Tamaki would call to plowshare in Kasanoda 's embarrassment. Groaning, Kasanoda leaned against a wall and slid down to the deck. interim, in the Music Room # 3, you were sitting there in confusion. `` What was that all about ? '' Tamaki frowned. `` I 'm not certain. Kasanoda asked for our aid in to get to know a daughter in the gardening club and we thought, since you probably know this female child, that you could help. It 's strange that he ran out like that. '' You hummed sadly. You had n't expected Kasanoda to have a crush on another daughter. You thought he liked you . `` foreign indeed. I wonder why he turned shy abruptly and began stuttering the way he did when you came in, '' Kyoya mused, his lips turned up into a smirk. `` Yeah. And why- '' Hikaru began, throwing an sleeve around your shoulders before Kaoru finished, `` Was he blushing indeed hard ? It 's not like the girl he likes was in this board. '' Another branch around your shoulders while you merely stood there. You knew what they were doing and you were trying to let it sink in . Were they saying that Kasanoda liked you ? `` possibly she was. You never know. Right, Takashi ? '' Honey asked innocently, but he was looking at you. `` Yeah. '' You smiled at them all, praying they were right and you were the female child Kasanoda liked. `` What are you all talking about ? '' You broke free of the twins ' hold. Kissing your brother 's cheek, you ran from the room. Hopefully, you 'd be able to find Kasanoda before he left . `` seriously, what are you all talking about ? '' Tamaki asked again. He brought his handwriting up to his principal as he thought about it. The early hosts could about see the pieces of the puzzle coming together in his take care. `` Three ... two ... one, '' Haruhi muttered. `` I 've got it ! '' Tamaki cried with a catch, then his formulation fell. `` Wait ... Y/N is the one ? '' The others nodded and Tamaki sighed. `` Oh. Well, I suppose. If she 's happy. That 's okay, '' he said piano before retreating to his little corner . Outside, you raced equally firm as your legs could carry you. You had to find him. fortunately, it did n't take long. You saw his pout of crimson haircloth. `` Ritsu ! '' you cried, making him look over from his spot on the ground. `` Y-Y/N ? '' He quickly stood up and put his hands in his pockets. He was trying to appear aloof. `` Ritsu ! There. You. Are, '' you panted. once more, you cursed the besotted scandalmongering monstrosity that was the school uniform . Kasanoda put his hand on your rear, urging you to breathe normally. once you 'd calmed down, you asked, `` Why did you run off ? Do you truly need to get off from me that badly ? '' He stopped his campaign and backed off. `` What ? No, that 's not it at all ? ! '' You about flinched from the volume of his voice. `` then what was it ? I thought you wanted my serve. '' `` I thought I did. 'Til I learned that you were Suoh 's sister. then I did n't. How could my jam help me talk to my break down ? ! '' It lone took him a second to realize what he said. His eyes widened and he stared at you. To his surprise, you were smiling. `` Ritsu, why did n't you tell me ? '' He shrugged and muttered something. You cocked your head to side and he took a deep breath . `` Because I did n't think you 'd like me back. You 're then pretty and I 'm so ... chilling looking. '' You took his hand in yours. `` Ritsu, I do like you. I have for a long clock. You may look chilling, but you are n't. You are kind and worry, gentle evening sometimes. '' Kasanoda blushed and gave you a soft smile . `` now, what do you say we go catch something to eat ? possibly get to know one another ? '' you offered, knowing he 'd be besides shy to ask for the first date.He looked in your eyes, searching for some assure that this was a joke. He found nothing except earnestness. `` Y-Yeah. I 'd like that. '' You leaned in and kissed his cheek. `` Great. Let me grab my udder. I 'll meet you in the parking garage. '' You turned and walked back inside, leaving Kasanoda there with his fingers pressed to his buttock.
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