This is a request by ThatLonelyWeeb Can you do Kyoya x Male ! Jock !Dom!Reader lemon ?
The reader is the lacrosse jock of the school and Tamaki sets them up after Kyoya admits that he likes him. Jock reader takes him to dinner and they get drunk as balls and fuck Enjoy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Your Pov A cheer flies through the breeze as the concluding whistle blows. Ouran High School had won, yet another, lacrosse game ! Our bleachers were raving, cheering loudly while our cheerleaders went crazy, squealing as my team rush over, eminent - fiving the confess fans. I knew, for at least two weeks, the lacrosse team were going to be at the top of the popularity ladder, just because our school won the championship lacrosse league. Being the caption of the team, I had to shake hands with the other, bidding them a good game, telling them that it was just bad fortune but they tried their best ... to be honest, we only won by two or three points . With a smile, I walk over to my bleachers, walking over to my 'fans '. Girls on the spur of the moment flock around me, like chickens wanting to be fed by its owner, holding onto my arms giggling, squealing. A couple of them fighting over me, making a small smile crawl upon my face. It 's not like this happens rarely, it happens all the time. Girls abruptly flock around me, since I 'm a athletic supporter and I 'm hot, wanting to go steady me. unfortunately for them, I 'm not into girls, I 'm more into guys. `` Hey, ( Y/n ), wan na hang out at the bar tonight ? '' One female child asks, leaning against my branch, looking up at me dreamily, `` My little treat, '' Before I could answer, Tamaki Suoh, the owner and self - proclaimed king of the Host Club, pushes through the girls, sending them all his signature smile making them blush. I arch my eyebrow as he pulls, or more specifically drags, a bootleg hairy, glasses - tire boy ... none other than Kyoya Ootori. The level - headed nerd that is more or less at the top of his classes, many people despise him while many people adore him. To be honest, he 's all right . `` deplorable ladies but I 'm afraid he 's having dinner with Kyoya at a nearby public house, '' Tamaki says, pushing Kyoya my way a blush crawling up on the son face, `` I 've already booked them a mesa and they have to go, ''
`` Um ... do n't I get a state in this ? '' I ask crossing my arms
`` Nope ! now off you both go, you crazy lovebirds ! '' Tamaki swoons pushing us away, making us groan soflty
`` I have to get changed first, '' I tell him making Kyoya blush soflty, being unusually repose, `` Hey ... you okay ? ''
`` Huh ? ... Uh yeah, '' Kyoya says avoiding eye touch with me, `` Go get changed then, the preferably we go, the oklahoman we can leave, '' A little chortle escapes my lips as I head into the locker rooms, a modest smile crawling up my front as Kyoya mutely waits outside, his silhouette nearby the dimmed window. My teammates immediately flood into the room, senior high school - fiving each early, slapping each early on the back with a laugh. A couple of them nod my means while others congratulate me on getting the final gain. once dress, I walk over to Kyoya, smilimg . `` ready to go ? '' I ask wrapping an arm around his shoulders, a outstanding blush crawling up his face
`` Yes, '' he says nod, `` ready as ever, ''
`` You okay ? '' I ask implicated, `` You 're not normally like this, ''
`` I 'm finely, '' he says smiling soflty Nodding, I walk with him to the nearby public house, arching a brow at Kyoya as he blushes soflty. We walk in, smiling soflty at the usual distinctive public house interior decoration, the usual elk head or pisces hanging up on the wall or some posters with quotes about beer on. The common area - styled wooden interior decoration. Kyoya looks around smiling while I tell the dame at the door the book details .

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