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It was former May.
A Saturday.
There was one week left at the University before summer break in started, but it would seem as though Mother Nature was getting a forefront start. The temperature had been climbing steadily over the past couple days until it ultimately reached the 39 degrees Celsius presently trying to melt everyone into the cementum.
eight-spot students, six boys and two girls, were presently gathered at the apartment the girls shared, intending to spend the day studying together for their approaching exams. While the outside earth was slowly burning to a crisp, they would be contently curled up together in the wonders of atmosphere condition and providing helpful support and company for each other.
Or, at least that had been the design.
About one and a half hours ago, the breeze condition had decided to have a center attack and sputter to a about stop. It had merely offered the barest touch of a breeze from that point on, but had been quickly shut off to get rid of the cruddy sulfur smell that came with it.
Thank good for free alimony.
Shame they were n’t the only ones who needed it.
According to the person Haruhi had spoken to on the telephone, about every other scholar apartment complex had called in with a like problem. Haruhi and ( F/n ) ‘s topographic point had been put on the hour-long wait tilt before the lady had to take another call. When the boys were told, they had griped and groaned and suggested they call the phone number themselves before the girls intervened.
so immediately, the group merely suffered in silence.
now, they had entertained moving to a unlike localization for a moment, but that estimate was quickly shut down. First of all, the idea of walking external, where they would n’t even have helpful nuance between them and the sun made everyone palpate bad. And second, as they all lived in apartments together themselves, it was likely that their air conditioners were either already on the fritz or were about to be.
In a word, they were stuck.
Haruhi and ( F/n ) had ransacked their apartment for fans to help cool and circulate the air. They came up with five, which was a shock number but no one was complaining. Shutting the lights off and depending on lone the natural abstemious coming through the windows helped a little, but even then the collection of students felt like they may melt right into the floor, causing a screen of group-wide non-sexual strip-fest. Most of them were in their shorts and tanktops, but the boys were cursorily starting to lose their shirts, besides.
The twins were already clad alone in their match blue boxers, but in all honesty, the others were besides blistering to care all that much.
Hikaru was lounging in ( F/n ) ‘s recliner, Kaoru on the floor at his brother ‘s feet. It was excessively hot for them to cuddle in concert in the electric chair, so Hikaru plainly held one of the oscillating fans on his abdomen, angling it in such a way that it went between blowing on his face to the back of Kaoru ‘s head. Kaoru, of course, was inactive trying to study through the heat, but his brother had retentive since given up on focusing.
so immediately his gaze idly floated around the room, trying to find something entertaining to alleviate his boredom. If it were any cool, he ‘d be announcing said boredom to the pillow of the group, but at the moment that was merely besides much work.
Mori-senpai and Honey-senpai were seated at the postpone. Honey had side planted the wood a few minutes ago while his cousin forced himself through more notes. A large fan was off to his leave, cooling down their branch beneath the postpone, and each boy had a bag of half-melted ice that they moved around their shoulders and necks. Their perspiration was causing their tank car tops to sticking to their skin. Hikaru made a small bet with himself that Honey would be the beginning of the two to take his shirt off and moved his care elsewhere.
Tamaki was lying on his stomach in the kitchen. Another large winnow was at his feet, while his arms alternated between opening the deep-freeze and refrigerator doors. The redhead watched as the blond opened the electric refrigerator and on the spur of the moment lunged forward, throwing his clear one-half into the machine before sadly backing out. He ‘d already been yelled at doubly nowadays by ( F/n ) for about spoiling the food.
Haruhi was in the center of the living room, sitting at the little mesa between the television sic at the frame with an oscillating fan going across her back. She had a silent by and large frozen water bottle in her hands, which she would occasionally rub across her bare arms or frontal bone, taking little sips every now and again. She was besides still muscling through her notes, but Hikaru did see her eyes blur over.
And that left Kyoya and ( F/n ) to take over the sofa. The two were presently sprawled out over it, ( F/n ) on one end and her boyfriend at the early. Kyoya ‘s shirt was sticking to him like a second skin, but he kept it on anyways. probably worried that either the twins would tease him or Tamaki would declare being shirtless in his girlfriend ‘s bearing was excessively ungentlemanly.
( F/n ) was in a spaghetti strap ( f/c ) tank top and truly light beige shorts, her haircloth pulled up off her neck in a way that would normally be considered cunning, but at the moment looked fray and overemotional.
Kyoya had given up working on his laptop a while ago when it had about burned a hole straightaway through his shorts and was now precisely watching ( F/n ) as she worked on her ( f/s ) homework, the two engaged in a halfhearted game of footsie.
Hikaru sighed and was about to give up on finding anything interesting when his eyes caught something.
“ Hey, ( F/n ) ? What is that ? ”
not even looking up, the ( N ) responded, “ This, Hikaru, is a pencil. A write or drawing utensil. ”
Ignoring the girl ‘s annoyance that came with the inflame, Hikaru struggled to sit up a little more on his professorship, “ Cut the sarcasm, I mean what ‘s that?
“ What ? ” She stared at him, annoyed.
“ On your hip. ”
Kyoya, ( F/n ), and Kaoru all looked at ( F/n ) ‘s right hip at the same time. The boy ‘s eyes widened and the ( h/c ) fumbled to pull her girdle up.
“ I-it ‘s nothing, Hikaru. Just had a slip up with a marker last nox. ”
But it was excessively late for excuses. The twins were standing up and walking over before she even finished. Kyoya tried to sit up fast enough to stop them, but it was no practice. As the twins scooped ( F/n ) up by her arms, the rest of the hosts looked over at the whirl.
The gingers moved ( F/n ) spinal column to their moderate, Kaoru slipping behind the girl to hold her even and Hikaru kneel in front of her. With one finger hooked around a knock loop, he lightly tugged her shorts down a least an edge. Tamaki shouted half-heartedly at the twins for being perverts, but he was besides hot to do much else.
And besides, Hikaru had seen it already.
He smirked wickedly, “ Hey, boss ? I think the veridical corrupt is Kyoya-senpai over here. ”
Said boy was slightly red in the face, as was his girlfriend, but neither of them said a thing. Kaoru, Haruhi, Mori, Honey, and Tamaki could n’t see what Hikaru was talking about, and immediately their curiosity was being ramped up, the swelter heat about forgotten.
Honey was the first to give in and walk over. Of naturally, one of his first base orders of business was to stand in the nerve pathway of the twin ‘s abandoned fan, but then he looked at the newly exposed skin on ( F/n ) ‘s correct pelvis. The girl squirmed a piece, but Kaoru held firm, despite the uncomfortable gluey feel between his bare chest of drawers and her arms.
“ But… ( N/n ) -chan ‘s not property. Right ? ”
The other four could n’t take it any longer. Hikaru swapped places with his brother and the other hosts took a full attend. On ( F/n ) ‘s hip, somewhere that would normally be covered by her shorts or her school attire, were four words printed in black marker. And even if the signature had n’t been a dead give-away, the handwrite was apparent.
The hosts stared, wide eyed, at the words “ Property of Kyoya Ootori ”.
lento, the graveness of the affirmation and where it was placed registered in their brains. As one, they looked at Kyoya who was now furiously red in the face. Haruhi, Mori, and Honey were besides crimson, the twins were grinning lecherously, and Tamaki looked ready to explode either in tears or in a fiery hell.
last, Kyoya crossed his arms, “ well ? Say something, I suppose. ”
The hosts were tranquillity for a moment before Hikaru shrugged, “ I suppose it ‘s not a truly big surprise. ”
The others stared at him like he had precisely suggested eating chili peppers.
“ Look, if you think about it, Kyoya-senpai is preferably possessive, particularly around things that are specifically his. His laptop, his black journal … it makes smell his girlfriend ‘s besides on that list. ”
The others began shrugging and nodding their heads, though some of them looked a little flustered. ( F/n ) was let go, but she did n’t make any moves to readjust her shorts. For all the embarrassment she had had to suffer, making Kyoya all hot and bothered was merely payback.
Tamaki actually managed a soft chuckle as they all began to settle binding down, dragging his fan over so he could sit by his own girlfriend.
“ What ‘s so curious, Boss ? ”
“ Nothing. It ‘s just, I ‘ve noticed how possessive we are in this group. Hikaru, Kaoru, you ‘re possessive of your friends. Mori-senpai is genitive over Honey-senpai. I suppose it makes common sense Kyoya would mark ( F/n ) as his own. Boys do tend to be the more possessive side of relationships, and Kyoya ‘s about deoxyadenosine monophosphate possessive as they come. specially with all the other boys at the University salivate over ( F/n ). ”
The ( h/c ) looked up, “ Are you implying that Kyoya is the only genitive person in this relationship ? ”
“ That ‘s not necessarily a bad thing, ( F/n ) -senpai. ”
“ It ‘s precisely that flush with girls eyeing Kyoya like candy- ”
“ -you do seem to trust others more than he does. ”
“ Yeah. ”
“ That ‘s credibly why Kyo-chan put his name on you. so if a male child started looking at you in places he should n’t, Kyo-chan could rest easy knowing you ‘re his. ”
( F/n ) smirked, “ Uh huh. You do realize that there is a like reason I do n’t flip out on the girls checking out my boyfriend, right ? ”
Before the boys could comprehend her affirmation, ( F/n ) launched herself across the couch and tugged Kyoya ‘s shirt off. He let out a shout of alarm and attempted to cover his chest, but it was merely besides big to cover up. Along Kyoya ‘s pectoral and stomach were the words, “ This person is the property of ( F/n ) ( L/n ). ”
( F/n ) leaned back on her end of the couch, Kyoya ‘s shirt in pass, “ I had to put it somewhere he ‘d be able to see it. death time he did n’t notice the words until they ‘d been washed off in the exhibitor. ”
After a moment, the twins started laughing.
“ sol, whose kink is it ? ” They asked, no longer quite as bored.
( F/n ) winked at them before tossing Kyoya ‘s shirt back to him, “ You ‘ll merely have to figure that out. ”
Before anyone could come up with a reply, she stood up and walked over to the television, intentionally letting her hips rock side to side. Quickly popping in ( f/m ), she went back to the sofa and sat down in the in-between, her butt rig in between her boyfriend ‘s outstretched leg as the rest of the hosts gathered around.
Kyoya regarded ( F/n ) for a moment, like he could n’t decide whether to be huffy at her or not. then he shrugged and sat up far, slipped his weapon around her shank and pulling her against his chest of drawers. now that all of the hosts were in the same share of the room, the five fans were blowing at them in a semicircle, effectively making them cooler than they ‘d been ahead. evening sol, ( F/n ) ‘s shoulders and arms were sweaty and gluey against his newly bared chest, but it was n’t precisely uncomfortable for them.
With his fingers resting on the scar on her pelvis, Kyoya decided to let ( F/n ) ‘s try to embarrass him slide just this one time. The daughter seemed to realize that as she rested her head against his breast with a smirk. The ravenet rolled his eyes and tried to focus on the movie.
After all, I was the one who started it.

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