This is a request by lillian9017 The reader is Haruhi's sister who is a singer who sings songs about her ex Kyoya. Kyoya and the reader broke up and the readers parents wanted the reader to be friends with Mori but Kyoya thinks she's cheating on him. Can this be a lemon? Kyoya x Reader with slight Mori x Reader Note : Contains sexual content Enjoy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Your POV This had been going on for excessively long ! For the fifth clock this workweek, much to my frustration, my boyfriend, Kyoya, insulted and threatened this hapless ridicule who, may I add, did absolutely nothing amiss. He was speaking to me. alone hinting at a little compliment, informing me that my songs were amazing and that I had a beautiful voice. That was all ! No coquettish remarks, no inappropriate touch, merely some harmless chew the fat. then, out of nowhere, Kyoya, the possessive bogus he is, wrapped his arms around my shank, pressing a kiss to my impudence before glaring at the inauspicious victim before insulting him, telling him that if he ever came up to me again, he 'd do something that he wo n't regret. Raking my fingers through my hair, I narrow my eyes at the black hairy male standing in presence of me. A loud sound of frustration leaving my lips as I shake my head, excitation claw at my back as I stare toward my significant other. How, on Gods Grace of an worldly concern, was he allowed to dictate to me what I could and could n't do ? A little sigh leaves my lips, sitting down on my seam as I stare at the glasses clad boy who just sits at my desk, arms crossed . `` I ca n't do this anymore, '' I last speak up, shaking my drumhead, taking a deep breath as I make eye contact with the intimidating male, showing I meant it, `` I ca n't do this ! Kyoya, I ca n't do this anymore ! '' I had enough ... having to endure countless days, listening to Kyoya to not make him upset, reassuring him constantly that he was the only one for me, that I had loved him then much that it made my chest of drawers hurt. I had enough. Trying to move my schedule about therefore that Kyoya was there anytime I had a little concert in a local public house, or if I was the leading singer at balls and galas that the school ran for students or if I was at a birthday or funeral or wedding being a spark advance singer, making my schedule fit around his. Forcing myself to make indisputable he was felicitous when it was driving me harebrained ! He was a control freak ! And it had to stop ... `` What do you mean, you ca n't do this anymore ? '' Kyoya asks, pushing his glasses further across the bridge of his nose, `` I do n't see what the trouble is, ''
`` The problem, '' I breathe out, trying not to scream out my frustration and try to handle this in a more calm manner, `` Is that you 're trying to control me, ''
`` I 'm not, '' he replies glaring,
`` You are ! '' I groan, raising my voice gripping my weapon tightly, `` Kyoya ! This is absurd ! Every single time I talk to a guy, you get all possessive and needy ! You insult them and antagonise them ! You 're a second year for crying out loud ! ''
`` You 're my girlfriend, I 'm allowed to express my love for you, '' he says crossing his arms, `` You 're just being farcical, ''
`` Oh ! But it 's very well for you to flirt with umpteen girls at the host baseball club ! '' I yell, feeling frustrated
`` That 's just harmless, it means nothing, '' he says, walking toward me, taking my hand in his as he presses a snog to my frontal bone Sighing piano, I pull aside, yanking my bridge player away from his appreciation, shaking my promontory. Avoiding all eye reach with the older male, I look to the deck, heading to my bedroom door before opening it, leaving it open for him to leave, pointing to the hallway . `` I ca n't do this anymore, Kyoya ... '' I breathe, sighing softly, `` Please, leave my house ... ''
`` What are you doing ? '' He asks with wide eyes, `` Are you ending this ? ''
`` Yes, I 'm regretful ... but we 're through, '' I whisper, wiping my eyes
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