This is a request by lillian9017 My request is the reader is really close friends in the Host Club and is usually there helping them out with ideas and everything. Maybe one day, one of the guys gets sick so the reader has to fill in. I think one of the twins should be sick just for the fun of it but she's not going to get with them. I want Kyoya to get jealous nothing else and confessing out feelings Enjoy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Your POV Humming a soft tune, I stick my natural language out, the tip pointing toward the ceiling, as I begin to shade in where the shape of the clothes would fit among the model I had created, arrows pointing out of unlike sections, commenting on the type of fabric I would use, the type of stitching that would best fit the dress ampere well as colours, style and, of course, match. Saving Hikaru and Kaoru 's mother time and campaign, I politely offered to create and make a handful of costumes for the Host Club, bagging myself costumes for Tamaki, Kyoya and Haruhi, behave in take care that I had to design each and every costume to fit amongst their Host Club character. It was a challenge that I was volition to accept, wanting to help the Host Club. It was designs for a butler themed school term the males were hosting, Tamaki ( of course ) being the head butler, so I designed a dress suit and vest with his key signature rose in his front pocket . I planned on dying roses to fit each of their characters, an estimate I came up with myself. much like Renge, I was more a depart of the more managerial english of the Host Club. Often, I helped Kyoya with the numbers, sometimes I contributed a large summarize of money to help gain leverage for the club, a well as creating the scenery of the music room, costume designs, the actual costumes, the foods and the whole set up of the Host Club. Due to being on the more repository function of things, I frequently had to arrive early ( sometimes with Kyoya ) to help set up and make sure everything was arrant for the men and women involved . Smiling lightly as I finish the sketch, I place it on top of the other sketches, running my fingers through my hair's-breadth, plumping the volume up a bit and allowing atmosphere to slide through my tresses before resting them in my lap, leaning my kuki on my hand as the Hosts begin to fill into the room, wearing their normal uniform, nodding my way while Kyoya sits beside me, looking over the sketches . `` How are you this dawn, Kyoya - Senpai ? '' I ask smiling sweetly at him, `` Did you get enough sleep ? ''
`` I can in full function on three hours sleep, ( Y/n ), '' Kyoya hums pushing his glasses up, looking over his clipboard, `` How are you ? ''
`` I 'm bang-up, '' I reply, `` I have just finished the sketches for your themed costumes and I 'll make a start on them during the day, ''
`` commodity, '' Kyoya hums, sending me a little smile Whistling a small tune, I walk toward one of the second rooms to the music room, opening the closet door to reveal the satins and silks hanging upon the wall, grabbing my sewing kit out which laid happily on a shelf, I grab some black satin and some uncompromising fabric pulling them to a table in the corner of the room, well away from all the Host Club 's make going on, before grabbing some white chalk and my measure tool, marking out the shape and fit of the framework. Sticking some bobby pins in my hair so it does n't fall into my face. My sewing machine plugged in and at the quick to connect to fabrics and make them one . however, before I could continue, two pairs of feet stop before my table. Looking toward the owners, my eyes widen. It was the twins. It was n't anything excessively strange, they frequently greeted me individually from the others in the good morning due to their belated behaviour but Kaoru seemed paler than convention . `` Kaoru - kun ... are you okay ? You look pale, '' I hum lightly, standing up, grabbing a chair for him to sit down on, `` Kaoru are you pale ? ''
`` Yeah, he had a temperature this morning, I tried to get him to stay at home but, '' Hikaru begins, wrapping his arms around me from behind, `` You know his dedication toward his school assignment, ''
`` Right, '' I reply awkwardly, pulling away, sending him a friendly smile, `` Kaoru, if you 're ill you should n't be in, you could make some of the girls sick ... possibly even Hikaru, ''
`` I 'm regretful - Achoo ! '' Kaoru replies, sneezing rather adorably before wiping his nozzle with his handkerchief, `` possibly you could fill in for me ? ''
`` That 's a good mind, Kaoru, '' Hikaru hums, smirking my way, `` ( Y/n ) and I could partake in a double act, ''
`` But I have costumes to make, '' I reply, trying to get myself out of it however my morals were tugging at my brain

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