Y/N winced as he placed the ice battalion on his quickly swelling jaw. Another day at Ouran Academy meant another sidereal day of beatings for the ( h/c ) young man. He hated the school entire of ample people who thought they were better than he was just because he was there on a scholarship. It was one guy in particular, but others egged him on. Y/N 's only relief was the Host Club. The little group of boys took an sake in the newest student at Ouran. They were always kind to him and Y/N grew to care for them all like brothers. Except for one of them. Takashi Morinozuka, or Mori, had caught Y/N 's eye in a different way. Y/N in truth liked the improbable, silent third base year. Y/N knew he did n't stand a luck though. Who wanted to be with a guy that got beat up every day ? The following day, Y/N entered the school early so he could see the Hosts before class. That always seemed to make the days go by fast. `` What happened, Y/N/N-chan ? '' Honey asked when he saw the bruise on Y/N 's jaw. Y/N plainly shrugged and waved it off. `` It 's not important. What 's going on today ? '' Y/N listened intently to the hosts before the guests started coming in. He did n't realize that the object of his affection kept one eye on him at all times . Mori could n't seem to keep his eyes off the purple marker on Y/N. He knew it was n't nothing, like Y/N had said. person had done that to him. Mori knew there was a reason Y/N was always indeed reluctant to leave the Host Club and he was determined to find out why, today. That afternoon, when cabaret activities were over, Mori excused himself concisely after Y/N left. He went in search of the unseasoned world and what he found made his blood boil. Y/N was there, surrounded by a group of boys and while Y/N looked to be holding his own against a match of them, the majority of the boys were closing in and taking turns beating on Y/N. The normally calm and collect Mori immediately sprang into military action. He stepped in between Y/N and his attackers. The bullies gaped at the kendo champion and immediately left . Mori turned to Y/N and without a word, took him by the hand and lead him away. Y/n let the older boy drag him through the halls and second to Music Room # 3, which now stood empty. Once inside, Mori shut the door and took a deep breath. `` Thanks, Mori. You did n't have to do that, '' Y/N mumbled. Mori looked at him and smiled. `` I do n't like bullies, '' was all he said, but Y/N could hear the deeper mean of the words. Mori went to work taking care of all Y/N 's injuries. When he was done, Y/N smiled at looked into Mori 's onyx eyes . In a moment of uncharacteristic fearlessness, Y/N leaned up and pressed his lips to Mori 's. Mori wrapped his arms around Y/N without hesitation. The kiss was easy and sweetness, as if Mori was afraid of hurting Y/N. When the two boys parted, Y/N 's eyes were wide. Mori gave him another smile before letting fit of him and ruffling his hair. not another word was spoken as Mori took Y/N 's hand again and lead him from the music room and out to his limousine where Honey was waiting .

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