Also Happy New Year ^^ (Welcome 2016)
                           I'm sorry for the long wait but I had some business to take care of and for everyone who sent May-chan get well messages, May-chan is really thankful ^^ 
                           Anyway~ I HAVE COME BACK WITH A LEMON!! You may send your thanks later my nasties~ JK JK XD
                           I hope you enjoy, this will be my second time writing a lemon and I might be a bit rusty so please forgive me if it's really bad ^^; 
                           Hope you enjoy >:D
                           P.S: For those who don't remember the title is #2 but (lemon)~ The first My Little Bunny is on Drabble 27, the drabble was May-chan's idea but I'm borrowing it because it's so cute!!! BUNNY AND WOLF ^^ Sorry May-chan~. Anyway now that I'm done, let's get started!! 
                           Enjoy~ >:D
                           -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
                           `` Ohiyo Takashi '' You smiled as you were standing good in front man of the door as he opened it
                           `` O-Ohiyo. '' He avoided eye liaison as he passed by you but you did n't notice as you handed him a towel
                           `` Takashi I already got you a towel '' He thanked you before closing the door behind him and heading into the bathroom to take a shower
                           As you were making breakfast downstairs you started to heard a sudden thud upstairs making you fret devolve and wonder if Takashi was alright .
                           A couple of minutes late Takashi came downstairs with his hair and dock still soaking besotted making you fret drop and cursorily try to dry his haircloth and stern ,
                           (Remember he's like 6' 3" and you are like 5' 4" XD)
                           `` Takashi you 're going to catch a cold '' You giggled as you continued to dry off his chase but Takashi took the towel from your hands, 
                           `` Wari ... I 'll handle it. '' You looked at him confused but thought he was good still half-asleep like always
                           After a moment after drying off and putting on his shirt and joined you at the table for breakfast .
                           `` I made your favored today '' You smiled as you placed the plate of food down as the two of your started to eat
                           As you continued to eat you realized that Takashi was looking back and forth at his plate of food and at you but when he looked at you, his eyes were narrowed and you could see his finger was tapping the table
                           `` Takashi is something incorrect ? '' You asked confused as Takashi let out a watery smile and shook his head
                           `` I-it 's nothing. ''
                           `` Takashi ? ''
                           `` Gome ( Y/n ) -chan, I 'm going to head out first. Do n't leave the house. '' He got up and grabbed his scarf before heading out the door
                           `` Ta- '' The doorway was already closed as you stood there confused yet worried
                           'He didn't eat his breakfast.... he never says no to rice and miso...'
                           (Apparently he likes oriental foods :P) 
                           Night fell and Takashi was back from his 'watch ' as he shook off the rain before closing the door and taking off the scarf
                           `` Takashi okairi~ '' You smiled as you threw a towel on top of his head and head and handed him a chump of chocolate
                           `` Tadaimae ... ''

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