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A soft smile on her face can be seen from his not so discreet place peeking out from behind the door leading to the Black magic club.  She stopped visiting him, and he was beginning to worry. Until he heard her laugh sound throughout the Host Club. He should’ve figured. He should’ve known better. A girl as pretty and as, well, normal as herself wouldn’t dare bother with someone like himself once a member of the Host Club showed interest in her. Angry, the door slams dramatically behind him as he heads deep into the Black Magic club room feeling embarrassed.


Another day without her leaves him chewing the inside of his cheek inside of the candle lit room at school. He couldn’t place his finger on why he was so hell bent on her leaving him as if she were ever his to begin with, but he was. Seeing her smile into the violet eyes of Tamaki Suoh made his blood boil. Hearing her laugh at the sound of Mitsukuni Haninozuka’s whining made him cringe. He never had much of a reason to dislike the Host Club, hell he was pretty good friends with them if he did say so himself. But the thought of them taking her away from him made his body shake with hatred for the other teens.

Until the door to the Black Magic club slowly pushed open, and she stepped in.

“(Y/N),” His voice calls out almost desperately. “I haven’t seen you i-in a while.” The nervous feeling in his stomach makes his stutter. The candles illuminate her face, highlighting the sheepish smile on her lips.

“I’ve been visiting the Host Club.” She answers honestly.

He turns from her, going back to his place at a desk inside the room. “Why aren’t you there today?” He can hear her feet shuffling across the floor.

“Because I wanted to see you.” Her answer causes butterflies to fill Nekozawa’s stomach.

“Why?” A deep red blush graces his pale features.

“I needed to tell you something.” A sick feeling replaces those butterflies in the pit of the young man’s stomach, making him turn his body to look at her nervously. Every time someone needed to tell him something, bad news followed.

“W-what is it?”

A small, shy smile rests on her face as she looks away from him. “I noticed something while I was away from you.”

Every negative thing Nekozawa could ever think about himself began piling up inside his mind as excuses for her to break off their friendship right then and there, which is where the conversation was probably headed.

“I love you.” Her voice is quiet, but clear. A bashful smile covers the boy’s face but he can’t keep those words from leaving his mouth no matter how hard he tries.

“I love you too.”

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