When you meet + when he hangs out with you a lot + when he asks you out : You were walking the halls of your new school, everything was so bright and colorful, you hated it, you did n't hate the color, merely the light. You crept behind people to avoid the ignite, but adenine soon as the bell surround you were all by yourself, you started running to your next class until you tripped, no on your own animal foot but on a little handwriting caterpillar puppet, you picked it up and put it on your hand, you started playing with it until you realised you had to get to class, You stuffed the puppet in your bag and ran to class. After course had ended you followed the entirely people you had met and befriend back to their baseball club, when you entered you found out it was master of ceremonies club, you did n't actually care you precisely wanted some friends and somewhere to sit during lunch and rid periods. While the golf club was having a banter you saw a big door open eerily and a figure in a black cloak appear out of the door. You cursorily looked around at the other members who grabbed a flashlight and shine it at the figure .
                           `` Ahhhh ! ! You murders ! '' He screamed as he ran behind you
                           `` Hahaaha '' the twins cracked up laughing 
                           `` Umm Nekozawa-Senpai, do n't you normally have that guy puppet with you ? '' Haruhi asked peering behind you chair
                           `` That 's what I came to ask you about, I lost Beelzenef this dawn and ca n't find him '' he said about crying. You stood up grab your bag and took out the computerized tomography puppet in your bag. You crouched down next to him and asked :
                           `` Is, this what you looking for ? '' You said handing him the puppet
                           `` Uh '' He took the puppet and placed it on his hand, making the creature beckon and bow .
                           `` Hehehe, he 's so cunning '' you said giggling and blushing. At the instantaneous you finished saying that Nekozawa disappeared from your batch .
                           `` Uhhh did i say something wrong ? '' You asked looking at the horde members .
                           A few days had by since you last saw Nekozawa except for when you see him hiding in the shadows. You were sitting in the host club again campaign you had no were else to be and the only other people you knew at Ouran were in elementary school and Middle school. You were doing some revision for an approaching quiz when you felt a black figure appear behind you, you turned around to see Nekozawa. 
                           `` Oh, Hai Nekozawa '' you said slightly waving, He pulled out a professorship and sat next to you, you slightly blushed at this gesticulate and smiled at him. All the members of the horde club surrounded the both of you, you ignored it until the twins shone a flashlight at the both of you and smiled wickedly. You and Nekozawa hide in a corner together to hide from the flashlight, Nekozawa looked up to see you covering your face, Nekozawa quickly picked you up and took you through the large doors of which he emerged from. You opened your eyes to see that you were shrouded in darkness except for a Nekozawa who was sitting following to you with a dimly light candle .
                           `` O-oh, thank you Nekozawa '' You said bowing your question
                           `` Uh I 'm afraid that I do n't actually know your name '' he said smiling
                           `` Oh, right field, My identify Y/N L/N ''
                           `` I 'm Umehito Nekozawa, I 'm the captain of the black magic club '' he mubled the survive part thinking that you 'd fond it strange
                           `` A black charming clubhouse ... .Thats so cool ! '' 
                           `` R-really ''
                           `` Yeah, I did n't know this school had a black magic trick club, not many schools have one '' You said excitedly
                           `` Um, I do n't mean to see like a sneak but, Ever since I foremost met you, I 've been following you, B-but for a good reason ! I wanted to give you this '' He handed you a girlfriend version of Beelzenef .

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