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Kasanoda tenses as he reaches for the door to the host club. even after visiting Haruhi there several times over, he can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate seem to get used to the feel. If it wasn ’ metric ton for the fact that cipher else knew that Haruhi is a girl, he wouldn ’ t feel thus nervous about going to see her. All of the female students stare at him thus intently that it ’ s like being completely exposed. Above all else, that was the worst depart.

With a steadying breath occur and passed, he walks in and heads directly for where Haruhi sits waiting for him on the sofa.

She smiles upon seeing him. “ Hey, Kasanoda. How ’ ve you been ? It must be a week since you were stopping point here. ”

He blushes immediately, his leg shake as he sits down. “ H-hey, Haruhi. Yeah, a week phone right. I ’ m o. H-how have you been ? ”

Haruhi chuckles at his common offish demeanor as she pours each of them a cup of chocolate. “ I ’ ve been beneficial. Things around here have been pretty busy though, what with the new master of ceremonies and all. ”

A sip of coffee bean puts him more at relief. He authentically sounds curious when he asks, “ You guy brought in a newfangled server ? ”

“ Well, I should say ‘ hostess. ’ ” She nods over at a table entire of unseasoned men. At the lead of the round board you sit, giggling with your patrons. “ Kyoya was hoping to ‘ widen our audience. ’ ”

“ Oh. ” A female host. technically, they already had one of those. however, he understood that no one wanted to out her as a girl. They had come thus far. Alerting everyone immediately to the fact that she is female would only make matters worse. They would have an hubbub on their hands. Of course, he is not mindful that possibly there are other reasons she can not be exposed.

“ Her diagnose ’ sulfur ( Y/n ) ( L/n ). She ’ s very cool and very nice. ”

“ Huh… ” The longer he stares at you, the more he can ’ thyroxine shake this impression that possibly he has seen you before.

~^~*Time Skip*~^~

Since Kasanoda constantly booked the last appointment of the day, he could take his time alternatively of rushing out to leave and make way for the adjacent customer. once he helps Haruhi clean up the tea set—against her wishes—he decides to introduce himself to the newest member. It would be the civilized thing to do.

You are in the middle of clearing your table when the red-headed son approaches. His awful appearance doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate affect you in the flimsy. You ’ ve seen bad.

His boldness flush, matching his hair’s-breadth, before he can manage to get a word out.

You give a respectful bow and smile. “ You must be Haruhi ’ s ally Basanova. Everyone here speaks identical highly of you. ”

Tensing, he tries to hold back the irritation at hearing that dazed nickname. He assumes you were plainly misinformed by the twins or possibly that idiot Tamaki. “ actually, it ’ south Kasanoda. ”

The glare you shoot in Kaoru and Hikaru ’ mho direction as they snicker to themselves in the corner disappears equally soon as you return your attention to the man in front man of you. “ I ’ molarity regretful for the mistake. It ’ mho decent to meet you all the same. ” You go binding to clean. The oklahoman you have everything over at the sink, the sooner you can finish the dishes.

Sensing your dutiful discipline of think, he picks up the empty flatware hors d ’ oeuvre tray and trails behind you to the kitchen.

A grateful grin easily reaches your lips as you place the tea set down on the antagonistic to accept the carrier. “ Thank you for your assistant. You didn ’ t have to do that. ”

“ I don ’ triiodothyronine mind. ”

Your smile entirely grows at his altruistic attitude. Haruhi mentioned that he was precisely like Okinawa dango, crisp on the external, yet sweet at its congress of racial equality. It ’ randomness difficult to believe that he could ever be mistaken for a hood.

While you start off on washing the dishes, Ritsu awkwardly leans back against the counter, his arms folded tightly across his chest of drawers. “ So… what class are you in ? I mean, if you don ’ thyroxine mind me asking. ” Why would she mind you asking, you idiot? That stuff’s common knowledge.

“ I am technically a second year student, but this is actually my beginning here at Ouran Academy. ”

“ Really ? ”

You nod as you set the clean teapot on the dry entangle. “ Mhm. I moved here a little over a month ago from America, not long after the begin of the raw term. ”

America … The password brings back a few spread memories from his childhood, but he was indeed young at the time that he can barely hold on to them as they pass through his mind. “ That ’ sulfur weird… I don ’ t remember hearing about any extraneous change students. ” But then again, he didn ’ metric ton precisely make a habit of care, unless that scholar had deeply rooted gang ties. Judging from the absolutely primped yellow dress you are sporting, that component does not apply.

The water hits the bottomland of the sink without obstruction as you pause to look up at him in storm. A calm grin reaches your eyes at the remember. “ That ’ s… refreshing. I was beginning to think that everybody knew about me. ” You return to the smasher at hand while you continue, “ To be honest, it can be rather overwhelming. ” Whenever a scholar would come up to you in fear, more were certain to follow. For such a simple thing as being from another country… it seems then absurd. It made you wonder if that ’ s how all these rich people felt when they went in public. act people stop them and gush frilled words of wonder ? Did they actually mean them ?

~^~*Time Skip*~^~

Amidst your usual host duties the surveil day, you happen to notice a certain red-headed visitor sitting over at Haruhi ’ sulfur board. Two days in a row. You suppose that makes sense. According to the host clubhouse ’ s… unique self-proclaimed director, Kasanoda had once tried to profess his love for her. The very thought of unanswered love makes your kernel ache. He must truly love her.

This is gonna drive me insane. I know I’ve seen her before! From the moment he had walked into Music Room # 3 and saw your side, he hasn ’ t been able to think about anything else. The previous nox had been spent in a similar fashion, his mind gyrate as he laid in seam. Why can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate he remember ? He doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even know why it bothers him thus much, merely that he wants to know the answer right now. yesterday would have been better.

“ Kasanoda ? ”

“ Hmm ? ” He peers down at Haruhi, lone now realizing that she ’ five hundred been calling his name. “ Uh… Sorry, Fujioka ! What were you saying ? ”

“ I was asking if you wanted something eat. ” She smirks wittingly as she hands him his teacup. “ What are you thinking about ? You were staring at ( Y/n ). ”

A dry, nervous laugh muddles his defense mechanism. “ N-no I wasn ’ t… ”

She chuckles. “ Yeah, o. ”

Flushed and eager to change the subject, he takes a sip of his coffee bean and spits out the first thing that comes to mind. “ I heard the supermarket is selling discount kernel. ”

Her construction lights up in an instant. “ You ’ re right ! I could credibly buy some chicken and make hiyashi chuka. ” Calculations ran through her head and across her face like a teleprompter. “ Which means I ’ ll have to pick up some cucumbers, carrots, bolshevik ginger… ”

Phew… Crisis averted. She would likely bring it up former, but at least her attention had been temporarily redirected.

~^~*Time Skip*~^~

As the day before, Ritsu quickly helps Haruhi clear the table before he approaches.

“ H-hey, ( L/n ). Lem me get that for you. ” alternatively of plainly taking the tiered display, he hooks his fingers through the manage before grabbing the ash grey tea tray ampere well, leaving you with nothing.

Your smile promptly disappears. “ Wait, are you certain ? I can carry something. ” Without think, you touch his arm to stop him.

The tea set rattles due to his shaking limbs. “ No, it ’ south okay. ” He does wholly he can to keep his eyes forward. Somehow, he knows that if he looks at you directly, he ’ ll miss control of his hands and everything will shatter.

He brings the dishes to the kitchen and you trail behind with care-laden steps.

The choice of cleaning conversation hasn ’ thyroxine improved since yesterday. You repeat the questions that he gave to you. He ’ s from Class 2-D and that ’ s about vitamin a much as you can get out of him.

Once you dry and put away the dishes, Ritsu shuffles out with you into the main part of the music room, his hands casually tucked away in his pants ’ pockets.

Immediately, he notices the strange silence and jerks his point from side to side to investigate. “ Where did everybody go ? ”

You glance up from your focal point along the shock and frown. sure enough, all of your friends have disappeared. “ They must have gone home. ” The clock in the court confirms your suspicions. It ’ sulfur getting former.

A decrescendo of repress chuckles turns your attention to one of the pillars at the far end of the room.

“ What was that ? ” asks Kasanoda.

When you look that way, you see a tuft of blond hair sticking out from behind. Did they honestly think I wouldn’t notice them? You shake your headway and catch improving to Ritsu. “ I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate listen anything. ”

He nods without meeting your gaze. “ so are you heading home ? ”

You sling your pocket over your shoulder and grin at the obvious question. “ Yes. ”

“ then I ’ ll walk with you. If that ’ mho approve ! ” He freaks out for a moment, but contains the crazy with his tense neck muscles and besotted lips.

It ’ s hard not to laugh, but you do your best to hold most of it in. “ You don ’ triiodothyronine even know how far away it is. ”

Kasanoda shoulders perceptibly drop along with the contour of his face.

The expression makes you want to give him a embrace. “ I mean, american samoa long as you don ’ thymine mind a farseeing walk you can— ”

“ C-cool. ” Shakily, he offers his arm out to you, just like he ’ sulfur seen in the movies.

You gently wrap your arm around his and head for the door. Despite what everyone says, he’s actually quite adorable. not that you put much credenza into the common chitchat of the other students. They are normally wrong.

As the two of you leave together, you glance binding into the room at the column acting as your friends ’ hiding invest. You will let them have this one.

even after the door closes, everyone stays precisely where they are, crouched or standing in arrange to fit closely together.

Tamaki smirks triumphantly. “ We did it, men. She didn ’ t even notice we were here. ” The twins hum in agreement, nodding in unison.

Haruhi gives him a pitying count. “ Yeah… Somehow I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think so. ” They obviously are not listening to her, but she was correctly and that ’ s all that matters.

~^~*Time Skip*~^~

even after you and Kasanoda reach the outdoors, neither of you make a be active to unlink your arms from one another. In fact, you can slowly feel his biceps relaxing.

The sun lento sets with each pace you take. For a while, cipher speaks.

But then Ritsu is merely working up the courage. There is something he ’ second been meaning to ask you and there ’ s no better meter than immediately. “ So… I have to be honest… You look in truth familiar. I ’ ve been trying to remember where I might have seen you before, but it ’ s not ampere easy as I thought. ”

You take a long search at his face before shaking your head. “ Sorry, I don ’ metric ton remember always meeting you before yesterday. ” When you look back to the sidewalk, you casually point at the approaching corner. “ My house is just around the recess. ”

His eyes widen at the familiar batch and he stops. “ That ’ s it ! ”

“ What ’ s what ? ”

“ When I was younger, possibly seven or eight, my dad forced me to come with him when he went to America for a… business meeting. Since he was off at his conference, I wandered around by myself and wound up getting lost. I didn ’ t in truth mind at first, but then it started getting benighted and I wondered if I would find my way back in time. ”

“Man, Dad’s gonna kill me when he gets back. Well, it’s his own damn fault for leaving me by myself!” Young Ritsu looks around at his surroundings and frowns. He’d managed to get himself so lost that right now he’s standing in the middle of a town outside the city, his chaperone long gone. At a crossroads, he stays along the sidewalk and looks at the street signs. Then he frowns even deeper, wondering how he ever would have thought that would help. It’s not like he’d recognize any of the street names.

“You lost?”

When he turns around, there’s a girl standing there with long (h/c) hair, not much shorter than he is. He rustles up his English and replies, “No. I’m just walking back to my hotel. It’s… This way.” He starts walking in the direction he thinks he came from with confident strides.

“If you’re looking for your hotel, the city is that way.” She points to the right with a smirk. “You are lost, aren’t you?”

“I said I’m not lost! Ah!” he growls.

The girl doesn’t move an inch and simply crosses her arms. “Yeah. You may think you look tough, but you’re not scaring me.” She turns the way she had directed to him and waves him over, smiling all the while. “Come on, then. We ought to get you back before sundown.”

He growls again, but walks alongside her, regardless of his protests.

A few minutes later, they arrive in front of the Grand Hotel—the name of which Ritsu could only remember a big “G” which they put on the front.

The girl smiles and waves as she starts walking away. “Take care of yourself. And try not to get lost again!”

He scoffs and heads inside, grumbling, “I wasn’t lost… I would have gotten back eventually.” When he looks back, the girl is gone.

You stare in awe as Kasanoda recounts the narrative. “ Wow. You surely have an amazing memory. I merely wish I could remember it. ”

Disappointment and embarrassment quarrel for the limelight on his face. “ It ’ s all right. It was a long clock time ago. ”

After wrapping your arm around his once more, you continue around the corner and off towards your house. “ Well, it surely sounds like me. You in truth aren ’ t chilling at all. If you are chilling, then sol are puppies or… I don ’ thymine know. Sunlight. ” By the time you are done roll, the two of you make it to the old-time front gate enclosing the thousand. “ well, this is my barricade. Thanks for walking me home. ” You let go of his arm and lift the gate ’ south latch.

“ Yeah, no problem. ” His eyes flash towards the door. then he bursts out, “ ( L/n ). ”

You pivot on your heels and grin. “ Hmm ? ”

“ Do you think… I mean would you like to maybe hang out with me sometime… ? ” Each millisecond that passes feels like an hour to him. No, idiot! Why would she want to hang out with you? She probably has so many other things she would rather—

“ Sure. ”

It takes him a second to realize what you merely said. “ Wait, seriously ? ”

Giggling ensues. “ Yeah. It ’ ll be fun. ”

The two of you wish each other good night and while you head inside, he smiles to himself. He couldn ’ t have hoped for a better ending to his day. possibly there will be many more good days to look forward to.

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