***Takashi Morinozuka x Reader***
                           Hello Minna, I 'm back with a new 7 minutes in heaven fanfic. As the title says, the following person is Takashi. He 's my personal front-runner. I love this guy. For my Mori fans out there, this is for you guys ! I hope you guy delight ! !
                           nervous you dug through the hat and pulled out a plunder imperial and black tie. You held it up and Tamaki nodded. Honey said excitedly, `` Takashi, she got your thing. '' You froze when you saw him staring at you. A blush unfold over your cheeks at his unwavering gaze. He stood and walked over to you. 
You stood vitamin a well and headed for the closet. Renge was giving you a smug look and you rolled your eyes. As you came close she whispered, `` You 're welcome. '' She winked at you and you shushed her.

Stepping in and moving to rest against the wall you saw Mori make his way inside american samoa well. Renge closed the door lento saying, `` 7 minutes you two. Have fun ! ! '' The doorway closed and all you saw was darkness. You both sat in silence for what seemed like everlastingly. ultimately, breaking the secrecy, you say, `` Uhh, Mori-senpai ? '' You hear a deep `` Hmm ? '' from in front of you and you wonder where he is. You say, `` D-do you want to do s-something ? '' He was silent for a long fourth dimension. Afraid you 'd said the wrong thing you say cursorily, `` I-I think of it 's no boastful deal. We do n't have to do anything. If you do n't want excessively. ''

He was silent. then you heard footsteps. They sounded like they were moving near. Unsure what was going to happen you stand stock distillery waiting.
The legal of his footsteps seemed to go on for an eternity, but it was truly for alone a pair seconds. then they stopped. You felt arms at your waist as they pulled you against a hard body. then a hand cupped your cheek. You looked up at him saying softly, `` Mori-senpai ? '' You felt his lips brush yours. `` Takashi. '' You blushed and said, `` T-Takashi. ''

You felt him smile then he bent pressing his lips to yours. You stood fast for a copulate seconds trying to process what was happening. Was Mori-senpa-, I mean Takashi kissing me ? You kissed him back after getting over the shock. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you sighed into the kiss.

He pulled you tighter against him, one of his hands sliding up to rest between your shoulder blades. You felt his tongue trail over your lips, asking to be let in. Parting your lips he slipped his tongue inside with an expertness that both shock and aroused you. His lips were piano like feathers, his tongue like satin ; it glided through your sass touching on places you never knew were there.

You felt your toes curling in your shoes. Your breathe grew heavier as your body started to respond to his adept tongue. Your torso felt like jello, your leg weakening. Takashi was decidedly a thoroughly kisser. therefore good, that your panties were practically soaked, from fair a kiss. Your take care began to wonder what else he could do . then, you felt him take your hands and pin them above your head. He bent to your neck and about as if he knew, kissed right on your sweet spot. You shivered moaning surprised that he had n't even needed to search for it. He bite polish, soothing it with his tongue. then he started sucking and you began to moan . You pressed your legs together tight to try and cool devour. not liking this, Takashi spread your legs moving between them and pressed his hips into yours. You gasped when you felt something hard rub against you between your legs . Moaning at the intense pleasure tingling through your nerves you started to move your hips with his. He moaned grinding hard against you. You cried his name as one of his hands slid to your butt and pressed you harder against him. You cried his name and he picked you up and you wrapped your legs around him. He kept grinding against you as his hands moved to your shirt cursorily taking it off, your brassiere soon following. His mouth went to one of your nipples and he suckled hingrily. You shuddered your fingers lacing through his hair. He sucked at one, while his other hand still gripped your butt. He squeezed gently making you gasp. He came back up kissing you as you started unbuckling his pants. He kept grinding against you and you shivered . When his pants were undone you felt Takashi pulled away enough to pull himself out of his pants. You wrapped your hand around him gasping at how big he was ; and unvoiced. You pumped him a copulate times and he groaned making you frisson. You liked hearing him. then he pressed himself to your entrance and asked, `` Is this o ? '' You said hoarsely, `` I want you Takashi. nowadays. '' He smirked and grabbed your hips steadying himself. then he pumped into you. You gasped at the pain ; you felt like you were being ripped overt. He stayed placid, letting you adjust to him. When you were ready, you told him to move. Sliding out of you until the tap remained, he pumped back into you. You groaned at the pleasure of him being inside you. He started to move at a fast pace and you moved with him moaning his diagnose. Little did you know that two rust haired boys were listening in . **Outside the closet** Tamaki was tapping his foot looking at his watch. `` What are they doing in there ? They 're over ten minutes already. on the spur of the moment they heard a shout from inside, along with some heavy breathe. Kyoya looked up from his laptop and said, `` Does that answer your doubt ? '' Tamaki stood blushing a deep bolshevik . Honey was sitting with a group of girls eating a firearm of coat when he said, `` We should good leave them alone, Takashi 's in truth in love with that female child. So is she. '' The twins nodded together and Tamaki stared at them all as if they had two heads. `` Have you no decency ? It 's a cupboard. They should n't be doing, erbium, those things in a cupboard ! ! I 'm going to stop them. '' The twins stepped in front of him and said, `` now boss, final clock we checked you came out of the closet looking very disgraceful. What was it you were doing in there ? '' Tamaki blushed bright bolshevik. `` N-none of your blasted business ! ! '' He stormed off, and the twins having accomplished their mission sat down.
Renge was sipping at her tea. She looked over at the twins and winked. They gave her the hitchhike up and walked back to their seats. Renge sat her cup down and said, `` good, since their busy, let 's use another wardrobe shall we ? '' She picked up the hat and started shuffling it again . ***Back inside the closet*** Takashi pumped bass and firm into you groaning at the way your hips moved and how fast you were squeezing him. Your moans were raising in octave as he pounded into you over and complete. `` Takashi, I 'm gon sodium ... '' He said through clenched teeth, `` Me excessively. '' He drove trench into you over and over until you hit your climax. You came with another scream as he thrust a few more times, then spilled into you with a long groan. He drew out your climaxes vitamin a long as he could then he pulled out of you. Letting you back down you leaned against the wall breathing heavily. He was incredible . He moved like a pro. Your legs buckled and Takashi caught you and held you against him bridal style. `` ( Y ? N ) '' You said in a sleepy voice, `` Hmm ? '' He pressed a kiss to your frontal bone and whispered, `` There 's something I 've been meaning to tell you. '' You say sleepily, `` Go ahead. '' He cupped your cheek bringing your face up to his and pressed a offer kiss to your lips. It was a long fresh kiss. When he pulled back he said, `` I love you. '' Your eyes widened at his words and you said, `` I love you excessively Takashi. '' He smiled in the darkness and pressed another kiss to your lips. You lay your head against his chest of drawers snuggling up to him as he opened the door. Everyone looked over at you. Kyoya was the first to speak. `` Welcome binding. '' You blushed deep bolshevik and buried your font in his neck. He carried you over to where Honey was sitting. still sitting on his lap you turned to look at Honey.
He was staring at the two of you with an adoring expression. `` You guys look indeed cute together. '' Takashi looked down at you with a flimsy smile and said, `` Yeah. '' You smiled back reaching up to give him a small peck on the impudence. The girls awed around you guys reminding you that you had an hearing. As they game progressed you stayed in Takashi 's arms they whole time. Some time belated you feel asleep and when the game was over he took you back to his seat where you guys slept together, in each others arms . ***************************************************************************************************************
I hope you guys enjoyed that. I was n't in truth expecting it to turn into a lemon but it did. Sorry if you do n't like it. Comment and review please. I 'd love that very much peoples. aloha ! !

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