( a/n : This is my foremost male ! lector. It was a request from one of my followers on Tumblr. )
                           Y/N huffed as he pulled his hood up. He 'd been trying to escape a gaggle of adolescent girls all day. He wandered through the halls of Ouran Academy waiting for his tease to come get him. `` Oh, Y/N ! There you are ! '' a feminine voice called out to him. He groaned before turning approximately to greet the girl with a juke smile plastered in his face. `` Where have you been ? '' He sighed. He truly hated this. He knew that girls found him attractive. not that he was arrogant, but girls had always fawned over him. 
( Y/F/N ) ( Y/L/N ) had ( h/l ) ( h/c ) hair's-breadth and ( e/c ) orbs that you could drown in. He was tall and slender, but not besides sparse. He turned to the girlfriend and said flatly, `` I have to study. I 'll see you belated. '' He turned away and walked a cursorily as he could without running. He rounded a corner and made his direction to the nearest door. `` An abandon music room ? '' He opened it and was showered with rose petals. `` welcome, '' a chorus of voices said. Y/N gaped openly for a consequence before clearing his throat. `` Oh, it 's a boy, '' Haruhi said before returning to her duties. Kyoya smirked, `` This is ( Y/F/N ) ( Y/L/N ). He 's a first year student here at Ouran. My studies show that a daughter professes her love for Y/N at least once a week. '' Y/N looked down at his shoes nervously. Tamaki gasped and his purple eyes went wide. `` He would make a perfect addition to the Host Club ! '' he cried causing Y/N to jerk his point up . `` No ! '' The hosts all gave him looks of shock. `` Sorry, I just ... I spend every day avoiding all the fan girls. I do n't want anymore. '' Tamaki scoffed thinly and said, `` But why ? That 's what makes being an attractive male worthwhile. To have beautiful ladies adoring you. '' Y/N met the blond 's eyes before saying, `` Yeah well I do n't like all the care. '' Over the future respective weeks, Tamaki did and said everything he could think of to get Y/N to join the host cabaret. `` Tamaki-Senpai, I said no ! '' Y/N ultimately snapped at the older boy making the other hosts gasp. People identical rarely yelled at Tamaki. `` Alright. Alright, but could you at least tell me why ? '' Y/N sighed. He decided that he needed to tell them the secret he barely told anyone. It was n't that he was ashamed, army for the liberation of rwanda from it. He was merely a secret person. `` Look chap, I do n't like girls. not that way. '' His revelation was met with silence. `` Just..forget it, '' Y/N said grabbing his jacket and moving for the exit. `` No, Y/N delay, '' Tamaki said. Y/N turned back to the second class. `` Why did n't you tell us ? I would n't have bothered you so a lot, '' Tamaki continued with a smile. Honey agreed and said, `` Yeah, it 's not like we care if you like boys or girls. We barely want to get to know you. To be your friend Y/N/N-chan. `` /N 's lips upturned slenderly. `` It 's not like I hide it. No one ever thinks to ask me though, '' he said with a shrug and left the room. `` I find it hard to believe none of you noticed, '' Kyoya said coolly. `` You knew ? ! '' Tamaki exclaimed, `` then why did n't you say anything. Were you trying to make me look unintelligent ? '' Kyoya smirked and retorted, `` You do n't need any help from me. '' *time skip because I can* Tamaki was beginning to feel a curious tug in his breast whenever he was approximately Y/N. He had become fascinated with the new man. finally, flush Tamaki had to admit he had a jam on the ( h/c ) boy. He wanted to get to know him even more, possibly even go on a few dates. Tamaki began to spend every moment that he was n't in course with Y/N. That is, he did until Y/N became fishy and slightly annoyed . `` Tamaki-Senpai, dude what are you doing ? '' Tamaki cocked his head to the side like a puppy. `` What do you mean ? '' Y/N rolled his eyes. `` You 've been following me around. You always seem to be there even when you should be at the Host Club. '' Tamaki blushed furiously. He had n't realized that Y/N would be paying that much attention or that it would bother him so. For once, smooth-talking Tamaki could n't seem to form a complete conviction. `` well ... you see ... I ... '' Tamaki stuttered out. `` For good sake, Tamaki-Senpai ! Spit it out ! '' Purple eyes met ( e/c ) ones and he told Y/N, `` I like you. I like you a lot. I 've never felt like this about a son before. '' Y/N smiled and wrapped his branch around Tamaki 's shoulder. `` Let 's lecture about it over coffee, okay ? '' Tamaki 's face turned an tied brighter shade of red as he walked out of Ouran Academy with the younger male child .

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