This is a request by fire37388 Tamaki x Reader lemon
Where Tamaki and reader don't get along because reader thinks he's annoying and the reader is the only one that manages to get on his nerves. One day, she makes a comment to him when they get locked in a room together and Tamaki shows the reader why he's the host club king (and reader doesn't give in so easily). Warning : Sexual Content! Fingering! Dirty talk! Daddy kink! Enjoy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Your POV Taking an annoyed hint through my nose, I look between the blackboard and my workbook, copying down the notes needed while repeating them in my head to try and make them stick. My pen trying to get the notes down a quick as possible before the teacher coldheartedly wipes them off, never to be seen again. A little groan leaves my lips as I end up spelling a discussion incorrectly, cursing under my breath as I scramble through my pencil subject to find the white-out. Why did English have so much eminence taking ? Why did I flush choose this topic ? ! Why could n't I have chosen art ? urgently, I look toward the clock, much screaming at it internally to go faster. Five more minutes. That was n't long. Thank god ! My eyes madly swallowing each and every word written on the board as I try to finish my notes on the Shakespearean novel we had just finished read. My mind boggle as each word goes in one ear and out the early. thankfully, and not a minute sooner, the bell rings, dragging me out of the endless expiate that was English. A small sigh of relief leaving my lips as I slam my book close and shove it into my bag, running my fingers through the ( h/c ) tresses of my hair to try and calm the anxiety flutter in my digest. I hated school. I could n't wait until it was over and I could leave this hell . A modest giggle catches my attention, a frown play on my boldness as yet another lovesick puppy twirls her hair's-breadth around her index while the over dramatic blond care seeker chats her up. My eyebrow twitching as I hear yet another disgustingly sweet giggle leave the girls lips, her eyes dazzling with gloat as she realises that the Tamaki Suoh from the Host Club was chatting her up . How desperate can one person be ? Setting their bar so low to think that Tamaki would be the best person to get under . Rolling my eyes, I shove my pencil character into my bag along with my urine bottle before swinging my bag over my shoulder, brushing down the skirt of my dress with a small busyness. My eyes scanning over my desk promptly to make certain I left nothing before walking toward the doorway. Cursing under my breath as I realise Tamaki and his little lemming are right by it. I really could n't be asked with Tamaki today . I do n't know what it is that riles me but Tamaki good rubs me up the wrong way. Setting up a cabaret just so you can flirt and play some girls hearts. How desperate can one guy get ? He just annoys the know daylights out of me. He 's so melodramatic that it hurts to even listen to him sometimes. He calls his clients ridiculous pet names like 'Princess ' which fair makes me want to throw up. Calling himself a 'King ' or making some people call him 'daddy ' . Whether it was a curl or not, I have no clue, but the pride behind being called dad was preferably infuriating. What guy in their right judgment would want every girl under the sunday to call them daddy ? Would n't he be embarrassed ?
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