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“ A new member ? ” Haruhi asked curiously.

“ That is correct, ” Kyoya stated. A small smile began to spread on his confront. “ I noticed the twins have n’t been getting a lot attention recently so I found person to join them. ” Said twins looked at each other and shrugged. They could care less.

“ so … It ‘ll be them acting the lapp way but to another person ? ”

“ Yes. ”

“ It was my theme ! ” Tamaki exclaimed happily as he waved from the other english of the room. “ But you ‘ve never come up with good ideas before, ” the twins said in unison. Tamaki let out a dramatic shortness of breath and started to sulk in a corner. Mushrooms soon began to grow.

“ actually it was his theme this time, ” Kyoya said sedately. “ I precisely happen to know person who ‘d be perfect for it. A year ago a young man became indebted to me so why not have him pay it back now ? ” Haruhi was n’t tied surprise. “ I just feel bad for the ridicule, ” she muttered.

“ thus when will Usa-chan and I have a new friend ? ” Honey asked excitedly. Kyoya smirked and pushed up his glasses. “ soon. ”

only when the host club was outdoors did everyone understand what he meant. Hikaru was the first to notice the new member enter the room and was immediately surprised at how beautiful the boy was. His ( e/c ) eyes searched around the room cashbox they settled on him. A smile was sent his manner.

“ Hikaru what are you looking at ? ”

Kaoru frowned at his brother who just looked at him dumbly. “ Huh ? ” Before an argument could happen a boy around their senesce sat on Kaoru ‘s lick. “ Hello Kaoru-kun, ” he said happily before kissing his buttock. A hush fell around the room as the many girls stared in shock absorber. on the spur of the moment they began squealing and having nosebleeds.

Kaoru himself was a blushful mess. How did the raw host know which duplicate was which ? A soft laugh left the body above him. “ I heard you call the other one Hikaru, ” the boy purred into his auricle before pulling aside alone to kiss Hikaru ‘s impudence and say hello to him ampere well.

Kyoya smirked from where he sat. Asking ( y/n ) to do this will decidedly bring in more money for the Host Club. Soon girls were excitedly talking to the modern host while he blushed and stuttered when ‘private ‘ questions were asked. “ so ( y/n ) -kun have you been with the twins for long ? ” one asked excitedly. “ no he has n’t, ” Kaoru sated. “ But he is already sharing our bed, ” Hikaru finished, earning squeals from the girls. The twins had easily adapted to having a third member.

After some more annoying and a few surprise kisses the girls were ushered out so the club could close it ‘s doors. ( Y/n ) sighed and shot a glare at a smirking Kyoya. “ You owe me big time, asshole, ” he growled, earning looks of surprise from the others. “ Ah, but ( y/n ) -san you ‘re doing this as a favor for me. ” Another curse son left the boy ‘s lips before he turned his glare onto the Hitachiins and smirked.

“ Hope you boys did n’t get used to that disgustingly sweetness dissemble. Pretty soon the two of you will be obeying me like well little pets. ”

No one could say a thing as ( y/n ) left. Kaoru and Hikaru were a blush mess but urgently tried to hide it. What had Kyoya gotten them into ?

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