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Two post it notes, one blue and one pink, stuck together ? What … ? Kiri grinned “ Well, well ( Name ) looks like you have two partners rather of one ! ~ ” … What ? ! “ Wait Kiri what do you mean by two ? Do n’t you mean one ? ” You spoke up confused. badly one partner is adequate she ‘s not truly going to give me two is she ? Kiri grinned, “ Well It would have been just one but … well these items belong to the twins. “ … TWINS?! “ Yep twins ! ~ You truly lucked out, these guys know how to treat the ladies. They go to that deep school you know, Ouran. yea and they ‘re a part of the host club there indeed do n’t worry about a thing they ‘ll treat you right.~
Kiri you evil mind lector, you ‘re enjoying this way excessively much … but, she did say that they were hosts so, maybe it wo n’t be besides bad. Blushing at the think of politic prince-like quality appearing before you for your turn. You didn’t notice twin devious grins that were being sent your way, the culprits why the troublemaking devil type twins themselves ! They took in the sight of the supporter Kiri had told them about and they have to say that you were even cuter than she had said.
soft looking ( H/L ) ( H/C ) hair styled in what seemed to them your favorite way was framing your ( S/C ) face. Your expressive ( E/C ) eyes showed at the moment you were lost in idea and the blush helped them figure out what those thoughts just might be. Oh yes Kiri did n’t do enough judge at all.~
Taking this time to get you in the water closet Kiri looked over at the twins and sent them a crafty grin which they in turn matched with their own. Taking your hands in their own you never noticed when Kiri left your side and was replaced with Hikaru and Kaoru ‘s rather. Grinning the two of them led you into the wardrobe, which Kiri closed while mouthing seven minutes starting now, and set you in a comfortable position between them.
Which at this clock time you ultimately noticed where you were and who you ‘re with. Flustered you took in their appearance as they whispered to themselves. They ‘re grandiloquent that ‘s for sure, you guessed between 5’9-11, much taller than your measly height of ( Height ) and from what you could tell reasonably lean. Though you could be wrong about body character considering they ‘re wearing their school uniform. They both have short and somewhat-messy auburnish orange hair and pale skin with amber colored eyes. Which were focused on you, now that you last noticed.
One of the twins spoke up ” Well it looks like our princess has stopped daydreaming it seems, right Kaoru ? ” The match identified as Kaoru answered with a devious grin ” indeed Hikaru and you know what that means.~ ” They turned towards you “ Our bend starts ! ~ ” You opened your mouth to speak up only to be silenced by Hikarus lips being pressed against yours. Your blush returned as you felt Kaorus hands slide up your sides trailing them lazily against you as he pressed his mouth against your neck sucking it lightly as he did. Flustered all you could do is roll with what was going on.
Feeling daring you took the kiss deep and smiled in pleasure at the groan Hikaru gave you. not to be out done Kaoru brought his hands higher towards your chest transport tingles throughout your body and shivered as you felt him lightly bite the shell of your auricle. Kaoru raised his right field hand to your kuki fetch towards his face causing Hikaru to pout for a second before he distracted himself by running his hands over your body. Biting your brim lightly Kaoru brought you into another deep kiss. Too endow in each others bodies none of you noticed that the doorway had opened and that Kiri was standing at the entrance with a smirk on her face.
She closed the door with a shaking her forefront and called out to the lie of the partygoers. “ Alright everyone we ‘re gon na have to use the other cupboard this one ‘s ” She grinned wide, “ Ah out of order.~ ” Ignoring the questions of how the hell a closet could be out of order. Kiri walked back up to the closet door and taped a gestural on it. Out of rate ascribable to successful pairing please use another closet. Kiri let out a laugh at the sound of a groan.

Twins got tantalum love em ‘.

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