This is a request by PokemonTrainerSakura Can you do a oneshot with Hikaru x reader? The reader had her heart broken many times since the reader was ten years old. When Hikaru and Kaoru were playing the game 'which one is Hikaru?' game with the other girls. The reader gets upset and goes for a walk and Hikaru caught up to her and tells her that he's sorry and that he loves her. Lemon scene. Enjoy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Your Pov Unlike most girls, I did n't truly like the server clubhouse that Tamaki Suoh leave. To be honest, they all dally, trying to get your hopes up by making you think that they actually like you but then shoot you down as they tell you their appointment with you has expired and that another female child, that 's credibly prettier than you, takes your stead. In my opinion, it 's all bogus, they 're equitable doing it for attention and sexual love, trying to find happiness with girls all around them gushing over their prettiness ( if they 're Honey and Kaoru ), fanning themselves because they 're hot ( Kyoya, Mori and Hikaru ) or doing both ( Tamaki ) . My opinion may be biased, though, due to having boys tear my affection apart in the by. I 'd fall in love with one boy, thinking that we were meant to be, before tearing their confront into bantam small shreds when I find them cheating or when they break up with me. I grew up at the age of fifteen, after having my heart being smashed into twenty dollar bill pieces each time, and lost my hope in lots of boys ( the master of ceremonies baseball club in particular ) . then when my friends decided to drag me along to an appointment with the two Hitachiin brothers, I decided to hold a massive grudge on the girls, my eyes shooting daggers toward them. Their squeals of giggles burst into my ears as the two boys begin their twincest package of 'Forbidden Brotherly Love '. I roll my eyes, uninterested, watching as girls my age dim and faint over boys . `` Did person wake up on the wrong slope of the seam ? '' Hikaru asks, cupping my grimace in his hand, a small smirk on his face, `` Want me to wake you up by rights ? ''
`` Your woo does n't affect me, Hikaru, '' I shoot back pulling his hand off abruptly, a low grumble emitting from my throat Hikaru, determined to woo me, walks toward his younger brother, cupping his buttock softly. Girls around me begin to shriek, covering their bloody noses with their handkerchiefs. Another center wind before looking down as the boys put identical hats on. Their mischievous smirks playing along their faces . Getting into the game, Yui, my best supporter, claps her hands leaning into the table trying to catch a difference between the two fifteen - year - old boys ( which is identical difficult ). Her soft brown eyes studying them as they bounce up to her, standing back to back . `` Hey, Yui, '' they say simultaneously, `` Which one is Hikaru ? ''
`` Hmm '' she says crossing her arms as she stares, `` What do you think ( Y/n ), ''
`` We did n't ask ( Y/n ), '' Kaoru says
`` We asked you, '' Hikaru says Sighing piano, I stand up from the sexual love seat we were sitting on, grabbing my pocket with a huff. Both twins watch me speechless as I trudge out of Music Room # 3 with tears brimming my eyes. once out, I dart through the empty halls, pushing random boys out the way if they got in my way, no girls occupied the halls because they were with them. My heart hammers in my thorax as I get to the gardens, panting lightly . I slump against a tree, dropping my bag next to me, not caring if mud stains my pale yellow dress ( I never liked it anyhow ). My head touches my knees as I curl up, piano sobbing into the fabric, my heart pounding heavily. Why was I upset ? It was just a dazed game ... `` ( Y/n ), '' I hear a male child call out, his footsteps stop a couple of centimetres away from me, `` Are you okay ? ''
`` Go away, Hikaru, '' I say, trying to scare him away, but it came out as a useless whimper, `` I merely want to be alone, ''
`` What 's the matter ? '' He asks kneeling infront of me, worried, his hands cup my cheek, forcing me to look up at his fine-looking face, `` Please tell me, ''
`` Why am I upset ? '' I ask myself looking down, `` Why ... why is it constantly me ? ''
`` Oh, ( Y/n ) - chan, I 'm deplorable if you feel like I 'm neglecting you. I never mean to, I love you so much, more than Kaoru, and that 's saying something, '' he says holding me near, `` How about I make it up to you ? Tonight, come to my invest, Kaoru is out with the family so me and you can have some entirely time, '' Blushing piano, I nod, diffident if I actually have feelings for him. To be truthful, I did feel left out, brokenhearted ( to say the least ). Hikaru smiles softly, pressing a kiss to my frontal bone, before holding me close to his chest. What was I getting myself into?... ****************************** Walking into the Hitachiin family, I gape at the huge family paintings adorning the front manor hall. Maids, most of them looking identical, scurry around the halls making sure everything was faultless for the class, not once was I acknowledged with a simple 'hello ', they precisely pointed the way toward a certain bedroom . My eyes admired the velvet rugs unraveling a way towards the long oak door, the crimson curtains covering the stained glass windows. It was beautiful, to say the least, the house was amazing. With its beautiful, intricate designs along the painting frames, my heart hammers in my chest of drawers as my nerves begin to kick in, my hands shaking as I knock on the door, the brassy knocks echoing down the long, straight corridor . `` Who is it ? '' Hikaru asks, his voice low, `` Is that you ( Y/n ) ? ''
`` Y - yea, '' I reply before opening the door Shutting the door behind me, I shriek as I turn. Hikaru was shirtless, his chest finely built. His trousers were undone, showing the hem and a moment of his boxers, a blush begins to crawl up my face as he walks closer to me, his hard on poking through the fabrics. My hands begin to shake uncontrollably by my sides as Hikaru blows softly into my right ear, shivers shoot down my spur in a matter of seconds . `` H - Hikaru ... '' I stutter leaning into the doorway, `` Um ... are ... are you ... ? '' Hikaru nods, a smirk crawling up his face, his lip press against my frontal bone. He then, being the mischevious boy he is, begins lowering his plank lips to capture my own in a passionate kiss, his hands rubbing circles on my hips. slowly, shakily, I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him closer, returning the snog with just as a lot passion as he is, trying to out - beloved him. His hands rub my thighs, a small smirk tugs at his lips as he pulls away . A blush crawls up my confront as he begins to unlace my dress, untying the strings once by once, trying to torment me, make me throw my hair gloomy and beg him to own me. alternatively, I watch him, with curious eyes, as he slides my sleeves down my arms, kissing down my shoulders as he does so, letting the preen pool at my feet. His hands, soft, feel up my abdomen, cupping my breasts piano when he reaches them. My brassiere was on the floor in a matter of seconds, Hikaru becoming inpatient . `` You 're beautiful, '' He coos kissing my breasts piano, my eyes widen at such names, `` You seem surprised, ''
`` No one ... No one has called me that ... '' I reply blushing insanely
`` Well, they should start to, '' he says licking down my thorax, gasping lightly, I begin to moan Hikaru looks up at me, sliding his trousers down his legs, letting it pool beneath him, before picking me up, my leg wrapping around his shank. His hands stay firm on my bottom, my arms wrapping around his neck to pull him nearer. lento, he walks to the large bed he probably shares with his younger buddy, laying me down, his branch hitting the edge of the bed. My stage hang, dangling on the slope of the go to bed, as Hikaru rubs up my thighs, kissing the skin. Panting, I spread my legs, reasonably eager for him to touch me, his fingers, fix, delve into my folds, rubbing my damp area. He gasps piano, feeling my blue folds, his eyes wide. Blushing profoundly, I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him into a piano kiss as he rubs my area, besides worry to go any far . Smiling softly, I press a assuasive kiss to his brow, my hand sliding down to his own, guiding his fingers inside. He gasps, looking up at me, earlier smirking as he adds another finger. Pulling it in and out american samoa fast as he could . He was amazing...
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