Haruhi captures many hearts after becoming a member of the Ouran High School Host Club, all of whom are intrigued by her kindness, wag, and honesty. Ouran Elite Private Academy is one of the most prestigious anime schools and is made up about entirely of children from the wealthiest families. not only does this school prepare the next generation in ways of education and manners, but it ‘s besides the family of the celebrated Ouran High School Host Club .
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As a scholarship student from a poor background, Haruhi Fujioka promptly becomes involved with many of the characters in Ouran High School Host Club who generally have little cognition of how lower-class citizens live. When she becomes a member of the Host Club, Haruhi captures the hearts of those around her, all of whom are intrigued by her forgivingness, honesty, and mind.


10 Umehito Nekozawa & Haruhi Could Bond Over His Little Sister

Ouran High Schoool Host Club Umehito Nekozawa
Although Haruhi and Nekozawa spend fiddling time together, Haruhi ‘s kindness and sympathy could make them a compatible couple. Most people find Nekozawa and his occult compulsion creepy and intolerable. Haruhi, however, merely finds Nekozawa to be overdramatic. The real string that could bring these characters in concert is Nekozawa ‘s beloved younger sister, Kirimi. As a responsible person with a soft spot for children, Haruhi spends time reading manga to Kirimi and making sure she feels safe during their time together .

9 Renge Houshakuji Is An Eligible Female Partner

Renge Hoshokuji
As a highly character person, many might assume that Renge Houshakuji is not a good match for Haruhi. however, there is some burden to the celebrated concept that opposites attract. Renge spends far excessively much time fantasize, so she could benefit from person who can keep her a bite more ground to reality. Hard-working Haruhi, on the other hand, would benefit from person who reminds her to have fun now and then. While these two are far from being the arrant couple, they would n’t be bad for each other .

8 Kaoru Hitachiin Gallantly Gives Up His Bid For Haruhi’s Love

Kaoru Hitachiin
When together, the Hitachiin twins are mischievous and playful. When they ‘re apart, however, Kaoru is the more healthy and senesce of the twins. After Haruhi is able to tell one twin from the other, they both develop a quixotic attachment towards her, feeling like person has actually seen them for who they are as individuals for the first meter .
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unfortunately, Kaoru feels that Hikaru needs Haruhi more than he does since Hikaru is less fledged. Without ever making his feelings known to anyone, Kaoru graciously bows out of any kinship that might have otherwise occurred .

7 Arai’s Personality Meshes Well With Haruhi’s

Arai Ouran High School Host Club
During their time in middle school together, Arai developed feelings for Haruhi, who was slightly dense at the fourth dimension. She misinterpreted his sleep together confession and unintentionally rejected him in the process. Arai decided not to pursue the matter far. After meeting again by luck a year former, Haruhi was surprised to learn of Arai ‘s feelings at the time. Had Arai attempted to win Haruhi ‘s affections once more, they would have probably become a good couple since both are diligent, hard-working, and considerate in nature .

6 Benio Amakusa’s Selfishness Ultimately Proved To Be Her Downfall

benio amakusa ouran high school host club
A shameless dally who aims to capture the hearts of all the women around her, Benio is quite exchangeable to Tamaki in many respects, although both would loathe to admit it. initially, Benio is infatuated with Haruhi and feels that she ‘s a inaugural in motivation of defense from objectionable men. If Benio always managed to overcome her own selfish desires, she could be a good spouse for Haruhi, who often needs to be reminded to live animation and enjoy the world..

5 Ritsu Kasanoda Could Have Loved Haruhi With Fierce Devotion

Kasanoda Ouran High School Host Club
Kasanoda always scared people away with his daunting looks, yakuza background, and intimidating kin. Yet, underneath his terrorization outside, he is actually a fresh person who merely longs for even one friend. Haruhi, who has little time for rumors, is the first base to see past Kasanoda ‘s looks and befriends him for his forgivingness. She authentically wanted to get to know him. Because of this, Kasanoda promptly develops feelings for Haruhi. He probably would have followed her to the ends of the earth if she had only lashkar-e-taiba him .

4 Mori & Haruhi Have A Synergy Where They Naturally Understand Each Other

mori from ouran high school host club
Stoic and mysterious, Takashi “ Mori ” Morinozuka is the “ Strong & Silent ” penis of the Host Club who maintains a close relationship with his cousin, Honey. Although Mori spends most of his time with Honey, he finds himself rushing to Haruhi ‘s help multiple times, efficaciously becoming her defender and friend .
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Bisco Hatori, the series ‘ creator, initially intended for Mori and Haruhi to end the series as a match, but soon changed her mind over who Haruhi should be with. Despite not becoming a pair in the end, Mori and Haruhi silent have a pretty unique kinship where they understand each other without the need for superficial conversation .

3 Kyoya Ohtori’s Cold Exterior Wouldn’t Bother Haruhi

kyoya smiling with his eyes closed ouran
Kyoya Ohtori much comes off as cold and account and only cultivates relationships that are advantageous to him. however, underneath his cold outside, Haruhi discovers that he ‘s actually very kindhearted, particularly to his best acquaintance, Tamaki. Both healthy and levelheaded, Haruhi and Kyoya plowshare a common respect for each other and would probably make a effective match. At the end of the anime, Kyoya ‘s founder even states that Haruhi would make a full bridget for Kyoya .

2 Hikaru Hitachiin’s Immaturity Would Greatly Benefit From Haruhi’s Levelheadedness

Haruhi and Hikaru Ouran Highschool Host Club
Having spent his entire life with Kaoru, Hikaru never bothered to interact with others and stunted his own aroused growth in the process. Upon finding that Haruhi could tell him and his brother apart, Hikaru inescapably fell in love with her but denied his emotions. unfortunately, when given the chance to go on a date with Haruhi, Hikaru found that he silent had much to learn since he ‘s young, possessive, and jealous. Haruhi and Hikaru would probably have a rocky start, but with lots of communication and opportunities to learn, they ‘d make an ideal couple .

1 Tamaki Suoh’s Charm Ultimately Wins Haruhi Over

Haruhi and Tamaki in the final episode
Tamaki Suoh is the character that ultimately ended up with Haruhi in both the manga and the zanzibar copal. They ‘re like adequate to make a good couple and still different enough to provide each other what they need. Tamaki makes Haruhi laugh, takes the time to learn about her likes and dislikes, the things she fears, and how he can protect her from them. wholly enamored with Haruhi, Tamaki finds that he wants to be the best person he can be so she can see something in him worth love .
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