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Oh dear God, why? You rolled over and groaned, the sudden movement sending a daze of pain through your lower abdomen. If there was any time you hated being female, now would be it. You couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate remember the last clock time you had cramps like this. It felt like some kind of rabid animal was trying to tear a hole through your stomach and to make matters worse, the pain killers you had taken early seemed to have no effect on the agony ripping its way through your body. You curled up into a fetal placement, breathing through your scent as a wave of nausea hit you. Thank good your mother had let you stay home nowadays, you precisely don ’ t know how you would have made it through in one nibble, or, at the identical least, without killing person.

As if on cue your cell telephone started to ring. talk of killing person today… You reached out, blindly groping for your earphone that sat just out of reach on your nightstand. How freaking perfect. You propped yourself up on an elbow and stretched your other arm, trying to grab the offending piece of engineering. Of naturally you should have realized how that might affect your already protesting middle. With a gasp you flopped back on to your go to bed, successfully holding your still-ringing call. Without looking at the caller ID, you hit send.
“ What, ” came your crisp reply. normally you would at least try to act civilly, but at this point you were excessively curse frustrated to care.

“ Oh, my inadequate ( list ) -chan, I do hope you ’ rhenium okay. I noticed you weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate at school today, and when I asked Haruhi if she knew where you were, all she said was that you were feeling a moment under the weather, and I- I mean- we were so worry about you. You know, any beneficial friend of Haruhi ’ randomness is a friend of ours, so I decided to call and make sure that you were very well, and to cheer you up I was just thinking- ”

You hung up. Really, Tamaki equitable had to call you. I mean it wasn ’ t like you weren ’ triiodothyronine at school for a reason ( that was completely sarcastic, by the direction ).
Sighing, you snuggled a short deep into your sheets. You suppose you didn ’ thyroxine very mind Tamaki-senpai and the rest of his ‘ Host club ’ all that a lot. In fact, if you were being actually honest with yourself, you would go indeed far as to say that you rather enjoyed their company. Of class, you never would have met them if it weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate for the bad fortune of your long-time childhood ally, Haruhi Fujioka.

You and Haruhi had known each early for years. You had gone to the same elementary school and had become debauched friends in your one-third year when you had invited her to catch ladybugs with you once at recess. You smiled at the memory. You never would have known that being split up and having to go to different middle schools would finally work out in your prefer.
When the meter came to take the different entrance exams for high schools, you applied to american samoa many as you could. You were a very bright scholar, tied if you did have the inclination to procrastinate a little. In the end, however, it was your artistic aptitude that made you a campaigner for Ouran Academy ’ s full ride scholarship. It was only after you were attending that you learned that Haruhi had besides been accepted and was in your class. obviously, the scholarship had been applied to more than one person, but lone one student from each middle school could be chosen.

Once you had been enrolled in the same class, you both became fast friends again. It was only natural that you had been roped into all of the Host Club folly excessively.

You were pulled from your reverie by the same ceaseless plangency. Holy freaking cow, that ringtone could get annoying. This clock time you glanced at your phone ’ south shield just to confirm what you already know. It was Tamaki… again. You run your unoccupied bridge player over your face. You ’ re just not in the mood to talk to him and hit the ‘ end call ’ release before switching your telephone to silent. possibly you can sleep through the worst of the cramps…

“ ( list ) … pssst, hey ( name ). ” You cracked open an eyelid. Why in the world was person poking you ? placid one-half asleep, you mumbled something incoherent and pulled the covers over your heading. possibly they would leave you alone and let you go back you sleep… ( The jab continues ) … or possibly they have a freaking death wish! You let out a grumble, reasonably evocative of a large frump or an angry give birth. Either way, you hoped your visitor would take the tip.

But, you wouldn ’ thymine be so lucky. actually now, who could be so unintelligent as to intentionally wake person who obviously wants nothing more than to be left alone ? You sat up promptly, the covers falling to your waist. “ What ? ! What in the hell could you possibly want ? ! ”

It takes you a moment to fully grasp your surroundings and when you do, you realize just what kind of idiot has the audacity to rouse you when you so obviously feel like crap… Oh no. Oh Hell no. No. No. No. No. No. This could not be happening. You’re dreaming. This is all just a bad dream. The Ouran High School Host Club could not be standing in your bedroom.

You sat there and blinked at them stupidly, your mind a whirling storm of denial. They just stood there staring at you, eyes widened from your earlier effusion ( except Kyoya whose eyes were hidden behind the glasses that he constantly wore ). amazingly, it was their shadow king who broke the awkward muteness by pulling out his slender notebook, jotting down a few notes, and then habitually adjusting his glasses before saying, “ Is now a bad time ? ”

You couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate batch with this. With a rebuff groan you collapsed back into your pillows, wishing they would just go away ; you could feel the ache coming back. “ Uhhh… Boss ? I think we broke ( appoint ). ” You heard person say, followed by the gentle jab of your face. It was Hikaru, you could tell by the timbre of his spokesperson. “ Yeah, I mean, we knew she was sick but she looks awful. ” That was Kaoru ; his voice was slightly higher and a little raspier than his buddy ’ second. In the background Tamaki went into hysterics, but you fair tuned him out.

Great. This is just fantastic. Keeping your eyes closed you reached for your blankets, pulling them up to your chin and turning so your back was facing your uninvited guests. You stifled a whimper as a particularly sharp trouble laced through your stomach. naturally, your discomfort didn ’ t go unnoticed. You peeked up slightly as you felt a big, warm hand come to rest on your upper arm. Two pairs of concerned eyes met yours. Haninozuka ’ s wide chocolate eyes gazed down at you from the shoulders of his stoic companion, while the friend in doubt, and, consequently, owner of the hand now resting on your shoulder, regarded you cautiously with his deep onyx orb. You blushed slenderly and hunkered down a little deep into your blankets, trying to hide your flaming cheek.

Unfortunately, that didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go undetected by the observant pair either. “ Kyoya, ” Mori called softly, his deep baritone part seemed to rumble through his chest of drawers. “ I ’ m on it. ” Kyoya replied stepping fore and placing a cool hand against your brow. The contact felt nice against your over-heated skin, but in an blink of an eye he was pulling away and reaching for his cellular telephone. “ I think we may need to call a doctor of the church, ( name ) here is burning up. ” Your eyes widened at this. No doubt the debt-collecting server would only put this on some sort of tab before extracting some kind of payment from you. You were already excessively familiar with Haruhi ’ s situation to allow yourself to be out into something exchangeable. “ No, no. That ’ s not necessary, I ’ m fine, honestly. ” You protested, struggling to sit up alone to find yourself being pushed gently back into bed. You let out an irritate huff. “ Senpais, I don ’ t need a repair. I am perfectly alright. ” “ Judging from your circumstance and absence from school today, I would beg to differ. ” Kyoya said, his voice coming from the doorway room as he paused on his way out to make the call.

Just as you were about to respond, you were both interrupted by the audio of your presence doorbell. There was a moment of hush and then the labor of the doorknob before the whine of your front door opening could be heard. All of the Host club members seemed to panic for a second before a familiar voice called out from the front room, “ ( Name ), sorry it took me thus long, but I had to stop at the superintendent market on the way here to pick up your ( darling candy ) … ( name ) ? ”

You heaved a sigh of relief as Haruhi stepped into your room, exasperatedly taking in the view before her. “ H-Haruhi, ” Tamaki sniveled, “ Why is ( name ) -chan being so mean to us ? ” Haruhi seemed to ponder this for a moment, “ Well, I guess I would be annoyed with you besides, senpai, if you kept bothering me while I was on my time period. ”

The silence in the room could be cut with a knife, and you were positively mortified. Someone please kill me now. You let lose a slender groan in reply to your protesting stomach. One thing was sealed ; all of this commotion was not helping you. “ Haruhi, please just get all of these guys out of here and leave me to suffer in peace, ” you said covering your face. Haruhi made her way through the room to your bedside, “ Alright, everybody out. ” She calmly began ushering the cortege into the hallway before poking her head out and saying, “ I ’ molarity certain you all can find the presence door. ”

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