“Knight In Shining Armor”

Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Character: Honey~Senpai
Reader’s Info: Female. Attends Ouran Academy. Very short for her age ( she ’ randomness 16 years honest-to-god, 2 years younger than Honey~Senpai ). sensitive, shy, well flustered, adorable, self-conscious. Gets bullied.
Requested by: ZaneDeath on Quotev .
~Your POV~
I rushed about my bedroom, madly getting cook for school. I had woken up late, and now I fear that I would be late for school. I hurriedly threw on my compulsory uniform for Ouran Academy : a puffy, bright yellow dress and my shoes. I snatched up my bag as I dashed out of my bedroom, my short circuit branch taking me to the large grand piano stairway. I hopped up onto the bannister and slid all the direction down, hopping off when I reached the bottom. I snatched up a random ( front-runner fruit ) from a maid who was carrying a bowl of fruit and sprinted outside to my limousine. My butler held open the doorway for me, used to my casual lateness. I hopped into the seat and the butler closed the door. once I was situated at heart and had my seat belt buckled in, I nodded to my driver and he started the limousine, beginning to drive me to school .
soon enough, I arrived at my school. I thanked and waved adieu to my driver, as he wished me a good day at school, and I began my base on balls into the educate.

I made it to my classroom, good in time before the chime ring. I let out a breath of easing as I plopped down into my seat. however, I lowered my head to stare down at my hands as I heard snickers and laughs from my boyfriend classmates. I had been teased for years, for my acme and for my interests. I was much shorter than the average height for a sixteen-year erstwhile daughter. So short, in fact, that I appeared to look like an elementary-schooler. And that, elicited a fortune of laughs and giggles from my colleague classmates. The student-teacher entered the room and started to take attendance ; which switched my classmates ’ attentions off me and onto the student in charge, thankfully. Once the teacher finished taking attendance, class began as we began to review yesterday ’ sulfur notes .
After my beginning two classes, it was ultimately time for lunch. I grabbed my self-packed, homemade lunch ( a simpleton bento box ) and headed to the court. It was a cloudy day, so there was cipher else in the court, except for me. I didn ’ thymine understand why, simply because it was cloudy, other students wouldn ’ t go outside to admire the beauty of the court .
I plopped down onto a bench amid the trees and flowers. I unpacked my bento box and began to chow down on it, quietly admiring the smasher and flowers that I had helped plant. I smiled piano at the peace. I loved moments like this… Where there was cipher bothering me or teasing me. thankfully, the bullies have only ever verbally bullied me, which wasn ’ metric ton that bad. I feared the day that they would physically attack me… But I hoped that by that prison term, I would have a big group of friends to protect me. You see, I don ’ t have a lot friends… In fact, I had none. Most of my friends were on-line friends, who I had never met. But they were as dearly to me as my family .
“ Hey, shortie ! ” I heard a voice shout, snapping me out of my thoughts. I hesitantly looked up to see a group of girls. specifically, the girls who bullied me the most. I winced at the sight of them and sighed. “ U-Um, y-yes ? ” I asked softly. The girl and her posse stomped towards me, the dresses flouncing as they walked. “ What are you doing out here ? With all the flowers ? ” The main female child asked tauntingly. One of her lackeys spoke up. “ I hope she realizes that the flowers won ’ t make her seem pretty. ” “ Yeah, she ’ s pretty hideous as it is. ” The group of girls began to laugh. interim, I started to pack up my lunch, planning on just running off to the library. Just as I started to walk away, a hand stroke out and grabbed my hair, yanking me back by my hair. “ O-Ow ! ” I exclaimed, as the girl holding onto my haircloth pushed me onto the ground .
“They have never gone this far before,” I thought to myself as they surrounded me and began to kick me. I curled up into a ball, tears starting to well up in my eyes. They continued to kick me, harder and harder. Suddenly…
“ Hey ! Leave her alone ! ” I heard a childish-sounding voice address out. The girls stopped kicking me to twirl around to see who had confronted me. At the sight of whoever it was, they froze for a moment, before running off. I stayed curled up in my ball, afraid for the person to see me all bruised and vulnerable .
That ’ south when I felt person refer my branch softly, brushing some crap off. I slowly peeked at whoever it was, and my eyes widened at the sight. It was a small boy, with bright and golden hair. For a moment, I thought that he was an elementary-schooler, until I noticed his uniform. He wore the boys ’ undifferentiated for Ouran Academy. He noticed that I was peeking at him, and at the sight, he smiled and outstretched his hand to me. “ Hi ! I ’ megabyte Honey-Senpai ! Are you okay, miss ? ” I lento nodded my steer, and hesitantly, grasped his hand as he pulled me up lightly.

“ What were those girls doing to you ? ” I looked down at the floor at his interview. “ They… T-They wear ’ thyroxine like me very m-much… ” The male child, Honey-Senpai, frowned at this. “ Why ? You ’ rhenium ace cute ! They ’ rhenium credibly just jealous ! ” Upon hearing this, my head snapped to look at him in traumatize. “ Y-You… You t-think I ’ m… C-Cute ? ” In reception, he nodded his head. “ Yep ! You ’ rhenium superintendent cute~ ! What ’ s your name~ ? ” “ My n-name ? I-It ’ mho ( Y/n ). ( Y/n ) ( L/n ) … ” He stuck his hand out for a handshake. “ It ’ s a pleasure to meet you, ( Y/n ) -chan~ ! ” I shook his hand. “ Oh ! Don ’ thymine worry about those girls anymore ! I ’ ll be your knight in shining armor~ ! ” Upon hearing this, my eyes flushed with pinko .
“ … I ’ d l-like that… Thank y-you, Honey-Senpai. ”

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