Tamaki:  You and Tamaki where precisely hanging out in your house watching a dame flick. Half room through the movie the couple started to have a tickle battle. Tamaki turned to you and wiggled his eyebrows and getting near you .
                           `` Tamaki no no no ! '' You said as you stood up. You where ready to bolt out the door but Tamaki had pulled you spinal column and tackled your sides. You burst out laughing unable to contain the giggles as Tamaki kept giggling. He was laughing at you and you decided to tickle him to. The both of you ended up falling from the couch he ended up being on crown of you giving him the advantage of the tickle war .
                           Your laugh echoed through the theater and it made it forte adequate for the both of you to not hear the front door open and your dad standing there looking at the both of you. 
                           `` Tamaki arrest ! Oh my god I 'm going to pee ! '' Tamaki gushed at your prettiness and kept tickling you. You opened your eyes and saw your dad standing there looking at Tamaki .
                           `` Oh hawaii dad. '' You said a bit abashed since Tamaki was straddling you .
                           `` Y/n you should of told me you where going to bring Tamaki over. I would 've brought take out. '' Your dad said as he picked Tamaki up from his choker and flung him to the frame .
                           `` I 'm good-for-nothing sir I would n't want to worry you ! '' Tamaki said fearing for his life. Your dad walked future to him and gave him the eye. `` Sir it was n't like that ! '' Tamaki cried out .
                           Kyoya:  Kyoya was resting your headway on your lap taking a shortstop nap while you watched television. late on the day you where going to go out with Kyoyas brothers for some lunch. Without thinking you ran your hand through his completely messing it up. Kyoya cracked his eye open and looked at you .
                           `` You have to pay nowadays. '' He said straddling you. Your eyes let out as he brought his hands to your sides. You knew what he was going to do and he besides knew how delicate you where .
                           `` Oh my god kyoya do n't ! Ill fix your hair's-breadth ! '' You said combing his hair back in set but he alone shook his head and said, `` To late. '' He tickled your sides and you tried to keep in your giggles but it only made things worse since it made you explode of forte laughter. Kyoya chuckled darkly as he tickled your sides your neck every region he knew where you where delicate .
                           `` Kyoya catch I 'm going to oh my idol ! '' You pleaded for life as he tickled you but he did n't stop at all. You leg jerked up and it accidently hit his stomach a short to hard. He fell on the bed clutching his stomach as you stopped laughing and went to his help .
                           `` future meter Ill stop. '' He groaned .
                           Mori:  You where in Moris home. The both of you where snuggled together on the couch while hearing the rain outside. It was peaceful and you loved it. Mori rubbed his fingers up and toss off your shank make you smile a fiddling since it kind of tickled .
                           `` Mori that tickles. '' He idly opened his eyes and looked at you with a small smile. He stopped running his hands over your waist and held your waist alternatively .
                           `` And this ? '' He tickled your side and you jumped making fall off the couch. Mori laughed forte making you horned pout and go rigging him. obviously surprise from the attack he stopped laughing and knocked the frame back with both of you on it. You landed on top of Mori and tried to find his tickle spots but had a act of perturb. Everywhere you would try to touch he would swipe your hand aside. He was fast with reflexes indeed you side and looked out the window .
                           `` Dammit Mori. '' He looked out the window a well and you took that as your opportunity to tickle him finding the spotlight immediately. He laughed and tickled you back making the both of you go into a tickle war .
                           Honey:  You went into Honeys board to grab your call. He had brought a cake home and called you down to join him but you went upstairs to get your earphone. Once you entered the kitchen honey had already finished half the cake. You poked his english and sit on the stool. Honey jumped up and giggled .
                           `` That tickled y/n-chan ! '' He poked your side and it went on until the patty fell on the ground. The both of you looked at each early with wide eyes and your arms shot up to his side and tickled him .
                           `` You dropped the coat ! '' He laughed and tickled your sides as well. He tackled you down to the floor and you landed on the coat. You flipped over and nowadays he was on the coat. Everything happening while the both of you tickled each other.Your sides started to burn from all the laughing and you asked `` Honey please barricade ! I 'm going to pee ! '' He had flipped around making him be on circus tent tickle you and you could n't hold it in anymore. He knew your week spots .
                           `` Admit that you dropped the coat then ! '' Honey said. 
                           `` never ! '' He shrugged and continued to tickle you. You laughed more and said, `` okay all right I dropped the coat ! Stop tickling me ! '' Honey giggled and picked you off the ground. The both of you where covered in coat and merely stood there looking at the mess you guys made.The kitchen door opened and Mori walked in and right back forbidden once he saw the fix you two had made and the both of you burst out laughing .
                           Kaoru:  Kaoru had came early to visit you and you two were presently on the floor sprawled out with his feet in your face and your feet in his face. He would occasionally turn and sniff your feet as a joke. once Kaoru was into the movie you tickled his foot and he immediately moved it out of your compass .
                           `` Y/n that tickles ! '' He said hush into the movie. He had grabbed your foot and equitable kept it there in his hands. Without thinking Kaoru put his foot back where it was before and still held on to your foot. You giggled and shoved your fat toe up his nostril making him jump up and push your foot away .
                           `` What the hell was that for ? ! '' He shouted. You laughed at his fluster grimace and rolled around for a copulate of minutes .
                           `` not curious ! '' He shouted and grabbed your waist. You gasped in surprise and he started to tickle your sides. He tucked your hands behind your back and that made you defenseless against him .
                           `` K-Kaoru stop it ! Jesus I 'm deplorable ! '' You laughed but he still continued to tickle you. Tears started escaping your eyes and Kaoru still did n't stop .
                           `` You have to cook me dinner then. '' He stopped for a brief here and now for your answer .
                           `` I always cook dinner. '' You replied .
                           `` I did n't hera a yes ! '' He went back to tickling you .
                           `` Yes I 'll cook dinner ! '' You shouted in utter get the better of .
                           Hikaru:  You where taking a nap on Hikarus bed since you had barely came back from dance drill. Hikaru was downstairs making himself some snacks since he was bored and had nothing better to do .
                           `` Y/n ... I made sandwiches. '' He laid beside you and you hummed in response .
                           `` Can you eat with me its kind of alone downstairs. ''
                           `` Nnngh. '' You replied. abruptly warm hands held on to your shank and flipped you on to your back .
                           `` Come eat with me ! '' Hikaru shouted .
                           `` Hikaru let me rest at least for ten minutes. '' You said ready to go back to the lapp position but Hikaru pinned you down. `` Hikaru what are you doing ? '' And once you finished that sentence he tickled your stomach and you laughed obstreperously .
                           `` Hikaru stop ! '' You said in between laughs. Hikaru kept on going with that familiar mischievous smile .
                           `` Come consume with me. '' He tickled you in all your week spots and you could n't handle. You where gasping for air and he paused, `` so are you ? '' He poked your stomach making you squirm. 
                           `` fine. ''
                           Hola como estan? O hala que su dia fue fantastico! Haha Hey guys how ya doing? Hope you guys had a nice day! Vote comment fan suggest eh what ever you want!

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