Okie! I'm sorry but I donut know ur interest in music so we r just gonna go for a few different songs I've seen and enjoy :3 feel free to change the song if u want.
                           Tamaki : The host club king let out a sigh as he sat on the couch in your survive room. You had told him you had to clean your room, and that he could stay but ... He got blase XD Suddenly, Tamaki heard a low/high/medium pitched voice singing as a song played. "Welcome to the new age, to the new age. Welcome to the new age, to the new age, Wo-oh-oh-oh-oh, wo-oh-oh-oh I'm, radioactive, radioactive.."  The curiosity of the adolescent got the best of him, and he lento made his way out of the support room and near your room as the sing grew forte as he got closer. Them there was a voice harmonizing with the melody, as if the part was saying ; `` I can do anything ''. He lento opened the door, attempting to be hushed, but failed as the door creaked. You froze, mid conviction and stared at him across-the-board eyed. "Oh cr-"  `` Y-Y/n ... I-I never knew you could sing ... ! '' He said, staring into your adorable e/c marbles ( yes. Marbles ). A black bloom creeped onto your face as you tried to hide it behind the jeans you were folding. `` .... Can.. You sing more ... ? '' Tamaki asked. A astute breath came from you, as you conservatively nodded and continued. You started out precarious, but in the end you sounded very pretty :3 `` ... Y/n ... '' Tamaki 's hair covered his face as a unplayful aura abruptly surrounded him. `` U-uh yes ? '' You asked, a moment awful of his reply. He then suddenly bursted out of his unplayful cocoon and turned into a dramatic butterfly. `` THIS IS WHY WE CA N'T KEEP SECRETS FROM DADDY ! ! ! '' `` TAMAKI YOU ARE N'T MY DAD ! ! HARUHI IS NOT MY SISTER, THE TWINS ARE NOT MY BROTHERS, AND KYOYA IS NOT MY MOM ! ! '' `` WHY MUST YOU HE SO HARSH ON DADDY ! ! ! ! ? ! ''
                           Song: Radioactive - Imagine Dragons 
                           Kyoya : You sighed, obviously bored. You were at your boyfriend, Kyoya 's house and he would not take his eyes off of his exploit to even glance at you. "... I guess I'll go check how I look..."  You said to yourself. So you went into the bathroom and started to fix your hair/makeup. You had this one birdcall stuck in your promontory, pounding as if it was a wrecking testis (no that isn't the song XD sorry!) to a build. And you could n't hold it in anymore, you had to sing at least  one verse. 
"Always aiming paper airplanes at me when you're around.." For the first base time in what felt like a month, Kyoya looked up from his calculator. The cause was because of .... Singing!? Kyoya lento stood up, because deplorably ... Curiosity gets to everyone once and awhile. You were getting a bite bore with the the one share, so decided to skip to the prettier separate of the song :3 "Alphabet boy.. Oh, Alphabet boy... Alphabet, Boy....!" You were rearranging bobby pins/fixing your makeup so you were looking down, and once you looked up. Two dark blackish-brownish eyes were staring at you from behind, as you could see in the mirror. You shrieked and jumped, dropping your bobby pins/makeup. `` .. Kyoya ! Do n't scare me like that ! ... '' You said picking up your drop items. When you stood up straight again, you were immediately picked up by person and taken to Kyoya 's room. (THIS IS NOT SPRAYED WITH LEMON JUICE, NO! NO LIME JUICE EITHER!)  You were sat down in the person 's lap as they sat in front of a calculator. Kyoya 's calculator, to be claim. `` ... Keep sing please.. '' Kyoya said from behind you, making you shiver a spot at the idea of sitting on shadow king 's lave. `` O-okay.. '' Song: Alphabet boy - QUEE- ... Ahem.. Melanie Martinez Mori : You loudly cursed as you unintentionally cut yourself while attempting to cut off the peak of a few strawberries. `` Y/n ! ? '' Mori called as your hand started bleeding harshly. `` ... Mori .... '' You said as he entered the kitchen, your back facing him. `` ... THIS IS WHY I CAN NOT COOK OR BAKE ! ! '' You said/yelled, turning to face him. His eyes widened at your bridge player as the disgustingly odoriferous red liquid oozed from your cut. `` ... I 'm gon na go clean this up.. '' You said as you walked past Mori. But you still felt his eyes on you. You tuned around to see he did in fact have his brown crystals beating down onto you, with an aura of worry surrounding him surprisingly. You smiled and stood on your crank toes/pulled him down by his tie to give him a inadequate peck on the buttock. `` I 'm okay. '' You said. He equitable looked at you as you walked off into the toilet. He sighed and went to the rejoinder to finish the strawberry cutting you stated, and realized you had used a very bombastic tongue that looked like it belonged in Halloween, or The Shining. `` ... '' He slowly started cutting the stems off the strawberries, separating them into the respective area, until ... "There was a time when I was alone, no where to go and no place to call home.. My only friend was the man in the moon, but even sometimes he would go away too.." Mori looked up from his fruit ninja problem and looked over to the bathroom, aka where the sound was coming from. He set down the knife and strawberry, and walked over to the toilet, peeking into the room restfully. "And ever since that day... I am a lost boy, from never land.. Usually hanging out with Peter Pan.." He precisely stood there, watching your lips move as your articulation had him in some type of capture. `` .... '' It took him awhile until he last has the courage to sneak up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist as his voice harmonized with yours quietly. `` Run, run, lost boy.. They say to me.. Away from all of reality..." You stopped as you felt arms around you and another voice with yours. You looked up into the mirror to see Mori staring back at you. You giggled a bit. "Silly boy." Song: Lost Boy - Ruth B beloved ... Hunny ... Hani.. Uh.. Nick : You were in music room # 3 with Takashi and Ni- I mean ... Hunny. You were identical close to the two boys, close enough to where Mori lets you call him Takashi. You thought of him like a protective older brother, but Hunny ... Well.. You had a crush on him :3 Right, so you were on music room # 3 with Takashi and Hunny while Hunny took a nap. While he was doing sol, you were attempting to help set up for the host cabaret belated nowadays. As you were heading to the back room to get a call on the carpet to clean the vases, you started to hum a delicate birdcall. And finally, that humming turned into soft sing. "And so we hold... Each other close... And then we'll know... We're standing by.." You continued your little song until you heard the door lento creak open. You turned around looking slenderly up/at eye level, thinking it was Mori, but rather was met with no matchless. A small, warm, and delicate hand grabbed yours as you jumped out of your skin to see Hunny looking back up at you with Usa-chan being clutched tightly in his other hand, and his expression making him look like he good woke up. `` ... Can you sing that again.. N/n-chan ... ? '' You looked at him, a morsel shocked at how steady he was for just waking up. But lento nod and started singing again as you went second to finding the rag. "And so we hold... Each other close... And then we'll know... We're standing by.." Song: Standing By - Pentatonix Hikaru : You were room doing your homework while listening to music, when abruptly one of your darling songs came on. You gasped. `` YAAAAAAAS ! ! ! '' You yelled, throwing your homework to the side. `` I don't care about my makeup! I like it better if my jeans are ripped up. Don't know, how to keep my mouth shut!" You sang, acting like you were in a music television. meanwhile, Hikaru knocked on the door to your house. `` Y/n ? ! '' He yelled. No answer was given, so the adorable idiot decided to take that as an invitation to come in. He used the plain winder you gave him in case of emergencies, and entered the house, closing the doorway and locking it behind him. `` Y/n ... ? '' You called. He suddenly came to his senses and listen brassy music blaring from your room. He raised an eyebrow at this, and lento made his way to your room. "Don't care, bad reputation! Must be livin' in the wrong generation, this is your invitation!" Hikaru mutely smirked at the scene in front of him. His girlfriend, in her pajama, dancing like she 's in a music video recording. "Let em' know that we're still Rock N' Roll!" Hikaru clapped at the end of the song, as you went pale. `` courteous performance N/n. '' Hikaru said as you huffed, embarrassed. `` Shut up, Justin Timberlake.. '' Hikaru blushed at that thing that happened last week. You walked in on him, doing the lapp claim thing you were doing, but to Justin Timberlake. "Whatever N/n.." Song: Rock N' Roll - Avril Lavigne Kaoru : `` Y/n ? I 'm here for movie nox ! '' Kaoru called, besides uninvitedly walking into your theater with the spare key.
`` ... Y/n.. ?. '' "Sing.. Sing.. Sing.. Sing.. Sing it out as hard as you can! Make em' hear you from L.A to Japan!" He heard gentle, however beautiful singing coming from your room, so he entered the room in search of you. He heard your whistle ... And the shower running, as he blushed. Yet, being mesmerized by your voice, he sat down on you bed, facing the other way in casing you came out.. Uh ... You know 0-0 nakie. "Sing for your mama, sing for your daughter, sing for your sisters, minsters, best frie--nd's brother!" Your voice incidentally cracked and you laughed, which made him smile. "Cause' I don't know what you've been told but- music make you loose control!" Kaoru ride there, just listening to your articulation. He was about to fall asleep until ... Door creak. `` ... K-K-Kaoru ! ? Wh-what-uh.. What are you d-doing here indeed early ! ? ! '' You asked, panicking a bit because of the fact he might 've heard what you consider to be your- `` mutant pig-chicken fusion '' voice. `` Listening to the voice of an angel.. Why.. ? '' You blushed heavy. `` Uh.. Are you.. Dressed.. ? '' `` Y-yes ... '' `` Good. '' Kaoru them turned round and jumped (not literally) off of your bed, shackling you in an embrace. `` K-Kaoru ! ? ! What is this fo- '' `` You dislike your voice do n't you ... '' `` W-what ! ? '' `` Do n't dislike it Y/n ... I love it.. '' Your eyes widened a moment but that turned into a smile as you nodded and hid your blushing grimace in his chest. `` Okay.. '' Kaoru smiled at your actions. "... Do you wanna know what I also Love...?" "Mmhm..?" "You." Song: Sing - Pentatonix Okie! If  the lovely @lovelavi would please step forward, your request is ready :3 sorry if it got kinda off track from the original story, I often get carried away XD But I hope you all enjoyed it! Until next time my Otaku Lovelies ✨💕 - Alexie-chan 💚🇮🇪

If you find anything in any of my chapters offensive, don't hesitate to tell me, lovelies!

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