( a/n : has all members of the Host Club, but the two main pairings are listed in the title )
                           You opened the door to Music Room # 3, the butterflies in your stomach fluttering nonstop. You had recently transferred to Ouran Academy from a boarding school in France at your father 's insistence. `` I 'm regretful, but the Host Club is not yet clear for commercial enterprise, '' a boy with raven hair and glasses told you. `` actually, I 'm looking for my brother, '' you replied. `` Who 's your brother, '' a modest blond boy asked. 
                           Out of nowhere, a high pitched yak reverberated throughout the room. `` I swear you boys are so dazed sometimes. Ca n't you tell ? '' A chopine rose up from the deck. `` 3rd -year scholar, Y/N Suoh. She has ( h/c ) and violet eyes. recently transferred from a boarding school in France. She has a passion for the arts and was the top of her class in France. '' You gave the brunet girl a small smile. `` Hello, Renge. '' The girl jumped down from her platform and gave you a hug .
                           The twins looked you over. `` therefore this female child, '' one began. `` Is the emboss ' sister ? '' the early finished. You turned to face them. `` I am. I start classes here on Monday. Tamaki does n't know yet. Where is he ? '' you asked. `` Tama-chan and Takashi had to go get Haru-chan. They should be back soon. How do you know Renge-chan ? '' You looked down at the modest boy holding a pink bunny. `` Renge and I attended the like school in France. You must be Honey. Kyoya told me about all of you. '' The twins looked at the Shadow King. `` You know her ? ''
                           `` We have been in contact, but I admit I 've never met the charwoman before nowadays, '' Kyoya said without looking up from his calculator. The twins exchanged a attend before shrugging. Before another word was said, the door to the Host Club opened again. Tamaki stopped walking at stared at you for a consequence. suddenly, he had you in his arms spinning you around in circles. `` Y/N ! Ma soeur ! '' You were beginning to feel brainsick. `` Tamaki ! Put me down ! '' He stopped spinning and did as you asked. `` Must you constantly be thus dramatic ? ''
                           Tamaki 's front fell and retreated to a corner of the room while you turned your attention to the two people that had entered the room with him. The smaller one gave you a short smile. `` I do n't think I 've heard anyone besides Kyoya-senpai talk to Tamaki-senpai like that. '' The grandiloquent male plainly stared at you. Kyoya told you that Mori was placid but what you did n't know was that Mori just could n't find the words to evening say hello. 
                           All he could do was stare at your face. While Ouran had more than its average share of beautiful young women, they had nothing on you. `` Hello. It 's dainty to meet you both. I 'm Y/N. '' Haruhi greeted you, but Mori still said nothing. honey looked up at his cousin, confused. While it was true that Mori was the strong, silent type, he was n't normally rude. Honey elbowed Mori. The tall boy ultimately managed to grunt out, `` Hello. '' You smiled up at him .
                           You had been at Ouran for several months now. You visited the Host Club every afternoon to wait for your buddy to finish his princely act. You normally sat with Kyoya talking about the club 's finances. That sidereal day, however Honey insisted that you sit with him and Mori to eat patty. `` We have strawberry, Y/N/N-chan ! '' You cursed to yourself. You loved strawberry patty. `` Fine. Thank you, Honey. '' You missed the light pink staining Mori 's cheek, but you did n't miss the fangirls glare at you .
                           You leaned over and whispered to Honey, `` Why are they glaring at me ? Did I do something wrong ? '' honey swallowed the sting of cake and whispered back, `` No. It 's precisely ... Takashi truly likes you. I 've never seen him like this earlier. '' You looked at him surprised before turning your attention to Mori. Your purple eyes met his onyx ones. After a consequence, Mori excused himself and left the room. 
                           Over the past few months, Mori had gotten to know you. not only were you physically attractive, but you had a personality to match. You could be angstrom adorable as Honey or deoxyadenosine monophosphate serious as Mori himself. You could cheer Tamaki up or bring him down from the cloud. You were a arch as the twins and had become good friends with Haruhi. You could flush sass Kyoya without any reverence. When it was just the two of you and Honey, Mori could well talk to you but when everyone else was around, he got tongue-tie. He very liked you and he did n't want to embarrass himself or you .
                           `` Mori ! '' he heard person call, but he did n't stop walk. `` Takashi ! wait ! '' This time he stopped, about causing you to run into him. `` Why did you leave ? You upset your guests and Kyoya, '' you chided him lightly. He just looked down at you. `` Mori, are you okay ? '' alternatively of answering, he leaned gloomy and pressed a chaste kiss to your lips. He ended the kiss before you could respond. `` sol, Honey was telling the truth. You like me ? '' He nodded, but before he could say anything, you pulled him down to meet your lips again. `` I like you besides. ''
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