As manga readers know, Ouran High School Host Club ‘s Haruhi ends up with Tamaki, but was he truly a better pick than Hikaru ? Fans of Ouran High School Host Club that are familiar with how the manga continues the series ‘ narrative will already be aware that, in the end, it ‘s Tamaki that ends up marrying Haruhi despite the minor moments that early hosts, such as the twins, received throughout the read. much of the manga that fans did n’t get to see inspire covers both Tamaki and Haruhi slowly realizing that they ‘re falling for each other – but because other hosts did get scenes with Haruhi, there ‘s been a lot of meditation into whether the King truly was the right choice .
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This article will be going over five reasons why Hikaru would have been right for Haruhi, and five why there was always no other choice but Tamaki.


10 Hikaru: Harsh Realities

While it might seem that Haruhi is excessively harsh with Hikaru whenever he gets out of trace with one of her old high school friends, it ‘s her willingness to be harsh when needed that actually makes these two such a commodity paroxysm .
Hikaru, though fiercely devoted to those he cares about, has a leaning to get caught up in his own short universe. therefore, it is bang-up seeing Haruhi ‘s ruffianly, down-to-earth nature make sure he is n’t allowed to get excessively carried away. She besides helps Hikaru determine about emotional intuition, and how to read people through the elusive hints they drop .

9 Tamaki: Equal (Yet Opposite) Ground

While Hikaru has more to learn from Haruhi, in terms of emotional maturity, Tamaki is on more equal footing with her – though he does have a inclination to take his own delusions besides far at times .
Haruhi is in-tune with other people ‘s feelings but can not constantly see her own, and she is the more serious of the two. Tamaki, the one with more affinity for childish games, loves helping others work through their problems but deflects his own. They help to complement the other ‘s shortcomings while both of them go through a lot of emotional growth. They are equitable a great meet overall .

8 Hikaru: Invaluable Validation

For equally long as they could remember, and specially after it was said to their faces by a childhood maid they had, Hikaru and Kaoru were convinced that no matchless else would always be able to both accept the pair but still see them as individuals. however, once Haruhi breaks into this inner world by being able to tell them apart ascribable to the differences in their personalities, the over-dependent Hikaru particularly feels something previously unknown to him .
Haruhi provides him with a fantastic source of person establishment, and that screen of subscribe in a relationship would help him blossom even further .

7 Tamaki: On Her Side From Day One

Haruhi and Tamaki
even before Tamaki was aware that Haruhi was actually a girl, he found himself being incredibly nice to “ him, ” helping Haruhi search through the pond when “ his ” bag was thrown in by a school browbeat. Afterward, he saved her from bullies a handful of times, equally well as from drowning and dying due to an inability to swim, and this was all within the first ten episodes .
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The alone reason Hikaru has a change of heart and goes to comfort Haruhi after their date goes wrong is due to Tamaki calling him out for being insensitive .

6 Hikaru: Deep-Down, Deeply Caring

While Hikaru had moments of acting selfish, bratty, and egoistic while out with Haruhi, it was all because he ‘d never truly been taught any better. After storming off and leaving Haruhi alone right as a thunderstorm smitten, Hikaru gets a predict from Tamaki who calls him out for leaving her and explains that she ‘s terrified .
Hikaru then realizes the elusive hints she ‘d been dropping about her fear throughout the day and starts to hate himself for not realizing preferably as he rushes to find and comfort her, letting her use his headphones to block out the sound of thunder. He in truth cares deeply and is bequeath to learn about and change his own bad behaviors, which is refreshing to see .

5 Tamaki: Brings Out Her Childlike Side

In the episode “ Haruhi In Wonderland, ” Tamaki the Mad Hatter asks Alice Haruhi why she decided to enroll at Ouran, who replied that her studies led her there all for the sake of a bright future. He replied that, while that ‘s all well and good, he had to wonder if she was allowing herself prison term to actually enjoy her time at the Academy .
It ‘s Tamaki who allows her to feel like she can act more like a child at times, after being forced to grow up and be wholly mugwump at such a young historic period. It ‘s a lovely, healthy proportion, and arguably something Haruhi might not have been able to achieve without Tamaki .

4 Hikaru: Fierce, Unmatched Loyalty

Ouran Hikaru And Kaoru Standing With Roses Playing the which one is hikaru and kaoru game
Having the rose color of light blue, associated with loyalty, Hikaru in truth is the most loyal master of ceremonies of all. Although it might not be ace apparent at beginning, this is particularly genuine when it comes to Haruhi. Hikaru is constantly checking in on her ( though it ‘s typically with a game or devilish prank ) and, upon learning that Haruhi does n’t have a cell earphone, he even gives her a cell earphone so the twins can keep in contact with her .
Though Hikaru ‘s actual social skills still need some sour, part of his quality growth is beginning to learn how to be attentive, empathic, and care, thus in meter he ‘d blossom into the perfective partner .

3 Tamaki: A Heart Of Gold

One cause why Tamaki in canon does ultimately win over Haruhi is plainly gloomy to the fact that he sincerely is a fantastic human being. Although his methods of going about it can either be excessively absurd or fueled by his over-dramatized emotions, Tamaki sincerely wants the people in his life sentence to be happy. This extends to members of the club, and tied strangers who wander into Ouran and those who person of Tamaki ‘s status would not typically deal with .
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Haruhi is drawn to people who are rightfully kindhearted, and the deluxe Tamaki fits that description better than anyone .

2 Hikaru: Matched By Astrology?

While not everyone is a believer in astrology being an index of how people are or, in this subject, how people would be together, those that do tend to value such things rather highly. As it thus happens, Hikaru and Haruhi have compatible signs .
Hikaru is a Gemini, meanwhile, Haruhi is an Aquarius. Compatibility-wise, it states that the Gemini will be drawn to the Aquarius ‘ rational and humane beliefs, meanwhile, the Aquarius will help bring down the Gemini ‘s ego a notch. These fit these two perfectly, and they might have proven to be perfectly compatible given more time .

1 Tamaki: Pays His Respects

Tamaki is shown to pay his respects for Haruhi ‘s late beget respective times, but there is one moment in both the zanzibar copal and manga that stick out as the most dear. In the anime, after everyone besides Tamaki and Haruhi had left her home, he stops to pay respects to a little shrine dedicated towards Haruhi ‘s mother, merely because he felt it was the right thing to do .
In the manga, after the two finally get in concert, Tamaki goes with Haruhi to her mother’s grave to confess that he ‘d fallen in sleep together with her daughter. He truly is the perfective valet .
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