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“ Hikaru I have homework to do. ” You said, annoyance discernible in your voice, when the redhead proceeded to poke and annoy you ; you were presently tucked in a back corner of the Host Club, reading your science bible
“ But __y/n_-chan I ’ megabyte bored ! ” Hikaru whined and looked at you with puppy frump eyes.

“ Have Kaoru entertain you. ” You muttered tiredly before turning back to your science book.

“ Kaoru ’ s sick today. ” Hikaru said with a frown. Well that explained why Hikaru was so bore, he couldn ’ t do his “ twincest ” routine.

“ Don ’ t you have girls you ’ re supposed to be hosting ? ” You asked, tilting your fountainhead to look at him.

“ Nope, they all left. ” Hikaru said cheerfully. You grabbed your ipod out of your bag and saw that it was way late than you had thought.

“ Ah shit I should get home. ” You mumbled under your breath. You stood up, slung your cup of tea over your shoulder, and hurriedly plugged both your earbuds in your ears before hurrying away from Hikaru.

Hikaru melt after you, before cutting in front of you, forcing you to stop.

“ Why are you in such a rush __y/n__ ? ” Hikaru asked curiously.

“ It ’ s not that large of a deal, but some of my family is coming over today and my parents wanted me to be home in time to greet them. ” You explained as you took one of your earbuds out.

“ Can I come ? ” Hikaru asked as he swiped your other earbud and placed it in his own ear.

“ Why would you want to come ? ” You asked as you attempted to grab your earbud back, which ended in your earbud falling out and you falling down, knocking Hikaru down in the process, and you landing in his lave. You blushed in embarrassment, and moved to get out of his lap but his long arms wrapped around your shank and pulled you into his thorax.

“ Because you ’ vitamin d be there. ” Hikaru said sweetly. You blushed at that, Hikaru wasn ’ t the bathetic type. “ And then possibly another incident like this could happen. ” He purred seductively. Ah, there it was. Hikaru constantly had to make it awkward.

“ You pervert. ” You said, and hurriedly stood up in an attack to hide the crimson that was spreading across your face.

“ How am I a corrupt ? You ’ re my girlfriend ; is it not okay for me to want to kiss you ? ” Hikaru said, feigning innocence. “ Besides, international relations and security network ’ t it time I meet your family ? We ’ ve been dating for a while now. ” You and Hikaru had been dating for a few months, and the kinship was going well, at least in your opinion.

“ I suppose you should meet them, I equitable haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate introduced you yet because well… ” You trailed off, you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to finish.

“ Because why ? ” Hikaru asked, a humble frown tug at his lips.

“ I ’ ve never in truth had a boyfriend before ; I didn ’ metric ton know how to tell them… ” You muttered sheepishly, looking down at the ground.

“ Hey, it ’ randomness o. We ’ ll tell them together. ” Hikaru said as he tilted your kuki up to look at him, before he pressed a gentle kiss to your lips. “ immediately come on, we ’ rhenium going to be late. ” Hikaru then proceeded to grab your wrist and puff you down the sidewalk. You pulled your wrist rid from his clasp, and started running down the empty sidewalk.

“ I bet I can beat you there ! ” You shouted cheerfully.

“ No you can ’ triiodothyronine ! ” Hikaru said with a laugh as he rushed past you, before he backtracked and proceeded to throw you over his shoulder.

You were happy that you were finally going to tell your parents, and glad Hikaru was going to help you.

He very was a bang-up boyfriend.

conclusion. < 3

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