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Heyo ! ! This report contains abuse, blood/gore, mentions of rape. If this bothers you this record might not be for you .
A soft cinch carried the dulcet aroma of the salty ocean air across the area. The waves colliding with the pristine white sand with seashells and seaweed littered throughout. The beach is where the ( L/N ) family was headed for the day. There were quite a act of people at the beach today, so ( M/N ) and ( F/N ) decided to keep drive to a more seclude function of the beach. Sway by Michael Buble was playing and small ( Y/N ) was singing his heart out. He then looked out the window, it was beautiful. Seagulls were flying, and the clouds slowly moved through the flip. Your tail wagged with excitation .

“ Are we there yet ? ” You asked, impatient.

“ Yes beloved, precisely a few more minutes. ”

You then went back to looking out of the windowpane, imagining all of the fun things that they would do. Your downy ( H/C ) ears perked up at a low rumbling sound coming for behind you. And then bang ! A large black van crashed into your cable car. Your car swerved off road and into the nearby backbone. Windows broke on impingement and parts of the car were crushed. You covered your sensitive ears and whimpered. There was a large cut on your cheek, and lineage drip from the side of your steer. You were besides covered in other cuts and bruises.Your parents weren ’ t in much better shape. It looked like your mothers and was broken. She had a black eye that was bloodshot. Your father looked to have a broken nose dripping blood all over the seat and had a large cut on the side of his forefront .

“ M-mama ? P-papa ? What h-happened ? ”

“ I don ’ triiodothyronine know.. But pamper, are you okay ? ” Your mother said. Your beget had been trying to bust open the doorway that seemed to be jammed .

All of a sudden there were big footsteps and foreign men dressed in all black, masks covering their faces. They ripped the back door off and started to yank you out of the car. You screamed and your church father punched the man in the side. A crack was heard, probably having something broken. Your mother pulled you up to her seat with you and hugged you tight. She then viciously started to kick the passenger door until she could break slide out, She slipped out with your cradled in her arms as your father held off the four men who had ganged up on him. ( M/N ) sprinted american samoa fast as she could across the egg white sand. You buried your confront into her neck and clutched at her shirt. She ran and ran and- knock ! Her belly laugh pierced through the air as she fell to the grind. A bullet had lodged itself into her left thigh : blood already wafted through the tune. You scrunched up your nose at the putrid olfactory property .

“ Mama ! Are you okay ? ! ”

“ Listen child, I need you to run away as firm and far as possible.. Please RU- ” Before she could finish her head was hit by the butt of a gun. The strange men had caught up with you, Oh dearly idol. You were gon na die .

“ I got the kid. ” Was all you heard before you were besides hit in the head with the butt of his gun. The man lugged both of your bodies spinal column over to what used to be your car. There was another black avant-garde wait, the back door to it open. ( F/N ) sat there, restrained, and in far worse form than ahead .

“ What did you do to them ? ! I swear when I get outta here I ’ meter gon na – ”

“ Going to what ? ” The man said. Two other men had their guns pointed at you and your mother. ( F/N ) went silent .

“ That ‘s what I thought. ”

( M/N ) woke up with a begin. She was sweating and breathing heavily. She looked about, merely to see black. Was this the afterlife ? What happened to her conserve ? What happened to her baby ( Y/N ) ? Oh god were they dead-

“ Are you okay mama ? ” Your bantam voice rang out through the back of the van. She whipped her head to the corner of the avant-garde and there sat ( F/N ) with you sitting on his lap as he stroked your hair. Her baby was alive, ohio thank god. She crawled over to them and was embraced by ( F/N ). He mutely sobbed as he clutched onto his family. He had managed to wriggle out of the lasso restraining his wrists, though now they were bloodied .

“ M-mama, P-papa ? What ’ second going on ? ”

“ L-listen ( Y/N ), these are very bad people okay ? They want you because you ’ re special… ” Your father trailed off. Your parents exchanged a expect and they nodded. If anything were to happen to them, if they were somehow unable to protect you, they would give you something to remember them by. You tilted your head at the sudden silence. Your parents had given you some of their keepsakes. Your fathers necklace, that was a golden cross with rubies, your mothers golden center locket, with pictures of your family on one side, and you and your parents on the other, along with their marry rings. You were perplexed. Why would your parents give you these ? You were excessively tired to dwell on it any longer and drifted into a restless slumber .

How long had it been ? Where were you ? You couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tell how long it had been, days, weeks ? Though your eyesight adjusted to the dark. You opened the locket to look at the two pictures inside. On the right was you, ( M/N ), and ( F/N ). You had a picnic that day and they decided to snap a painting. On the left was your family and best friend. The photograph consisted of you, your parents, your aunts and uncles, your grandparents, and your nine cousins. Quite the decent class. following to you was your best supporter, Haruhi. She had long brown hair and brown eyes. You smiled at the memory. Your parents had been mum, but it was a comfortable secrecy, barely all hugging one another. Your left ear flicked when the car stopped and you heard footsteps coming close to the door. You all huddled closer together in the corner of the vanguard. The door opened, revealing six men in the lapp outfit of the ones that kidnapped you. You winced at the bright light of the outside. It had been a while since you had seen across-the-board daylight .

“ Come this way. ” One man said .

You and your parents hesitantly got out of the avant-garde. There was no use fighting back against six men armed with guns anyhow. There was something very off about the place that stood in front of you. It was a large sign of the zodiac, but who would kidnap a class to sit down and have tea ? Your pupils turned into slits and your ears were pinned against your head. Your small fangs peeked out from your sass and your claws were quick to hurt person if necessity. Your tail was tucked between your legs as you entered the mansion. ( M/N ) and ( F/N ) had a protective position around you. You walked through the halls and a door opened to what looked to be a living room. And there sat a center aged man. His iniquity haircloth was slicked binding and his pierce green eyes looked into your identical person. He was wearing a fancy become and then he smirked .

“ Ah, it is ultimately decent to meet you in person ( Y/N ). ” He said gleefully. Though it sent shivers down your spine .

“ What do you want with our child ? ! ” Your mother shouted. The man ‘s smirk merely grew wide .

“ I thought that would be obvious my dear~ You see, inu ’ s are quite valuable, and your son seems to be the last one, so I thought that I would make him mine~ ”

“ You sick sleep together ! Who do you think you are- ” bang ! His body thumped to the floor as blood gushed from the hole in his chest, glazed eyes gazed into nothingness .

“ PAPA ! ! ” Your mother stood for a moment, before world settled in. They had been kidnapped, wanted her precious son, and killed her husband. Her son ‘s body was wracked with sob as he clutched onto her, she excessively, had started to sob. And then bang ! Her body slumped down adjacent to her husbands .

“ M-mama… ” Your voice cracked, in unbelief that this had happened. Your tears stopped as your body seemed to shut itself down. You just stared at the two, now cold bodies on the floor .

“ now, come here ( Y/N ), after all, this is your newly family ! ”

“ N-no. ” You mumbled .

“ What did you just say to me ? ” The world said darkly .

“ NO ! ! You bitch arsenic asshole ! ! ! ” You practically screamed. The valet stood up and walked over to you. He approximately grabbed your hair and started to drag you somewhere. And though he was much stronger than you, You fought him every step of the way. You screamed, kicked, scratched him with your shark claw, and even bit him a few times. But the closer the man drew to the bad black doorway at the end of the hall, the close ( Y/N ) was to changing constantly .

It had been five years, and ( Y/N ) was now 13. He started to get ready for the sidereal day. He had a baggy, dirty, button up shirt and dark brown cargo shorts on, but no shoes or socks. He sighed and winced at the bite that came from his back. Another beat. Your ‘ Master ’ had gotten angry when you didn ’ triiodothyronine want to pleasure him the night before, and so, he beat you black and blue before having his means with you. Your dull eyes wandered to the loosen floorboard in your room. It had the keepsakes from your parents. many things have happened since you got kidnapped. The man had been Russian. And you had a good theme of where in Russia you were. You besides knew the ins and outs of the mansion. He was going to escape. not nowadays, but very soon. He put the keepsakes in his pouch before exiting the board. He didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want his dominate to find them. And it was no longer condom to keep them in the floorboards. He was catching on .

“ father ! ! ” A high pitched squeal surround through the air travel. A girl, who looked to be your long time ran into the room and was much bouncing. She had long blond haircloth that was in a neat bun and bangs. She had baby gloomy eyes and picket clamber and was average altitude for her long time. She had on a eye straining pinko dress and way excessively many ruffles and bows. She had bright pink high heels and pounds of makeup on that made her expect like a clown .

“ I missed you sooo much ! ! ” She squealed. “ immediately, where ‘s my introduce ! ! You said you got me one and I can ’ thyroxine wait for it any longer ! ! ” You took that as your cue .

You stepped into the support room quite mutely, but your chains rattled, grabbing the attention of the girl .

“ Wowie ! ! Is that an inu ? ! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU FATHER ! ! ” She was quick to grab the chain that led to his neck and pulled. She pulled the chain and led you out of the room. You sighed, barely another dominate to please. But soon. You were in your modern room, though, it was placid in the same sign of the zodiac, and the room was basically the like. It had a dirty mattress in the corner of the room and a hard pillow and a thin across-the-board, although it had enough of holes in it. You sighed. It had been about a month and it was by far one of the most icky months of your life sentence. Annie, your ‘ schoolmarm ’, was the most annoyance gripe to walk the ground. She would constantly find something to complain about and threw a fit when she didn ’ metric ton get her way. She besides had a weekly allowance, which was an absurd sum of money, and blew it within the first few days she had gotten it. She had a gamey pitched articulation and would oftentimes squeal, which strained your sensitive ears. She had a feel of entitlement that you had never comprehended. Who the hell needed 23 eye straining pink dresses that would go in one of her many wardrobes .

You sighed. This was it. You were going to escape tonight. You had to sneak into Annie ’ sulfur room and hop out of her window and book it. You opened the door and tiptoe to her room. The door opened piano and was closed mutely. The windowpane opened quite well, but then Annie shifted in her rest. however. You waited for a few minutes before deciding it was safe. You opened the window and took a deep breath.stepped out onto the tiles of the roof, trying to keep silent. well, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as you could with chains that is. The window closed softly and you turned about and stood on the edge. You jumped .

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