Maumana Malik has a new theme, flexible and customizable for most any purpose. He calls it OverPress.

Need a Sales Page? a corporate image page? a page to brand yourself? a blog? That’s just the beginning of what this new theme can do.

Of course, it supports easy addition of photos and graphics throughout your site, embedded Google Maps and many other widgets. But even more important, it offers:
• A very responsive design for mobile devices and a powerful drag-and-drop mobile page builder if you prefer a separate page for mobile devices.
• A drag-and-drop layout builder. Configure widgets and other features any way you choose to make a custom designed site.
• Bunches of shortcodes to make your life easier
• A pricing table widget to let you compare different products
• Advanced SEO options

There are so many features to make a professional-looking and professional-behaving site, that you really need to see his sales page and sample sites to understand how much he has included.

In this special WSO sale, he is giving you a complete developer’s license for just $19.95 here: OverPress

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