The PENTA X Positioning System G3100-R1 is a high preciseness satellite liquidator and communication unit of measurement specifically designed for the surveying marketplace. Integrated with state-of-the-art engineering, the G3100-R1 provides surveyors high productivity, operation and tractability .
The GPS in this number comes with GLONASS enabled, equally good as a Satel Satelline Easy Pro 35W radio which can greatly help extend range, and a Getec data collector with Carlson Software .
state of the Art recipient
The G3100-R1 uses the AsteRx2e GNSS engine which measures both GPS and GLONASS constellations for full-bodied and accurate satellite aligning. The gain receiver engineering includes Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring Multipath Estimation and a standard output rate up to 25 Hz. The G3100-R1 combination of a GNSS liquidator with a matched inner antenna provides an integrate product with optimum performance that is ready for consumption at turn-on.

Hot Swap Batteries with Fuel Gauges
The G3100-R1 houses two batteries that may be hot swapped for continuous operation. The efficient G3100-R1 provides a full day ’ mho operation from the two inner rechargeable Li-Ion batteries ( 7.2V, 5000 mAh ). Re-charging is done within a few hours with the included charger. All PENTAX batteries integrate fuel gauge technology to display current battery status. The unit may besides be powered from an external battery for extended operation .
Base or Rover Configuration
With the internal radio receiver designed into each G3100-R1, any whole may be configured as a local base station to transmit corrections for RTK surveys without any transfer in hardware. For widen transmittance crop, external radios may be interfaced through a serial port .
well obliterable SD Card for Data Logging

For extremist portability and datum management, theG3100-R1 logs sensitive data onto a removable SD card that is accessed well through a convenient door. With the G3100-R1, getting data to the personal computer for post action is plainly a matter of inserting the SD tease into the office personal computer, eliminating the need for cable download and extra software .
multiple Communication CHOICES
Surveyors have a choice of communication options that are all integrated into the single rugged house. The communication options include : a GSM/GPRS modem for connecting to Real Time Reference Station networks, UHF ( 406-470 MHz ) radio for local data transmissions, or the option to use an external radio receiver through a serial port .
Bluetooth Controller –No Cables Integrated

Bluetooth provides cable spare operation for use with a pole mounted data collection organization with the ease of practice and portability required for survey/GIS applications. substantial time records are besides logged on the control and the exploiter can do wireless transfer to a personal computer easily .
open computer architecture
PENTAX believes in Open Architecture and the advantages that this brings to the commercialize including the ability for users to “ fireplug and play ” and trade equipment when required, to create easy promote paths, and not to be “ locked in ” to any one supplier on the market. due to our Architecture Philosophy, all our data interface protocols are publicly available and we are please to work with any suppliers to help them interface with the G3100-R1 .

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