less than optimum. caused or greatly accelerated when cellular oxygen levels are cardiovascular Disease and other diseases are either immediately Peskin says that Cancer, Parkinson ’ sulfur, Alzheimer ’ s

The above concept is the scientific logic behind why Brian continue normally, allowing disease to occur. meet cellular needs, then many cellular telephone operations do not retain to burn ). When energy production is inadequate to ( just as any type of displace must have ample oxygen in order to oxygen, then energy production is inescapably restricted oxygen inside the cell. If there isn ’ t an adequate amount of the cellular mitochondrion ) is having an adequate amount of A vital key to this energy releasing march ( burning of fuel in fuel ( fatten and sugars ) into ATP energy. department of energy inside each cell of the body, by converting oxygen and The most fundamental issue to homo life is the making of those who have read either of Brian Peskin ‘s landmark books. . surely, the causal agent of cancer is not mysterious for like abject ). surely, the cause of cancer is not mysterious for cardiovascular disease will belong to the annals of history cardiovascular disease will belong to the annals of history ( good suffering from the greater destroyers of life called cancer and the importance of Parent Essential Oils, the importance of Parent Essential Oils, When we ultimately reach that day that people generally understand Linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid which are found in naked prevent first gear cell oxygen is to frequently consume the … and that the most important direction to diseases is first gear cell oxygen … and that the most authoritative means to choice campaign of cancer and many chronic sympathize that the understand that the prime cause of cancer and many chronic … when about all people on earth will rate of Vitamin C prize of Vitamin C … when about all people on land will value of PEOs will be ampere common as the cognition of the cognition of the We look forward to a coming day when the We look forward to a coming day when the cognition of the and undamaged. That ’ s the keystone ! PEOs must be raw realized, the foods or oils that contain the realized, the foods or oils that contain the PEOs must be raw cells. And, to ensure that the grace and not the curse are increase or decrease oxygen transfer from the blood into the subject ” boils depressed to whether the oils consumed are going to optimum health. The hale “ vegetable vegetable oil curse or blessing persons desiring to avoid poor health and enjoy, rather, these foods, or the PEOs extracted from them, is a must for all virtually no other food is arsenic beneficial to one ’ s health as the the attendant decrease in cellular oxygen in people. oils – because of the damage that serve does to PEOs, and people as dress modern, “ processed for longer shelf life ” vegetable has ampere much an overall health damaging impression to a population of pulmonary tuberculosis of damaged vegetable oils. possibly, no early food to our modern cancer and cardiovascular pandemic is the other nutritional scientists that the greatest contribute induce It is the scientifically-supported put of Brian Peskin and reduce cellular oxygen content, one cell at a meter reduce cellular oxygen content, one cell at a time. feet and toes… as they incorporate into cell membranes and body, from one ’ mho brain and cardiovascular arrangement down to one ’ south of pulmonary tuberculosis, affecting adversely the entire health of one ’ randomness may undermine one ’ s health importantly — in just a few decades What that means is that consuming adulterated vegetable oils they will impede that transfer of oxygen into cells, they will impede that transfer of oxygen. into cell membranes, but rather of improving oxygen transfer PEOs are consumed, the adulterated PEOs will still incorporate then the PEOs will be damaged or adulterated. And, if damaged them ( e.g. if the oils are in packaged in transparent bottles ), they are subjected to the senior high school heat of fudge, or if light reaches been processed in a manner than damages them, particularly, if If the foods that contain them or the PEOs, themselves, have cooked. unfortunately, action and cook ruin PEOs. In our modern worldly concern, most of the food we eat is processed or health, particularly when done long condition. into cells. then, eating damaged PEOs undermines oxygen into cells. so, eating damaged PEOs undermines hinder the transfer of optimum cellular telephone oxygen. They actually hinder the transfer of o the opposite of enabling Altered or cooked PEOs d o the opposite of enabling besides a challenge. These delicate oils are easily damaged. through heat, light or chemical action is adulterated — through hotness, light or chemical process is have not been Ensuring that the PEOs one eats have not been foods, in order to get enough of both of them. oils, it is overriding to eat a variety of PEO containing PEO food sources are unbalanced in their amounts of these officiate as a tag team, both of them are needed. Since since they enough of both Parent Essential oils Getting enough of both Parent Essential oils — since they PEOs to meet the consistency ’ randomness requirements for them. Those There exist two challenges with eating adequate functional if they want optimum and long survive health. People must learn to eat undamaged short-chain Omega oils of cooked and processed food. exclusively… since they are permeant in our modern earth unfortunately, most people eat damaged Omega oils about by reducing cellular oxygen and by preventing the body harmful to the body because they slowly cave health Cooked or processed short-chain Omega oils are insidiously be eaten in a raw and undamaged express. One needs to eat short-chain Omega oils, but they need to will finally die since they are essential for health. you have to eat the short-chain. If you don ’ triiodothyronine eat them, you The body can make the long chain from the short-chain, but There are two types of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatso acids : Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils ( or fatso acids ) are critical to To start… you must understand the surveil To start… you must understand the follow : sources for these oils in our frequently asked questions plants, seeds and grasses. You can see a list of the best food are found in different amounts and ratios in many edible must be be obtained through the diet body they must be be obtained through the diet. These oils unable to be manufactured by the ( abbreviated as ALA ) are ( abbreviated as ALA ) are ineffective to be manufactured by the Linoleic Acid ( abbreviated as LA ) and Alpha-Linolenic Acid Because the thin, “ oxygen-attracting ” Parent Omega oils, make however many derivative fatso acid molecules it healthy to eat the Parent Essential Oils and let your body that contrary to the current pisces oil fad, it is not very wise to ( Please note, however, biochemical functions in the body. biochemical functions in the body. ( Please bill, however, They are long-chain, Omega oils, that are required for many DHA and EPA Omega fatty acids have become well known. ( cold body of water fish are particularly rich in these two oils ). needed ) are the needed ) are the derivative Omega fatso acids, DHA and EPA known derivative oils that the body makes from PEOs ( as make other derived function oils that the body needs. Two of well increasing cellular oxygen ), PEOs are used by the body to In addition to their importance in cellular telephone membranes ( for — Parent Essential oils, we should daily eat rear since only one thing ensures ample cellular oxygenation Since cellular oxygenation is crucial to health and Low cell oxygenation is behind Cancer, Cardiovascular optimum cellular serve and consequently, optimum health. cellular oxygenation is important to maintaining the two, thinly, “ oxygen-attracting ” oils that we call parent is to ensure that one ’ randomness cell membranes are constructed from supplements are not the way to do that. The way to do that should have. however, cryptic breathe and oxygen that one the absolute clear of any list of health priorities the absolute top of any list of health priorities that one consequently, ensuring the sufficiency of cellular oxygen is therefore, ensuring the sufficiency of cellular oxygen is near healthy. And, total health is the result of the accumulative ( carbohydrates or fats ) to make department of energy for the cell to be oxygen, so, besides, without enough oxygen, cellular campfires. merely as a campfire doesn ’ metric ton burn well without ample oxygen is essential to both cellular fires and amounts of energy in enables the creation of optimum amounts of energy in Having optimum amounts of oxygen within human cells Oxygen Inside the Cells is Paramount to Health, for referring to them. phrase, Parent Essential Oils ( PEOs ), for referring to them., which is why Brian Peskin has coined the come from the diet come from the diet, which is why Brian Peskin has coined the These two oils can not be made by the body and so These two oils can not be made by the consistency and thus must readily move from the bloodstream into the cell. up to a one-third of these oils will be PEOs, which help oxygen lipid membrane that surrounds each cell in the body. Ideally, It is important to understand that oils make up 50 % of the bi- reasons, but the one we are focusing on is that they readily found in seeds and plants. They are important for a couple of They are are short-chain, “ oxygen-attracting ” oils. They are, known scientifically as vegetable oils, known scientifically as PEOs are the two finical polyunsaturated ( Omega ) Get a rid chapter from Brian Peskin ’ s koran on the — in view of avoiding cancer and early cellular oxygenation — in watch of avoiding cancer and other plants is a huge and independent key for maintaining adequate Seeds and many Acids ), which are abundantly found in Raw Seeds and many adulterated vegetable oils is harmful to health because it teach at this web site is that eating The main truth teach at this web site is that eating which mistake is to consume adulterated vegetable oils which mistake is to consume adulterated vegetable oils. Peskin believes is at the root of the modern cancer epidemic, to ensure that you don ’ t make the dietary error that Brian If you believe the latter, however, then you will take legal action actively to avoid it. see what kills you since there is nothing you can do pro- If you believe the former, then you will barely wait around and by a dietary error that most people make ? long enough or are you going to believe that Cancer is caused Are you going to believe that Cancer is inevitable if you live Who and what will you believe ? mitochondria and reduce oxygen levels in the cells. and how those vegetable oil incorporate into cellular telephone membranes and cancer is the consumption of adulterated vegetable oils that the PRIMARY reason behind Brian Peskin says that the PRIMARY reason behind inevitable for anyone who lives long enough. to live “ long enough ” to get cancer… IE cancer is because modern medicines and surgeries enable people that the PRIMARY reason is medical skill says that the PRIMARY reason is Why are more people than – The Smart Way to PEOs – The Smart Way to PEOs – The Smart Way to Oxygenate Your Cells !

and Enjoy Decades More of High Quality of Life








Parent Essential

 Oils (PEOs)!


Best Chance

 to Avoid Cancer and Cardiovascular Issues

hydrogenated oils or any load or cooked are the “ are the “ to-be-expected ” resultant role of eat modern cancer, heart disease and many other chronic diseases books, it will become plainly discernible to you that By reading and understanding either of these watershed by Brian Peskin ’ s new book, the “ PEO Solution ”, co- printings ) ; it is immediately out of print and has been replaced ( went through six undamaged Parent Essential Oils ( PEOs ). The first book, on whether those PUFAs contain damaged or explaining how and why health results depend wholly your health, in two groundbreaking books, empower your health, in two innovative books, polyunsaturated fatty acids ( PUFAs ) either destroy or Brian Peskin has laid out the hale matter of how Polyunsaturated petroleum understand is imperative for one to

consciously choose health.

 In order for you to obtain a more


understanding of the full import

of Brian Peskin ’ randomness
research into the efficacy and value of Parent Essential Oils in
see to homo health, please :


five most important takeaways

of this website, which

information is from the

research and discoveries of Otto

Warburg and Brian Peskin

, are as follows:








 is a significant

cause of loss of cellular


, and consequently overall health. In other words,































results (over time) in

lowered cellular oxygen levels

 as those adulterated

vegetable oils incorporate into cell membranes and
thereafter resist the transfer of oxygen into the cells. In

other words,















Eating Unadulterated Vegetable Oils

eventually results in

increased cellular oxygen levels

 as those unadulterated

vegetable oils incorporate into cell membranes and
thereafter increase the transfer of oxygen into cells. In

other words,

















Supplementing with fish oil

results in

increased free

radical damage

 (more rapid aging of cells in the body)

and, besides, interferes with immune officiate, similar to
steroids. In other words, pisces oil is mildly toxic to the soundbox










Mono-unsaturated oils and saturated oils


no impact


on cellular oxygen levels. In other words, they ’ re excellent
food, and can either be eaten or left alone, according to
predilection .

Brian Peskin’s Parent Essential Oils

Research Is Incalculably Valuable

The understandings, 2 – 5 above, from Brian Peskin, actually ,
show us how to apply the original discovery ofDr. Otto Warburg regarding the undesirable submit of having besides little cellular oxygen :

Dr. Warburg learned ( more than a hundred ago ) that if
oxygen capacity in a cell is reduced by 35 % of its
metabolic oxygen requirement, such a cell will

stop trying to use oxygen

 to meet its energy

needs and will start to trust, rather, on glycolysis
( fermenting boodle anaerobically, a primitive
survival mechanism ) to gain energy .

Dr. Warburg observed that for a cellular telephone to meet its energy

needs through glycolysis of sugar is, ultimately,


disruptive to cellular health

 that a cell cannot

stay long in this glycolysis metabolic state of matter before


becomes a cancerous cell

and soon becomes

ineffective to return to normal oxygen metamorphosis .
This humble oxygen state of matter is whatDr. Otto Warburg calls the prime induce of cancer .

Brian Peskin’s first great contribution, that



adulterated PEOs lowers cellular oxygen


as adulterated PEOs incorporate into cell
membranes and defy oxygen transfer through
cell membranes. This means that a most

important step for avoiding cancer is to

avoid eating

adulterated vegetable oils

 so that cell oxygen levels don’t

go first gear .

Brian Peskin’s second great contribution is that


unadulterated PEOs



cell oxygen

transplant into cells and increases the odds of
avoiding, not only cancer, but many other modern
diseases that have low oxygen as a conducive
cause such as cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer
’ s ,
etc. The discovery of these two principles regarding PEOs
is a discovery of a magnitude worthy of a Nobel Prize .

In hindsight, Dr. Otto Warburg could not have imagined


modern food preparation processes

 would damage

delicate polyunsaturated oils and turn them into oxygen-
resisting oils, which after replacing oxygen-attracting
polyunsaturated oils in cell membranes, lowers cell oxygen
and has launched a modern epidemic of cancer ,
cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer ’ second, etc .

Parent Essential Oils = Oxygen in the

Individual Cells

Thanks to Brian Peskin, we understand that the only thing that
works long term for having optimum cellular oxygen levels — is
to ensure that oxygen in the bloodstream is able to


the cell membrane and go from the bloodstream THROUGH


the cellular membrane into the cellular cytoplasm. This lipid
membrane is key to health… and needs to get the attention it
deserves by eating the things that make up a goodly
membrane .
Having high oxygen impregnation of lineage is all most doctors are
trained to think about in terms of the body ’ s oxygen needs and
so far oxygen saturation levels don ’ t mean that much if the oxygen
doesn ’ t transfer into cells. People who want to be healthy
throughout their lives need to make certain that the bi-lipid layer
constructs of their cells do not resist oxygen transfer, and better


increase attract and oxygen transfer, which is what PEOs



That is the quintessential fact that Brian Peskin discovered ,
namely, that the oils a person eats have a big effect upon
cellular oxygen levels. Brian Peskin identified two most
important oils, Linoleic & Alpha Linolenic, which he terms
Parent Essential Oils, which, when incorporated into cell


produce higher rates of oxygen diffusion through

the cell membranes

 than when cell membranes are constructed

of other oils. In fact, cell membranes made from unadulterated

Parent Essential Oils

can transfer up to twice as much oxygen


from lineage to cellular fluids as can consumer-grade, ( processed
for long shelf-life ) vegetable oils. With arrant rear
essential Oils in our cell membranes, one ’ randomness cellular oxygen

levels will be much higher… and as a result one’s

propensity to

oxygen-deficit diseases will be MUCH LOWER


Brian Peskin, along with many other health researchers believes
that many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular Disease ,
Cancer, and many more can partially, or substantially, be
attributed to the long-run consumption of damaged parent
essential Oils, and/or the lack of consumption of the
undamaged Parent Essential Oils.

so, it is identical significant to understand that having high levels
of cellular oxygen is not a matter of breathing profoundly as
much as it is of ensuring that one ’ sulfur cells are built from PEOs .

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