You can depend on MAXX-D to provide workhorse dump trailers in proven designs and configurations. With thousands of different combinations to choose from, you’ll never have to settle for a trailer that isn’t built exactly for you and your needs. Because in the end, we’re all about what it is you’re making and doing with your MAXX-D dump trailer. Designed with real-world input and experience, MAXX-D dump trailers are built with clever designs, superior final finishes, and performance that speaks for itself. We’ve been making heavy duty dump trailers for a long time, and it shows in our finished products. MAXX-D dump trailers are proven in the harsh conditions of real-world worksites. We’re also not afraid to challenge the status quo and test new ground, with innovations like Tuff Sides on every dump trailer we make. The top edges of dump trailer beds are often subjected to regular abuse while loading. Clumsy equipment operators can bang and dent these areas while loading, creating unsightly weak points that can take a toll on the structural integrity of the bed.  Tuff Sides solve this issue by wrapping this vulnerable top edge with a rugged 3” cap that extends down the side of the dump trailer. These areas are then further secured by flared steel supports than lock the bed in place. As a result, Tuff Sides make your dump trailer bed extremely warp-resistant and create the ultimate standard in durability. 

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MAXX-D dump trailers provide a higher value to you and your company. What other manufacturers charge extra for, MAXX-D dump trailers include as standard. All our dump trailers with two or more axles include a hydraulic scissor lift to help keep the bed balanced while dumping. And every single model ships standard with an easy-to-use low profile tarp kit tucked in front of the bed. Any model over 60” in width also includes rear slide-in ramps, right from the factory.

MAXX-D offers one of the most competitive dump trailer warranties in the industry: The 3-2-1 Limited Warranty. When you purchase a dump trailer, you’re essentially entering into a partnership with the manufacturer. A lot goes into building and maintaining these significant investments, and you need a company like MAXX-D on your side that stands behind their products.  We make dump trailers in nearly all size classes, with options suited for construction, landscaping, roofing, and more. Whether you need a bumper pull dump trailer for hauling loads of gravel or a monster gooseneck dump for brush loads and equipment, we have it covered. The MAXX-D Trailers brand can deliver high-end dump trailers in custom configurations suited to whatever it is you’re moving. Whether you need a dump trailer for construction, landscaping, roofing, or anything else, we want to help you build something great with a MAXX-D dump trailer!

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