Pains when there is no auto bidding Tool
Most Baidu PPC advertisers, if not spending heavily, are normally operating their PPC accounts through Baidu Phoenix Nest, in which without automatic pistol bidding cock you have to submit one bid for one match type of the target keyword .
Because of that, you have to choose among bidding for demand, phrase or broad couple. If you choose narrower peer, you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to reach early electric potential segments, not to mention to lead the drift ; however you choose bidding for broader match, you may be able to cover high come of dealings, but won ’ triiodothyronine be able to have good CTR because of lower ad crying with the same budget. To balance traffic and cost, some advertisers try to buy more than one match types for the lapp keyword, but this leads to cannibalization, that negatively affects their Baidu Quality Score .
Baidu PPC Automatic Tool Launched

fortunately, Baidu Phoenix Nest launched an automatic pistol wish have to tackle this publish. We ’ ll appearance you how it works as it ’ randomness comfortable for people without car bid know from Marine soft or Kenshoo .

Benefits include :
1.In one ad group, for one keyword, automatic bid price can be different.

2.You can achieve poise not only between traffic and spending command, but besides specific ad placement .
How Baidu PPC Automatic Tool Works?

    • From “Promotion management” menu (1), find “ad group budget”(2) and click“More options”(3) button below, click and chose “ Bidding based on keywords”settings.
  • Enable and set the bid multiplier, the bid can be set to match each mode, from top to bottom set up the exact phrase, broad bidding rate; generally speaking we think that exact match rate≥ phrase match rate≥ broad match rate.

How Baidu PPC Automatic Tool Improve Your PPC Performance?

We ’ ll use the surveil example to illustrate the benefits of the automatic wish tool .

  • Scenario 1: Without auto bidding tool. Using the manual bidding mode, keyword: Guangzhou English training; Match mode: Phrase; Bid: 5 Yuan;
    • Scenario 2: With auto bidding tool. Use automatic bidding method based on keywords: Keyword: Guangzhou English Training, Matching mode: broad, Bid: 0.4:1.0:2.0 for broad: phrase: exact
  • Results:
    1. In manual method, when setting keyword matching mode to phrases, it’s impossible to get search traffic from broad match, while because the bidding price is relatively low for exact match,  lower ad rank cannot give us decent clicks.
    1. But after using automatic bidding based on keywords match type, each match types will be bidden with different prices, so as to ensure broad match with lower bid will generate impression but won’t drain out budget, while exact with higher bid will rank high and receive quality clicks.
  1. Comparing the two tables, we can see that with 63% increase of budget, advertiser gets more clicks, which is bound to receive, but another 63% more impression from broad match, which is bonus.

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