The X-Files had some terrific television receiver episodes for a 90 ‘s television show on a mainstream network like Fox, but which were Mulder & Scully ‘s scariest adventures ? Years before Supernatural became a sensation, X-Files proved to be a ratings hit for viewers when it comes to dense mythology mix with Monster of the Week episodes. In the series, Mulder was an FBI agentive role who was obsessed with searching for aliens while Scully was his spouse, a disbeliever when they started .
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As with Supernatural, there were great Monsters of the Week episodes that were frequently even better than the mythology episodes themselves. This is where the scariest episodes besides resided, featuring many horrifying monsters, creepy storylines, and disturbing moments.

Updated on July 1st, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: not every fan was happy with the X-Files revival series, but the original series is however looked at fondly by fans. The mythology might not have always made sense, but the scariest threats in the series still hold up about three decades late. These particular episodes remain the chilling of the temper, though not all of the chilling parts of tied monsters .

15 Roadrunners (Season 8, Episode 4)

Scully is grabbed by cult members in X-Files episode "Roadrunners"
It ‘s rare that Dana Scully takes on cases alone, and her having no backing in the field is part of what helps build the suspense in “ Roadrunners. ” She investigates a murder that leads her to a cult-like group that gets the better of her .
The group believes that a epenthetic worm is a religious messiah, and she about ends up as another one of their victims. It ‘s one of the few times in the series in which the audience truly believes Scully could be taken out of the equation .

14 Die Hand Die Verletzt (Season 2, Episode 14)

Mrs. Haddock stares in The X-Files episode "Die Hand Die Verletzt"
In the late ’80s and early on ’90s, a lot of movies and television series used storylines centered around the supernatural to sell horror, and this episode is one of the best instances of that .
While the initial circumstances of the sequence contribute Mulder and Scully, and the consultation, to believe that teenagers in a small New England town are cut up in their own mysterious rituals, it turns out that ‘s not the casing. It ‘s the adults who are supposed to be looking after them who are. It ‘s besides implied that the devil himself comes to town when those worshipping him do n’t do as he asks. The episode is even leave open-ended as the cryptic Mrs. Paddock, the potential stand-in for the satan, precisely leaves town .

13 F. Emasculata (Season 2, Episode 22)

Mulder investigates with a federal Marshal in The X-Files episode "F. Emasculata"
Unlike most of the serial, this episode does n’t center on an alien conspiracy or a traditional monster of the week. alternatively, it centers on a deadly infection. The scariness of the episode comes from the possibility of it playing out in real life .
A pharmaceutical company tries to experiment with an insect that kills its hosts, but they do so by sending a package to a prison inmate, which causes the contagion to spread as two prisoners escape. Mulder wants to tell the population at large the truth, but the government wo n’t allow it to keep the circulate of panic under control. This episode details the kind of conspiracy that feels more credible to the consultation than the picture ‘s continued covering up of estrange abductions .

12 Sanguinarium (Season 4, Episode 6)

Plastic surgeons prep for surgery in The X-Files episode "Sanguinarium"
Combining a history about credit card operation with one about witchcraft, “ Sanguinarium ” is higher in the gross-out factor than it is the thrills, but it still deserves its spot amongst the scariest episodes .
Mulder and Scully investigate what he thinks is a case of person using witchcraft to curse doctors or patients, but that ‘s not entirely the shell. rather, the implication is that a fictile surgeon, on the quest for endless young, has somehow found it by making some of his patients his victims. It ‘s besides leave open-ended as he evades the FBI agents on his trail .

11 Ice (Season 1, Episode 8)

Mulder and Scully pull their guns in paranoia in The X-Files episode "Ice"
“ ice ” is one of the best psychological thrillers The X-Files ever offered its audience, and it did it entirely a handful of episodes into the series run. Yes, it features a monster of the Week in the form of a writhe that may or may not be extraterrestrial being, but the fear builds in the episode because of isolation and a miss of faith .
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Mulder and Scully have to investigate an isolated group of researchers in Alaska. Everyone turns on one another, suspecting they ‘re infected by the parasite in interview, as they wait for a storm to pass .

10 Grotesque (Season 3, Episode 13)

A gargoyle statue is at the center of the murder plot in X-Files episode "Grotesque"
The Season 3 episode “ Grotesque ” saw Mulder mocked by a legendary FBI profiler because of his research for the unknown. This would always lead to bad things, and in this case, it was a font that Mulder was called in to look at involving a man arrested for murder who was drawing gargoyles .
Mulder starts to question his own sanity as the FBI profiler constantly dismisses his ideas, and then the episode shows what happens when a person becomes the monsters that they hunt .

9 Leonard Betts (Season 4, Episode 14)

Leonard Betts in The X-Files
The fourth temper episode “ Leonard Betts ” was chilling for more than one cause. First up, there is the villain, Leonard Betts. He was a beheaded cadaver that got astir and walked out of the morgue without his read/write head. He then went home and regrew it, meaning he could change his look and remain free .
however, outside of the fear from the giant itself was his revelation. He stays alive by feeding on cancerous tumors and will rip them out of his victims. When he tells Scully she has cancer, the fears become more than equitable about the monster .

8 Eve (Season 1, Episode 11)

Eve 9 and 10 - The X-Files
There might not be anything scarier than creepy kids, and “ Eve ” has that terror doubled. This is an episode about genetic test and cloning, and the clones here are the two twin girls, Teena and Cindy .
This episode deal with the Litchfield Project and creating super-soldiers, but these two girls are a frighten result. They have telepathic abilities and posse homicidal urges. just imagine if the terrify twins from The Shining grew up and became killers .

7 Home (Season 4, Episode 2)

A split image of the house in the X-Files episode "Home" and Mulder and Scully investigating
“ home ” is a ill-famed X-Files episode for one big reason. It is the only episode that carried a spectator free will warning. Despite this, fans were still excessively disturbed, and Fox received respective complaints from viewers and pulled it from the rotation for a meter .
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The most distressing thing is the womanhood who delivers parentage at the start of the sequence. The womanhood had no arms or legs, is kept under the bed, and the baby met a severe destine besides. The family that perpetuates these acts even lives to see another day, escaping at the end of the episode.

6 Unruhe (Season 4, Episode 4)

Scully appears trapped in a photo in The X-Files episode "Unruhe"
The Season 4 episode “ Unruhe ” is an episode that uses a trope that has been used in movies and television receiver shows for years. however, The X-Files episode is hush frightening despite the casualness .
The episode is about a person who can influence a photograph using their mind, and they are performing lobotomies of their victims. Scully is kidnapped in this episode, and the concluding terror in this episode comes in the fact that the killer used a dentist ‘s chair when he lobotomized his victims .

5 Detour (Season 5, Episode 4)

Mulder, Scully, and Jeff Glaser investigate in the woods in The X-Files episode "Detour"
The scares from the one-fifth season sequence “ Detour ” comes from the world vs. nature theme. There is a apparently inconspicuous attacker killing people in a National Forest. Having a animal killing that no one can see or understand makes it much scarier than actually seeing a colossus giant. The homicidal creature just had red eyes, but there is nothing else there to see .
The scariest matter is that Scully shoots the creature, but it disappears, helping make the ending memorably chilling .

4 Chinga (Season 5, Episode 10)

The X-Files episode “ Chinga ” offers up one of the things that scare many people — dolls. This episode has a little girl with a very agitate doll that actually can say two things, including “ Let ‘s have fun ” and “ I want to play. ” however, when Chinga says these things, bad things happen .
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When Chinga speaks, people nearby mutilate their own faces. With the creepy doll, the little female child, and the slaughter that Scully finds, there is a lot in this sequence to scare precisely about any spectator. This was bound to be a chilling X-Files episode since Stephen King wrote it .

3 Irresistible (Season 2, Episode 13)

The X-Files - Donnie Pfaster in Irresistible
The scariest villain in X-Files history is a homo serial killer whale named Donnie Pfaster. He is largely chilling because, in his first appearance, he is a cause of death that looked convention but was terrifying .
Scully said that Pfaster was the search of dependable evil, and she said this after seeing supernatural monsters. sadly, when he returned in Season 7, he became an actual monster which made him less frighten, but his first appearance was terrifying .

2 The Host (Season 2, Episode 2)

David Duchovny Gillian Anderson The X-Files The Host Season 2 Episode 2
If anyone is looking for a disgust and dismay creature for horror, the X-Files episode “ The Host ” is one of the most terrorization. The villain is the Flukeman, which is a human-sized larva creature that was created thanks to the side effect from Chernobyl .
It winds up hitching a ride on a russian bottom and ends up in the New Jersey sewers, where it starts to feed on people. Anyone who watches this will think twice about using a Port-A-Potty .

1 Squeeze (Season 1, Episode 3)

"Squeeze" - 12 Best Standalone Episodes of "The X-Files"
“ squeeze ” features one of the most disturb villains in X-Files history. Eugene Tooms is one of the few villains to return for a irregular episode down the line. This was the beginning Monster of the Week villain, and it set a bar that few episodes after it were able to reach .
Tooms has regenerative abilities and barely needs to ingest livers from people before he can hibernate for 30 years without needing another. The episode is chilling and disgust, and one of the best in X-Files history .
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