We are sometimes asked how a lot to budget to build an HVAF thermal spray shop from scratch. What kind of the thermal spray shop is more expensive to build : HVAF or HVOF ? Please find the answer below .

The Cost of an HVAF System

In general terms, ( very general ) Kermetico HVAF thermal spray system with one HVAF gunman sells for 100 -150K USD, depending on the configuration it could be a moment higher and most credibly will be a sting lower, but at this early stage this is a adept numeral for planning purposes .

The Cost of a Spray Booth

A high Velocity Thermal Spray system is fair the begin of a accomplished thermal spray coating cell as you will need supporting equipment dwell of the follow :

  1. An air compressor that delivers Clean Dry Air that may be as large as 100 HP.  This will cost in the neighborhood of $30-75K for a new one and little less for a used one in a good condition. Less powerful guns will require a smaller compressor.
  2. Then you need an acoustical room to deal with the 135 dB HVAF/HVOF noise level, depending on the size of the room and the manufacturer this would be about $30-60K and perhaps more with the addition of a couple of ‘fancy’ options such as a control room or removable roof for loading parts if required.
  3. You will need a manipulator to move the HVAF gun over the part.  This in all likelihood will be a robot for complex motion.  Used and reconditioned units are available for about 20-30K and a new one could be $50K to 75K.
  4. Then you need a gas supply; bottles are fine, and this doesn’t add much.  1K for regulators should do just fine.
  5. An exhaust system sized at around 12,000 CFM for our largest gun to remove the dust and combustion products from the thermal spray cell.  Depending on the manufacturer this could be $30-75K, used ones are rarely available.
  6. Then there is some sheet metal work for an exhaust hood and duct work.  Depending on the length of 22”-24” duct this could add $20-30K easily.  This is for our largest exhaust requirement.  The less powerful guns in our product line require smaller exhaust systems and use smaller ductwork.

For an HVOF initiation, you will need additionally oxygen equipment and pipe, available from gas suppliers.

The prices are different in unlike countries .

Additional Costs

You will need powderize, accelerator cylinders, shelves, tools, masking materials, etc. – total of $ 20-50K. then after you have all of this nice new equipment you need person to operate it. Trained thermal spray operators are a rare breed, so you may have a reasonably steep learning crook for a talented OJT hustler. So the total of support equipment could be a much as 350K or even more when you add facility costs to the 100-150K for the HVAF system. A arrant atomizer cell could total a high gear as 500K if you actually want to ‘ dress ’ it up .

The Difference between HVAF and HVOF Installation Costs

It is about the like installation price for an “ entry-level ” facility. Installing conventional HVOF, you will pay a act more for the HVOF organization itself, piece less for a smaller compressor, and you will need an extra $ 20K for a blast booth. But do you want to know the best part ? One HVAF system can do the study of 3-5 HVOF systems, depending on the undertaking. Kermetico ’ s HVAF guns spray up to five times faster than a conventional HVOF gunman. But that is not all. At anytime you can add extra capabilities to your basic apparatus :

  • An high-throughput AK7 gun for large parts
  • An hand-held AK-HH gun
  • An AK-ID gun to spray internal diameters 80 mm (3.15″) and larger
  • Specialized guns to spray specific metals in the most efficient way

Another option is to purchase our Kermetico Convertible HVAF + HVOF system and spray either HVOF or HVAF coatings.

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