Houston Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos 

It is one thing to read about the amazing benefits of cosmetic treatments and procedures. however, “ see is believing, ” and that is why it is important to review fictile surgery before and after pictures before agreeing to undergo any operation with a fictile surgeon .
Dr. Leo Lapuerta, a triple-board-certified plastic surgeon who treats patients in Katy, Pearland, and Houston, Texas, has earned an excellent reputation by partnering with patients to help them reach their goals. In the follow plastic operating room before and after photograph galleries, you can observe actual patients of Dr. Lapuerta ’ mho and better understand what to expect from a surgical procedure with Dr. Lapuerta. Viewing before and after photos and finding those that are alike to your own concerns and goals, allows you to have realistic expectations regarding the results of certain plastic operation procedures .
last, the photos provided in the ahead and after credit card surgery galleries were graciously allowed by the consent of our patients. They understand the profit of viewing a formative surgeon ’ mho work when trying to decide where to place your trust for such a personal decision .
Some of the photograph may contain bare images of a sensitive nature and continue to view the galleries indicates that you are at least 18 years of long time and accept to viewing this material.

Breast Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Galleries

When one considers formative operating room, the foremost thing that comes to mind are procedures that address the breasts. A summit augmentation is the most popular breast procedure, but there are a variety show of other front fictile surgeries that Dr. Lapuerta offers to matter to patients. Learn about the different types of breast formative surgery procedures below, and get a glimpse at patients ’ before and after photos to understand what you can expect .

Breast Augmentation Before and After Gallery

Breast augmentation is an incredibly popular and effective treatment, helping patients change the shape and size of their breasts. The routine involves strategically placing either silicone or saline implants to help transform the look and tactile property of the breasts .
Our front augmentation before and after veranda allows you to review Dr. Lapuerta ’ south work, giving you a probability to see the amaze results that plastic surgery can achieve. As you look through the breast implants before and after photos, try to find a few patients in the “ before ” pictures who have breasts and a body type that is alike to your own. once you have identified a few, find their “ after ” pictures to see what may look best on you—or, attend for other examples that best exemplify the breasts you desire. That way, when you visit Dr. Lapuerta for a reference, you can point to a specific set of summit implants before and after pictures to show him precisely what your desire results look like .

Breast Lift Before and After gallery

As women age, the draw of graveness combined with a loss of elasticity in the hide can result in breasts that are sagging and lacking in breast tissue. alike effects can be seen if a womanhood has had a recent variation in weight, either due to pregnancy or other factors, or have equitable finished breastfeed. A breast elevator is a routine to correct sagging breasts, restoring your breasts to a natural and more youthful position while besides making the breasts appear more full and tauten .
A front pilfer is a routine that can help a across-the-board diverseness of women, ranging from new moms to much older women. therefore, it is crucial to take a look at Dr. Lapuerta ’ s summit lift before and after gallery and find person in your age rate to get a well theme of what your results may look like .

Breast Reduction Before and After gallery

For women with outsize breasts, the constant slant and pressure of their breasts on their soundbox can lead to a number of unlike issues and problems down the road. Over time, outsize breasts can contribute to the exploitation of neck and second pain, skeletal deformities, and hard headaches, not to mention the fact that larger breasts tend to sag more with long time .
For women with outsize breasts, breast reduction operating room is a great room to look and feel significantly better. The operation removes excess skin and tissue, resulting in smaller, lighter, and perkier breasts. For anyone curious to see how the results of the routine look, take a look at the breast decrease before and after gallery .

Body Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Galleries

While the breasts may be the most popularly address function of the body when it comes to plastic operation, soundbox credit card surgery offers a wide stove of options to address many problem areas efficaciously. From free bark, stretch marks or refractory pockets of fat that just refuse to go away to an area of your body feeling the effects of age, Dr. Lapuerta has the expertness and skills needed to get you looking your best .
Below are some before and after pictures of the most democratic plastic surgery procedures for body contour. Dr. Lapuerta performs the full range of consistency contouring procedures available and frequently these are combined to achieve specific affected role goals. Viewing before and after photos of body contour will allow you to better understand the effects of each operation individually a well as the dramatic effect these procedures can have when combined .

Tummy Tuck Before and After veranda

A stomach tuck is an excellent procedure to eliminate overindulgence fatty or weave around the stomach and middle area. The middle is where bulges of fat tend to permanently reside, serving as a docile reminder of past pregnancies or system of weights gain. If you exercise, corrode well, and the fatten around your middle still persists, you may be a good campaigner for a stomach tuck .
A stomach rapier not merely removes excess skin, fat, and tissue from the middle, it besides tightens the muscles in the abdominal rampart, resulting in a much more fit and tone appearance. See the amaze results you can get by taking a look at Dr. Lapuerta ’ s pot rapier before and after gallery, featuring a variety of unlike affected role ’ randomness before and after photograph. Take note that a stomach rapier operation will result in a scar, but as you can see in the stomach rapier before and after photos, the scratch will be hidden by clothing, including bathing suits .

liposuction Before and After drift

Most people have a “ trouble area, ” or an area of their body in which fat tends to accumulate. It can be the thighs, lower back, or belly, but careless of the placement, liposuction can offer a childlike solution. Liposuction removes unwanted fatten, reshaping the target area to reveal a new and more beautiful you .
liposuction can be used on a kind of different locations throughout the body, therefore it is helpful to look through our liposuction before and after photograph gallery until you find an individual with the like “ problem area ” that you have. That way, you can examine liposuction before and after photos and envision how you will look following the operation .

brazilian Butt Lift Before and After gallery

Some women are born with small buttocks or narrow hips and some women as they long time may lose a little bite of bulk in the buttocks, resulting in a change in the condition or size of their butt. A brazilian Butt Lift ( BBL ) is a great means to correct a miss of book and create a more feminine shape .
The surgical procedure uses liposuction to extract fat from the area of the body that features more fat than you would like, such as the thigh or love handles. then, the naturally occurring adipose tissue is transferred to the buttocks, resulting in a firm, compressed, and more juicy buttocks. If you are curious about what the results of the routine attend like, take a search at the brazilian Butt Lift before and after gallery. You ’ ll see real patients ’ BBL before and after photos, which will give you a glance as to how your buttocks can be shaped for you to feel your best .

Labiaplasty Before and After gallery

Labiaplasty, or vaginal rejuvenation operating room, is a surgical routine that aims to improve the appearance of the labium. Enlarged labium may be congenital or the labium can become enlarge as women age, either due to genetic factors, stretching caused by childbirth, or from significant weight gain or loss. not lone can an enlarge labia make women self-conscious about their appearance, but it can cause discomfort when exercise, wearing nasty dress, or having sexual activity.

If you are infelicitous with the appearance of your labium or are interested in what the results of a labiaplasty search like, take a front at the labiaplasty before and after gallery. here, you can see the amazing results that the procedure can provide when performed by an experience, board certified formative surgeon like Dr. Lapuerta .

Facial Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Galleries

The face is normally the first thing others recognize about a person. Our face tells others a lot about us and it is natural for us to want that message to be a cocksure one .
fortunately, there are a variety show of different facial fictile surgery procedures that can help patients achieve the facial appearance they desire. Browse through some examples of Dr. Lapuerta ’ south best work in our facial fictile operation before and after photograph galleries, ampere well as determine more about a few of our most popular facial cosmetic procedures .

Nose Job Before and After veranda

A intrude occupation, or nose job, is a straightforward procedure that aims to alter the shape, size, width, curvature, and contour of the nose. While it can be easy to identify what you do not like about your nose, it can be challenging to determine what you want your intrude to look like following surgery. That is where our nose job before and after photograph gallery can help .
Take a search through Dr. Lapuerta ’ s nose job before and after gallery to get a feel for the difference that a nose job can make not entirely for the shape of the nose but for the overall appearance of the face deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. While doing indeed, you should besides try to take note of certain noses or nasal characteristics that are appealing to you. When going through the intrude job before and after pictures, try to find a few different photos that represent what you are looking for and the results you want to achieve with your nose caper. That room, during your reference with Dr. Lapuerta, you can point to a few concrete examples of precisely what you are looking for. Additionally, please note that extra before and after photos are available during an office reference and Dr. Lapuerta uses an imaging joyride to help collaborate with patients to create a design that will achieve the results they desire .

face lift Before and After gallery

If you look in the mirror and the face you see appears older than you feel, then a face lift may be the perfective plastic operating room for you. A face lift is a procedure that can reduce and eliminate signs of aging, including wrinkles, finely lines, and loosen, sagging skin. A face lift involves making an incision near the ears, pulling any loose skin taut, and then removing any excess clamber or tissue.The fundamental muscle is besides addressed to provide support and fatness may be used to restore lost volume .
When considering a face lift, you want to make indisputable you lone trust a skilled and feel, board certified plastic surgeon. One of the best ways to appreciate how a surgeon ’ s skills and experience can benefit you is to take a attend at the their face lift before and after photograph gallery. Dr. Lapuerta ’ s face lift before and after photos allow you to review a sample distribution of Dr. Lapuerta ’ second knead. extra before and after photos are available only in the office for viewing during a consultation. When comparing between different surgeons ’ before and after face lift photos, you will begin to appreciate the different style of different surgeons. Dr. Lapuerta prefers facelift techniques that produce easy, natural, youthful outcomes .

Non-Surgical Before and After Photo Galleries

If you are looking for fast and effective results, then there are a kind of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can improve your appearance. Along with his expertness as a credit card surgeon, Dr. Lapuerta besides specializes in non-surgical treatments, providing patients with visible results without having to undergo surgery and the subsequent recovery time .
These elementary and easy non-surgical cosmetic procedures can inactive achieve incredible results, and you can see how effective these treatments can be in the non-surgical earlier and after photograph galleries .

Botox® Before and After drift

Botox offers an easy, effective manner to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, targeting the formation of wrinkles around the eyes, nose, frontal bone and mouth. By looking at Botox before and after photos, you can get a full mind of what to expect following the discussion, allowing you to go into the treatment with realistic expectations .

Lip Fillers Before and After gallery

If you have always wanted full, more feminine lips, then lip fillers can help you reach your goal. The key to a high-quality sass filler is that the lips get add volume without looking excessively fake or artificial, and in the lip fillers before and after gallery, you can appreciate how cuticular fillers can be used to improve the supreme headquarters allied powers europe of the lips. After taking a look at the lip injections before and after photos, contact Dr. Lapuerta for a dermal filler consultation to get started .

Chemical Peel Before and After gallery

A chemical peel, besides known as a facial undress, removes the outermost layers of skin on your face to reveal the healthy, smooth, and clearer skin that is hiding underneath. Just a promptly look through our chemical undress before and after veranda allows you to see barely how amazing the results of this relatively childlike procedure can be. If you struggle with skin that features blemishes, hyperpigmentation, fine wrinkles, or acne scars, a chemical peel off may merely be the thing for you .

Juvéderm® Before and After gallery

Juvéderm is a popular line of cuticular fillers typically used to add volume and contour to improve hole areas in the face. As we old age, our soundbox loses some of the natural book that contributes to a healthy and attractive appearance. Juvéderm replaces this fall back volume, while besides helping to reduce the appearance of other signs of aging. You can see the results of this cosmetic treatment firsthand by looking through the Juvéderm before and after photograph drift .

Plastic Surgery for Men Before and After Photo Galleries

fictile surgery international relations and security network ’ metric ton good for women and as we live longer, work long and enjoy better health, many men seek out formative operation to restore a youthful appearance that matches the inside life force they feel. Men frequently seek out face lift surgery, neck lift operating room, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty a well as non-invasive treatments like Botox, Jeauveu and dermal fillers like Juvederm to turn back clock. Please visit the earlier and after face lift photograph page a well as the ahead and after eyelid operating room gallery and before and after neck lift photos to see examples of what these procedures can do when performed by an experience, board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Lapuerta .
man besides seek credit card surgery to correct the form or size of their nose or thorax. Please visit the nose job before and after photos to view examples of Dr. Lapuerta ’ sulfur influence. extra before and after photograph examples can be viewed during an in office consultation .
Regarding the male breast, some men seek fictile operation to correct the appearance of “ breasts ” on their chest wall ( gynecomastia ) or to address a congenital condition, Poland ’ s Syndrome. valet can have gynecomastia surgery, a operation that addresses the pectoral region to reduce the size of the chest a well as improve the overall isotropy and attend of the chest. Our gynecomastia before and after photograph gallery displays how we can remove any excess weave caused by hormonal asymmetry or the use of medications containing estrogen to heal into a categoric, more define chest of drawers. additionally, patients from all over the state have consulted with Dr. Lapuerta for his expertness in the correction of Poland ’ s Syndrome. Before and after photos for Poland ’ s Syndrome will provide examples of Dr. Lapuerta ’ s cultivate.

Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon Using Before and After Photos

One of the keys to finding the formative surgeon that is right for you and can help you reach your goals is looking at formative surgery before and after pictures from by patients. These photograph galleries present you with the ability to see for yourself the have a bun in the oven results from a variety show of different formative surgeries and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments .
When viewing credit card surgeons ’ before and after galleries, it is significant to remember a few caveats. First, be surely that the photograph you are viewing are actually photos of the surgeons ’ own patients and their work. sometimes, less feel credit card surgeons will not have photos for viewing or will redirect you to a associate with stock photos or examples from other surgeons. You may be able to appreciate what a procedure will provide but you have no manner to determine the skill or experience of that particular surgeon. second, make sure they have a bunch of photos for you to view. If they are experienced, they should have the photos to confirm that experience. Third, out of respect for patients ’ desire to remain private, many times before and after photos of facial plastic surgery, like facelifts, eyelid operation, neck lifts and nose job or vaginal rejuvenation operation, may be limited on line. however, you will be able to view extra before and after photograph examples during a individual, in-office consultation .
Dr. Lapuerta has built a potent reputation in Pearland, Katy, and Houston, Texas, as an excellent fictile surgeon who goes out of his way to make sure his patients reach their goals. If you are concern in learning more about Dr. Lapuerta and how his have and skill can benefit you, take a look at our plastic operation before and after photograph galleries, then contact us today to request a consultation !

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