NEW YORK and LONDON, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud data security pioneer ShardSecure has signed with a new Channel partner, the cybersecurity and SOC-as-a-service caller Praesidium-Cyber based in the UK. The partnership expands ShardSecure ‘s presence in Europe as the party ‘s hyper-growth stage continues. ShardSecure ‘s Channel broadcast presently boasts existing partners in both North America and South America .
ShardSecure ‘s patent-pending Microshard™ technology desensitizes sensitive data in the cloud. It shreds, mixes, and distributes unstructured and integrated data to eliminate data sensitivity while keeping master in the hands of its owner .
market need for ShardSecure is driven by enterprise organizations in necessitate of :

  • Secure cloud migration of sensitive data
  • Global data privacy and sovereignty compliance requirements
  • Cloud storage ransomware mitigation
  • Added security and privacy protection for Microsoft 365
  • Secure cold storage migration from on-premises to the cloud

Built on a foundation of the CIA common chord, ShardSecure helps to enforce data confidentiality, integrity, and handiness. Its self-healing data neutralizes cloud repositing ransomware and other forms of tampering without impacting data handiness. additionally, self-healing data can reconstruct data during a service outage, helping to ensure clientele continuity.

“ Our Channel partner program is critical to our growth strategy, which makes our partnership with Praesidium-Cyber that much more meaning. With their decades of feel in driving continuous security improvement for their customers, the team at Praesidium-Cyber are the perfect partners for ShardSecure to expand our presence in Europe, ” said ShardSecure CEO and Co-founder Bob Lam .
“ Praesidium-Cyber are thrilled to be the EMEA Partner for ShardSecure, ” said Praesidium-Cyber Client Relationship Director Matt Baron. “ Their Microshard technology is a raw and alone way for organizations to protect their data at remainder, eliminating data sensitivity to ensure sum privacy for cloud-stored or on-prem data while improving cloud performance and lower repositing costs. ShardSecure provides peace of thinker that all data is dependable. ”
In accession to mitigating data breach risks, ShardSecure supports submission with state, federal, and tied international regulative requirements like the European Union ‘s General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ). Microshard engineering does not store organizations ‘ data itself, allowing users to remain compliant and in manipulate of their own information.

“ Praesidium-Cyber ‘s expertness is finding new and innovative security system products to the market ahead of the typical business swerve, ” Mr Baron explained. “ We see ShardSecure as a major game record changer to mitigate data privacy and data sovereignty risks in the UK, Europe, and Middle East. ”
About ShardSecure
ShardSecure is changing the nature of data security. They believe that all organizations can easily and securely enjoy the benefits of cloud borrowing without surrendering see of their data. Inventors of the patent-pending Microshard engineering, ShardSecure cloud-enables sensitive data by desensitizing it in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

About Praesidium-Cyber
Praesidium-Cyber ‘s Security Operations Centre ( SOC-as-a-service ) offerings help make clients ‘ infrastructure and applications more secure. With over 30 years of compound experience and a unique multi-layer defense strategy, their unique security batch mitigates a draw of the typical issues an constitution faces to drive continuous security system improvement .
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