From edgy adolescent fresh to charming family-friendly Disney movie, these are all the things they did n’t tell you about The Princess Diaries. The Princess Diaries movies are some of the most iconic adolescent movies of the 2000s and can be credited with transforming Anne Hathaway into the a-list asterisk she is today. With star-studded casts, countless heartfelt moments cut with hilarious drollery sequences and solid soundtracks in both films, there ‘s not much more anyone can ask of these interpretations of Meg Cabot ‘s beloved book series .
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That said, there were a bunch of creative liberties taken to turn the edgy original adolescent novels into the charming Disney movies they became. Anyone who read the books will notice the changes in dress, character appearances and, most importantly, the character with whom Mia ends up.


Mia Is A Blonde

Although Anne Hathaway played Mia as a beautiful brunet, anyone who read the books will know the fictional character was supposed to have blonde haircloth. In the first book Mia mentions that her hair grows in a trilateral shape ( like a yield sign ) and is neither curly nor straight, and after Paolo ‘s makeover she sports a pyxie deletion. Although it would have been interesting to see Mia as a blond, Anne Hathaway ‘s curly colored locks and bushy eyebrows make for a dramatic and iconic transformation .

Clarisse Is Edgy

Disney completely rehashed the character of Clarisse. Granted, this is credibly due partially to her not-so-kid-friendly attributes — she was systematically seen chain-smoke Gitanes and drink Sidecars — but besides so that the imperial and elegant Julie Andrews could play her .
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No one could argue that she is not the perfect Queen, but with record Clarisse ‘s tattooed-on eyeliner and shave eyebrows, it would have been fun to see Andrews playing an edgy grandma .

Mia’s Dad Never Dies

Helen Thermopolis talking to Mia in The Princess Diaries

In the books, Mia ‘s dad is alive and well after surviving testicular cancer. He is described as being bald, always wearing a suit and has a distribute of girlfriends. As for why Disney decided to kill him off for the movie, the writer of The Princess Diaries had some penetration. Disney obviously said that because they wanted Julie Andrews to play Clarisse, they wanted to make her character bigger and up the stakes .

Mia Has A Whole Group Of Friends

Lilly smiling during her radio show in The Princess Diaries

Heather Matarazzo was the perfect Lilly in the movies, but book Mia actually has a whole group of divers friends. They include Shameeka Taylor, a cheerleader who is frequently approached by modelling agencies, Ling-Su, an artist, Boris Pelkowski, Lilly ‘s violin-playing boyfriend and Perin, an androgynous and hyper-organised scholar. Later, Mia befriends both Tina Hakim-Baba, the daughter of an oil sheik, and J.P. Reynolds-Abernathy .

Mia Has Another Boyfriend After Michael

Michael Moscovitz playing the bass in The Princess Diaries

Book Mia breaks up with Michael in bible 8. concisely after this, she attends a performance of Beauty and the Beast with her school ally J.P. ( previously known by herself and her friends as The Guy Who Hates It When They Put Corn In The Chilli ) and they start dating. J.P. in the first place dated Lilly, so this leads to the subsequent breakdown of Lilly and Mia ‘s friendship. J.P is a writer like Mia, but turns out to be manipulative, an anti-feminist and barely all-around louche .

Mia Has A Bodyguard

The Princess Diaries Clarisse and Joe

Hector Elizondo as Joe appears to be a stand-in for Mia ‘s bodyguard Lars in the movies. In the books, Lars van five hundred Hooten accompanies Mia to school and outings with her friends. He has a good sense of humor and is identical protective of Mia, and is known to be identical friendly with Tina Hakim-Baba ‘s bodyguard Wahim. Although it would have been thoroughly to see him in the movies, we may never have got to witness Joe ‘s adorable romance with Clarisse .

Mia and Lana End Up Friends

Lily, Mia, and Lana smiling together in The Princess Diaries

Although in the movie Mia and Lana are pledged enemies, in the books they actually ended up as friends. After Mia ‘s interrupt up with Michael, the two girls end up going shop together and Lana helps Mia nibble out modern clothes – evening sitting with her at lunch in the concluding books. It seems that book Lana had more redeem qualities than Mandy Moore ‘s poisonous average girl .

The Story Is Set In New York

Charlotte smiling in the palace in The Princess Diaries

Whilst San Francisco is a much better setting for the movie ‘s beach scenes and Mia ‘s bonding with Clarisse at the pier, the history is actually set in New York City in the books. Mia and her mother live the quintessential New York life style in a trendy loft and much of Mia ‘s social life takes place at iconic New York City landmarks – including her senior promenade on the observation deck of the Empire State Building .

Mia And Lilly Fall Out

Mia and her best friend in class in The Princess Diaries

Although Mia and Lilly are best friends throughout the two movies, the girls have a falling out between books 9 and 10. Lilly is dating J.P. but he breaks up with her because he ‘s falling in love with Mia, and when Mia actually ends up dating him, Lilly starts a web site called recording all her embarrass moments at school and by and large dissing her .
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thankfully, the friends make up in ledger 10 and The Princess Diaries earth is set to rights .

Mia Ends Up With Michael

Mia and Michael dancing in The Princess Diaries (2001)The Princess Diaries (2001)

In the most pivotal difference between the koran and the movies, Mia actually ends up with Michael. Although Nicholas from the second movie is big and charm, he ‘s no Michael Moscovitz. In fact, he does n’t exist in the books at all. Mia and Michael are endgame, and after their break up Michael even spends a few years in Japan working on a automatic arm that can perform kernel operating room so that he ‘s worthy of her. If that ‘s not peak romance, what is ?
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