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User ( 25/09/2017 05:08 )
This publix used to be the best but recently they have n’t had a good survival of kernel.

User ( 24/08/2017 00:06 )
Everyone was so decent and helpful. It was a very good have. Love to shop there. Best electrocute chicken anywhere, and the tea is the best

User ( 23/07/2017 02:01 )
As common friendly staff. Set up like my Florida Publix. The staff in the bakery, Awesome.😋

User ( 21/06/2017 02:14 )
This one of my front-runner places to visit. It ‘s always bang-up and clean. Everyone speaks to you. I always run into person I know ! !

User ( 11/06/2017 03:59 )
I was disappointed that they did n’t have any sympathy balloons but the overhaul was fantastic, the store was decent and houseclean, and they had estimable variety show overall

User ( 01/06/2017 22:17 )
Waited in line for about 10-15 minutes because a woman had to pay for her groceries with different checks, we were the future one to go up. Another cashier went and took the people behind us, who had a few more things than we did ( we entirely had two items ) and told them they can check out with her over somewhere else. I do n’t know about anyone else but after waiting that farseeing, our food getting cold ( publix chicken wings ) we were upset. My lone suggestion is to tell your cashiers to open their eyes and realize who needs to be checked out in the proper order because those wings were not enjoyable cold.

User ( 30/11/2016 02:56 )
Kinda costly but my family swears by shopping here, staff is ardent and welcome and facility is immaculate

User ( 08/11/2016 00:04 )
I was disappointed I told the female child on the earphone no mayonnaise on my bomber not merely did they put mayonnaise on the bomber but they put extra mayonnaise on it

User ( 05/11/2016 20:12 )
Prices are to high. Coupons are not doubled and no type of fuel perks. The BiLo down the street does both doubly coupons and fuel perks.

User ( 08/06/2016 22:12 )
I shop here on a weekly basis, and I love it ! They have a fantastic choice, online ordering from the delicatessen, great broil goods, and the subs are pretty amazing deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. The prices are pretty fair and the staff are constantly very friendly and helpful. I would recommend denounce here if you ‘re in the sphere !

User ( 11/05/2016 05:13 )
Publix has an amazing selection of clean bake breads. The tiramisu is completely amazing. This location seems to have one of the best places to buy a lunch app any Publix I have been to

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