Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer 250 liters to 5000 liters

Yatherm Scientific is ISO ; CE & GMP certified organization deals in scientific equipment related to sterilization. We manufacture all types of steam autoclave from upright, horizontal to pulse vacuum steamer autoclave in individual door and double doorway construction. Pulse vacuum autoclave is an advanced version of a horizontal steam autoclave with many advanced features. Our all Models of Pulse vacuum sterilizers fulfill the basic requirement of hospitals, Industrial, pharmaceutical & body injectable projects. Yatherm manufactures and exports pulse vacuum sterilizers with free ship by sea global. We are reckoning for big after-sales hold and seasonably manner of speaking of the product. We never hesitate in customization of pulse vacuum autoclave invention & quantity. Our pulse vacuum autoclave is equipped with Dual HMI & equal screen PLC for amply automatic pistol operation. Yatherm HMI display has many features like F0 rate ; preset programs, Digital temperature, Digital pressure & Animated monitor Interface. Pulse void autoclave is a kind of class B Rectangular Horizontal Autoclave used for wrap goods or packed goods.

First of all our steam sterilizers are equipped with a motorized skid doorway that works on the principle of vacuum airless and Air compressor sealing. We use a water-ring vacuum pump in our autoclave for door conclusion, pre-vacuum, and post vacuum functions. Inbuilt set programs in PLC are like Clothes, Glass, IM, Vacuum test & Helix quiz which can be used as per the necessity of goods undergoing sterilization. We can ’ thymine use a regular vacuum pump alternatively of a water-ring vacuum pump because of its advance feature of keeping the pump safe from the hot steam run down. According to the standards we provide the real-time built-in printer with batch numeral, company name, date, P1 P2, and T1 T2. The datum lumberman is besides an integral part of the Sterilizer which gives the accomplished read of temperature, atmospheric pressure, time & F0 value .

Manufacturing Steam Sterilizer

We are manufacturing Steam sterilizers for the last 40 years and we have experience of 20 years in pulsate vacuum sterilizers. We are the leading exporters of Pulse void sterilizers in India at competitive prices with timely delivery. We have highly quenched customers around the earth with perennial orders from them on a regular basis. We maintain eminent quality and follow all international standards while manufacturing Sterilizer. Drop your queries for pulse vacuum autoclave on our chain mail id or Whatsapp us for more information .

Dual HMI with Advanced PLC Confirms ISO 9001:2008
Fast batch cycle Inbuilt Real-Time Thermal Printer
Vacuum drying Easy maintenance and servicing
Rust Proof Steam Generator Rugged Construction
SUS 304 construction SS tray and trolley
Leak Proof Silicone gasket Automatic control of each sterilization process
Vacuum Locking system Complying with international standards
Safe and simple process control ISO 13485 standard
Meet GMP sterilization specifications ISO, CE, GMP  certified
Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer Technical Specifications
Model Inner Chamber (L×W×H)mm Overall Size (L×W×H)mm
Double Door
Steam Consumption
Water Consumption
Pulse 240 670×600×600 1010×1500×1800 20 220
Pulse 360 1000×600×600 1340×1500×1800 25 220
Pulse 600 1170×610×910 1510×1500×1900 30 250
Pulse 800 1450×610×910 1790×1500×1900 30 250
Pulse 1000 1250×680×1180 1590×1600×2000 40 360
Pulse 1200 1500×680×1180 1840×1600×2000 40 360
Pulse 1500 1870×680×1180 2210×1600×2000 50 450
Pulse 2000 1700×1000×1200 2040×2000×2000 70 500
Pulse 2500 1700×1000×1500 2040×2000×2000 80 600
Pulse 3000 2000×1000×1500 2340×2000×2200 100 600
Pulse 5000 3340×1000×1500 3680×2000×2200 150 800
Design Temperature 139°C – 140°C
Working Temperature 121°C – 134°C
Doors Double with vacuum locking system
Optional  Water Softener Plant, Water Distillation unit, DM Water Plant
Power Supply 440 Volts (Three Phase )
Quality Standards

Yatherm Scientific is CE, ISO & GMP certified administration & we follow all international standards in the manufacture of Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer. We have a great team of technical engineers and spare parts suppliers. GMP Standard, ISO 9001-2000 ISO 13485

Pulse vacuum Sterilizer Construction

Yatherm Unit will be completely made up of stainless steel 304 grade with a mirror finish chamber. Our inner chamber is made as per ASTM standard resist of 50 Psi press and a 140-degree temperature. We design a Pulse vacuum autoclave with an built-in steam kettle according to the proportion of the bedroom. Our complete unit consists of a pipeline system that includes a guard valve, Vacuum circuit breaker, pneumatic valves & air trickle. All pipes are curved rid made astir of SS 304 connected to a Water motor, Vacuum Pump & chamber with a jacket. The vacuum pump is the most integral part of every pulse vacuum autoclave which is installed for many purposes like given below.

Vacuum Pump Usage

  1. Pre Vacuum
  2. Post Vacuum
  3. Door closing
  4. Steam Exhaust

Pre-vacuum helps in the removal of cold vent moisture deposited inside the chamber after the first gear hertz of heating. Post vacuum helps in drying the clothes completely after arrant sterilization and it removes moisture from the chamber. Our unit has many safety features like Double door lock, over-temperature protective covering, Low water cut off, Short circumference protection, overpressure cut off & vacuum surf. We constantly provide a manual of arms key for doorway open in case of a world power bankruptcy or emergency stop .


We are known for the customization of sterilizers so no restrict of capacity but we have a standard model crop from 250 liters to 5000 liters. All steamer autoclave is orthogonal in shape with bivalent doorway facility .


Pulsation vacuum sterilizers are in full automatic equipment controlled by HMI operated by PLC. Air Compressor controls the door hatchway, doorway close, and door seal. The data lumberman controls the data recording with a USB port facility for real-time recording. PLC is designed to control the temperature, blackmail, over-temperature protection, Low water cut-off, Vacuum pump, Water motive operation & Programmed cycles. Our PLC has three-point condom protections given below .

  • User Password
  • Admin password
  • Technologist password


Yatherm Scientific offers a double door for cleanroom custom with dual PLC & Dual Pressure gauges for manual opening of the door in case of hand brake. Our double door has a rustproof stainless steel steel construction with a mechanized open and close up of the doorway. Our PLC has one fixed program of Doors mathematical process which includes the follow options .

  • Front Door Open – Rear Door Open
  • Front Door Close – Rear Door Close
  • Front Door Seal – Rear Door Seal
  • Front Door vacuum – Rear Door Vacuum
  • Front Door Occlusive – Rear Door Occlusive
Safety features

Our unit has many safety features like Double door engagement, over-temperature security, Low water system cut off, Short circuit protection, overpressure cut off & void breaker. We constantly provide a manual cardinal for door afford in character of a power failure or hand brake stop. Emergency On/Off Switch is the key safety point in pulse vacuum autoclave. Emergency On/Off trade shut down the machine immediately and releases the steam for the condom of the equipment. For Techno-commercial discussion, Please contact above count 24 ten 7 .

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