Purpose Driven Coaching

My name is Ashley Shuster and I am a Life and Transition Coach .

After last surrendering to my disease in September 2011, I struggled to find my identify in the world. I had long since murder my rock bottom. With broken assurance and dignity, I desperately wanted to figure out who I was, now that I was sober. The same wonder kept reappear, “ What now ? ”

There were sol many things I wanted to do, but I had absolutely no estimate how to do them, or in what orderliness. My natural instinct was to do them all at the same time .

first thought incorrect !

I knew I had what it took to build a life I could be proud of, but I was clueless where to begin ! My physical, mental and spiritual health had been ignored for so hanker, but I was determined to grow. This was my second casual .

I knuckled down and took the suggestions and guidance from anyone and everyone that was outside of myself. The determination and stubbornness that helped fuel me through the depths of my addiction was immediately becoming an asset in helping to give me the stress and decision to accomplish bang-up things over the future few years. however, the password “ remainder ” was not in my vocabulary and I was still completely clueless to the answer of one very important liveliness motion, “ what is my why ? ”. I knew deep within my congress of racial equality that the answer to this question was something that I urgently needed to know .

My amazing mother once told me something that I will never forget, “ If there ‘s one thing in life that ‘s guaranteed, it ‘s change ”. These were wise words from a wise womanhood .

debauched advancing to the summer of 2015 .

I woke up one morning to find myself engulfed in even another life twist. My life felt as if it had completely flip-flopped over night. Everything seemed to be changing, and within two months time, it did. I abruptly questioned my college and future career path and decided not to enroll in fall semester classes for my BSW. This decision besides meant the speculate that I had taken on and embraced for the past 2 years was no long needed. At the same time, my long-run relationship ended and I found myself packing my liveliness into the back of my car and head to my parents house. I was once again feeling the abject assurance and dignity that I had felt a few years before, and it was not an enjoyable feel. To make a hanker report short, I was a mental and emotional wreck, feel overwhelmed and lost. I needed avail and steering, and I needed it fast .

That ‘s when I started working with Marcus, my animation passenger car. My world changed. Do n’t get me incorrect, it took a hale lot of feat and a great deal of willingness but slowly, together, we discovered who I was in this chapter of my life and I began to learn the tools necessary to successfully navigate future life chapters, changes and obstacles. I was able to dissect myself and learn all about me, Ashley, the strong-minded, smart, knock-down charwoman who struggled to make decisions and battled an inner fight with perfectionism. I began to understand the beneficial character of balance and how to implement it into my feverish and evolving life. I was discovering my aim, heat and commission ! To top it all off, I was having fun doing it !

fast forward to the portray .

I am now a certify holistic health and health passenger car. I besides have an Associate ‘s Degree in Applied Science in Mental Health/Social Work. After obtaining both educations, getting healthy and redirecting my own life, and being mentored by the 2011 International Coach of the Year, I created a life and transition coach occupation, Transcending Limitations, LLC. I am last piecing together the answer to my original question, “ what is my why ? ”

My mission is to guide my clients to self-discovery by helping them come into contact with themselves, potential for the first gear time, and together discovering who they are and what they want ; to create a balance biography of health, wellbeing, determination and fulfillment .

Is this possible ? Yes. How do I know ? Because I have done it and am still doing it nowadays ! I am living proof that it can become a reality. Our lives are what we make it. Let ‘s make it great !

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