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Ray-Ban is an American-Italian trade name of luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses created in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb. The mark is known for its Wayfarer and Aviator lines of sunglasses. In 1999, Bausch & Lomb sold the brand to the italian eyewear pudding stone, Luxottica Group, for a reported US $ 640 million. [ 1 ]


In 1929, US Army Air Corps Colonel John A. Macready worked with Bausch & Lomb, a Rochester, New York-based aesculapian equipment manufacturer, to create air travel sunglasses that would reduce the distraction for pilots caused by the intense blasphemous and white hues of the sky. [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] specifically, MacCready was concerned about how pilots ‘ goggles would fog up, greatly reducing visibility at high elevation. [ 5 ] The prototype, created in 1936 and known as “ Anti-Glare ”, had plastic frames and green lenses that could cut out the glare without obscuring vision. The appoint “ Ray-Ban ” was hence derived from the ability of these glasses to limit the ingress of either ultra-violet or infra-red rays of light up. [ 6 ] Impact-resistant lenses were added in 1938. [ 7 ] The sunglasses were redesigned with a metal frame the follow year and patented as the Ray-Ban Aviator. [ 5 ] According to the BBC, the glasses used “ Kalichrome lenses designed to sharpen details and minimize haze by filtering out blue light, making them ideal for brumous conditions. ” [ 5 ]

In 1999, the Global Eyewear Division of Bausch & Lomb, including Ray-Ban was acquired by Luxottica Group for US $ 640 million. [ 1 ] In 2021, Ray-Ban commercialized a model of smart glasses that they developed with Facebook Reality Labs called Ray-Ban Stories. [ 8 ] [ 9 ]

Sunglasses lines.

Ray-Ban ‘s most popular sunglasses are the Wayfarer and Aviator models. [ 5 ] [ 10 ] [ 11 ] During the 1950s, Ray-Ban released the Echelon ( Caravan ), which had a square ensnare. In 1965, the exceeding I and II were introduced ; they became popular when Peter Fonda wore them in the 1969 film Easy Rider. [ 12 ] The caller has besides produced special edition lines, such as The General in 1987, bearing similarity to the original aviators worn by General Douglas MacArthur during the second base World War. [ 7 ] In the 1980s the Ray-Ban Clubmaster was added to the model course. [ 13 ] The Clubmaster has a browline frame and went on to become the third gear best sell sunglasses vogue of the 1980s, behind the Wayfarer and Aviator. [ 14 ]



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